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Author Topic: Lesbian Conversion Club and other scenes! (F/F)  (Read 846 times)

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Lesbian Conversion Club and other scenes! (F/F)
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:26:56 am »
Please check my do's and don'ts at the bottom of the post!  Male writers for female characters welcome.

- 'Fuck Your Rival’s Mom', or 'Bullies Always Win'  -

(Three bad girls try to destroy my life by seducing my mother and eventually me)

We’re 18, in our senior year of high school. I’ve been at odds with a spoiled rich-girl bully all my life, and I finally manage to get the upper hand over her by posting some embarrassing photos online. She has a meltdown at school and threatens to ruin my life before getting expelled (third strike), only two months before graduation. She and her two friends, however, have plans for me.

(These girls always get what they want. They can use their looks and sexuality to manipulate even straight women. Two of them stay behind at school to intercept me, while the main bully goes directly to my house to meet my mother. I’m scheduled to go to college in three months, but will I make it? What does the future hold? Possible future targets include friends, teachers, and other family members)

Themes: Seduction, psychological themes, sexual exhaustion, humiliation. My character’s entire life is ruined. *Not looking for incest! Mother seeing the daughter and vice versa is encouraged, though.

- Lesbian Blackmail -

I'm looking for someone to play the 'Lesbian Blackmail' scene with the setup as written below, with a few specific modifications once the scene starts. This would be a shorter scene in three episodes (first domme, second domme, coworker), but has potential to be a longer roleplay if preferred. Here's a quick synopsis (with some details further down in the post):

My mother is blackmailed by a rival coworker who demands that I (19-20 years old) serve as her escort for a weekend. She takes me to a lesbian club where she immediately trades me to another domme, who subjects me to various kinks before passing me to another. This is all part of the coworker's plan... she wants me to come crawling to her, begging for help, willing to do and agree to anything, even marriage...

Ideally, this scene would result in pseudo-forced marriage and/or my becoming a prostitute of the coworker. This could quickly become a Stockholm-syndrome situation, making me complicit in luring new people in, etc. Another possibility is that once my mother hears that I'm at a lesbian club, she panics and comes in search of me, only to be immediately 'claimed' herself.

This scenario was originally composed a long time ago as a joint collaboration with another roleplayer. With that in mind, I'd like to use the model for the character that she had used for the coworker in this scene as well. The dommes and other characters are completely flexible, though. Thanks for your understanding!

If you're interested, please let me know!


(My mother is blackmailed, forcing me to become a lesbian prostitute, possibly being ‘trained’ before delivery to the blackmailer herself)

Setup: Helen Williams has been working at the same accounting firm for almost three decades, and has recently clawed her way to upper management, beating out her bitter rival Vanessa Anthony. Vanessa is demoted. In her new secretarial position, however, she discovers something that will change both of their lives forever: Helen has been embezzling money for almost as long as she’s worked at the company.

Just getting Helen fired and/or arrested is not enough. Vanessa decides to hit her where it really hurts. She tells Helen that she will destroy the evidence if Helen’s 19 year-old daughter Jessie serves as her escort to an ‘event’. After a screaming argument and a near breakdown, Helen relents. Vanessa promises not to touch Jessie, but she has to be a cooperative date.

Jessie Williams is a month away from heading off from her freshman year in college. She’s horrified by what her mother proposes to her, but Helen faces at least ten years in prison. All of this could be avoided with just 48 hours of being ‘cooperative’.

Jessie squeezes into a black dress from a school dance in her junior year. Vanessa comes to pick her up and soon they’re speeding into the city. They end up at a club. Jessie soon realizes that there are only women there.

At the bar, they sit with another middle-aged woman, and a blonde girl of about Jessie’s age wearing a collar. Vanessa and the mystery woman talk for a while, and Vanessa finally takes the blonde girl’s leash. ‘I’ve been waiting for this for months,’ she says. ‘But I never had a good enough trade. Until now.’ With that, she leaves with the blonde girl, and the domme walks up to Jessie.

SCENE 1. I’m Jessie, you’re the domme. We’d start as you walk up to me.

SCENE 2. I’m Jessie, I’ve managed to escape the domme I was traded to, but now I’m alone in the club, looking for a way out. You’re a different domme, and you manage to intercept me, and make me yours.

- Lesbian Conversion Club -

Jasmine is the leader of a secret club at a university. They claim to be able to turn any girl into a lesbian. They choose a target each week, follow her around, and decide who of the group would be the best 'converter' and how she'll do it. The converter has one week to do it, or she's out of the group and someone important to her will be the next target, so the stakes are high.

Club members:

1. Jasmine (the leader). Bratty, pouty, spoiled, aggressive.

2. Mia (the fake nerd). Plays innocent, at first to get close, specializes in grinding

3. Jody (dirty). Exploits wild fantasies, gets off by forcing girls to do filthy things way beyond their normal limits

4. Stephanie (butch). Straight up forces girls to multiple, powerful orgasms. Expert at 'taming' through exhaustion.

5. Open to suggestions if you have an interesting character in mind!


1. Jessie (all-around nerd). Mia has known Jessie since High school and absolutely hates her, how cocky she is in class. Wants to see her squeal, possibly at the hands of Jody or Stephanie.

2. Tiffany (Jessie's best friend, computer geek). To torture Jessie even more, Tiffany becomes a target

3. Kana (exchange student, confused at best). Everyone wants this girl, but she's guarded and people can barely communicate with her

4. Faculty (looking for ideas)

5. Helen (Jessie's mom) Just to add insult to injury

6. Celebrity visiting the college (looking for ideas)

7. Always looking for suggestions!

A few requests:
1. Stay on topic by keeping it sexual.
2. Use sexy threats ('I'm going to make you cum so many times that...') as opposed to anything violent.
3. Curvy models, smothering, sexual exhaustion, bimbofication, forced prostitution/marriage are all favorites
4. I write in first person for the victim role (you don't have to), and play in pm's or by email.
5. I'm looking to play these out as one-off 'episodes' that finish in up to 24 hours of back and forth messages (some exceptions when our schedules don't sync up). Anything beyond that should be a new 'episode'.

- Trapped on a Lesbian Reality Show -

Jessie, down on her luck and desperately in need of money, joins a dating reality show (originally loosely based on MTV's Are You the One), but when she gets to the island, she realizes that there aren't any guys!  She plans to lay low and try to win the money, but the competitions and punishments become increasingly sexual, and she finds herself the target of a variety of different women, all of whom want to make Jessie theirs...

Do's and Don'ts

Do’s: Seduction. Sexual exhaustion. Smothering. Curviness. BBW. Forced sexy clotheswearing. Bimbo/Bimbofication. Emotional tension. Plot twists. Goofy/comical/hyper-sexual characters. Body worship. Sex on beds (as opposed to public, on-site, dungeon). Sexual threats. Characters with specific kinks (I’m a little vanilla, but I want new kinks forced on me! Let’s talk about it!)

Don’ts: Violence. Threats of violence. Underage. Dark themes. Excessive weapons/tools. Traditional BDSM themes (a little bit is fine). Dungeons/Abandoned Warehouses. Steampunk settings. Incest. I’m happy to explain anything here that is potentially unclear.
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Re: Lesbian Conversion Club and other scenes! (F/F)
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2018, 12:53:43 pm »
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