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Author Topic: Werewolf life  (Read 673 times)

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Werewolf life
« on: November 06, 2018, 07:26:48 pm »
1. Lena was born with white hair and bright blue eyes. Doctors thought it was some kind of sickness. Though she showed no sign of being ill. Growing up Lena would be picked on for her hair color and lack of friends.

There was always something eating at Lena something that she felt that was a beast inside her. Something clawing its way to come out. Though it didn’t help that she had an obsession with wolves. 

When she turned 18 Lena had her back covered in wolves. At the age of 21 her body became to hurt every month. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong and just gave her pain medication.

She decided it was time to leave her small home town. It was time to figure out the pain inside of her and her obsession with wolves and what was clawing in her.

From all this pain her father was a werewolf but never told Alexis Lena’s mother.  But before she was born he was shot and killed by a hunter who saw a wolf attacking his cattle. Alexis always thought he ran away and that is what she told Lena.

In the west mountains surrounded a small town. To get to the mountains a thick forest with a river protects the wild animals.  Some werewolves live with the humans and some live in the forest.

Lena found herself in a town where her mother told her that her father Nicolas was from.

The alpha and his son who is being trained to be alpha had saw Lena and began to wonder who she was. They could smell she was a werewolf but new that she had not had her first transformation.

2. Alice was on a camping trip with friends. They had been there to hunt while Alice was there to take in nature and draw what she could for her college art class.

During the trip Alice was sitting up against a rock as she began to draw the wild life that was around her.  Her eyes where on a fox near a river. With a smile she tried her best to draw fast so she wouldn’t miss this creature. Though Alice saw the creature look up and ran off. Looking behind her stood a puppy a wolf cub. Alice stood up scared that the parents would be near. Looking into his eyes she bit her lower lip and began to move slowly. Seeing that this cub’s tail had began to wag as if it was time to play.

A friend of hers came out with a gun looking at the wolf and Alice. Aiming for the wolf Alice got to her feet and pushed the baby away. The sound of the gun caused the cub to cry out in fear as Alice laid on top of her bleeding.

The guy ran away thinking Alice was dead. The rest of them all decided to leave letting their secret in the woods.

What Alice didn’t know is that she just saved the sister of a young alpha male werewolf.

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Re: Werewolf life
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2018, 07:58:24 pm »
Artemis was born half human half werewolf.  Her father who was from Ireland had ran away from his duties of being the next alpha. He done that because he wanted to be with an American girl he had meet.  His beta told him to go and run but if he is seen again he will have no choice but to kill him. His beta was his own brother.

It was forbidden for werewolves to mate with humans. Years have passed and he had his own family. Though when his daughter had turned 13 the same age as normal werewolves would shift she began to get sick. No changed happened to this half werewolf. He had gone one day and left.

At the age of 18 Artemis got a note telling her to visit Ireland and find her cousin to learn more about her father. Her mother gave her money to send her to Ireland to visit her cousin.  Not knowing the trouble she will find and how her cousin’s roommate might just be her mate.

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Re: Werewolf life
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2019, 07:46:35 pm »
At night vampires come out to play along with the werewolves. On the north side of town the vampires had their territory on the south side of town belonged to the werewolves.

The humans with money are able to pay off the vampires and werewolves not to attack them at night. Those who don’t have the money have to watch each night set traps so they won’t die.

Years ago Nicole’s family was attacked by vampire she was saved by a task force that dealt with the supernatural of the town. Nicole was only twelve when she begged them to let her join.

Nicole is twenty-one now and killing off the vampires that attacked humans in there homes. She paid more attention to the vampires then the werewolves.  Till one night she was on the borderline and saw a young man. He might have been a bit older than her. Nicole watched him she could tell he was a werewolf. Though that’s all Nicole would do. Each night after her patrol she would go hunt him down and watch him on the side lines. She began to grow a crush on this werewolf.