Nerd and athlete roomates m/M possible interacial

Started by curiousjames, November 08, 2018, 07:07:33 AM

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I would like to play the part of a small effeminate guy that some how ends up having to share a dorm room with the captain of the football team. The bigger stronger football player discovers my sissy secret catching me dressed up like a girly slut.

We would have been unsure of each other at first but have started to get along though we don't really hang out anywhere outside of our dorm. Yet we help each other out with different assignments we may need to do and like the same movies. When you catch me dressed up in panties and lingerie we both freak out a little while I quickly turn off my sissy porn. I explain my love of dressing up and felling girly and beg you not to tell anyone, you tell me its ok and that I can dress up in whatever I want around the dorm.

That would be when the trouble starts as the big strong quarterback starts finding the sissy guy attractive and cant stop looking at him and his ass. I would like it to develop into them nervously going into a secret relationship. As and extra I think the quarterback character should start out straight yet cant resist his room mate while the sissy guy would be perhaps a bi curious virgin. The quarterback could be a black guy to I am not set in stone on it but some interracial sissy action could be fun.

I would absolutely love for the relationship to become very sub/dom with the stronger alpha guy taking control though still in a loving way yet the sissy guy cant resist bending to his will. Spankings and humiliation as well as a chastity cage to control the sissy orgasms and a sign of total submission to him. It could start out more normal then change into a bdsm relationship as they fall in love with the sissy fairly well asking for him to take control of her. It could also start out as him taking control of the sissy and threatening to expose him and so starting out a submissive and dominant BDSM arrangement. This second option would mean the Alpha guy would start out dominating and using the sissy for pleasure then slowly fall in love with his pet. Both have there merits and I would love to discuss this idea more with anyone interested. I am as always open to any changes or ideas. 
to be a women for a day oh what a day that would be