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Author Topic: Houki in search of a Partner  (Read 516 times)

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Houki in search of a Partner
« on: November 05, 2018, 05:35:38 pm »
Nice to Meet You

My name is Houki (Hoo-key) used for the term Abandonment.

So I have a few plots in mind nothing set in stone but feel free to read them over, and if you find something to your liking please feel free to pm me.

  • When it comes to plots, I don't have a particular pairing in mind, I'm open to all pairings, but note most of the plots will be written in the MxF format, so if you would like to switch it, let me know when PMing me.

  • I really enjoy writing and I love reading. So I like for plots to be the main focus in the storyline, while smut is fun in all, I tend to lose interest in topics where that is the main focus.

  • Spoiler Alert: Feel free to surprise me during the storyline. This is your story too, I want you to have just as much fun as I'm having while building the plot, so if you have an idea for a twist in the plot, by all means, drop it. I enjoy a good challenge.

  • Also, I have a weird work schedule with an infant, so my posts tend to vary from day today. I try to get responses up within 72 hours, but that doesn't always happen so bare with me from time to time and if you are getting to be as a bit anxious, you are more than welcome to pm me. I do check for those a couple of times a day.

  • Post length, I'm not big on the idea of telling people how much to write. I would like for my partners to at least meet me somewhere near halfway. I tend to average out about 3-5 paragraphs there are times where I can easily do more, during these moments I'm not asking you to go the distance, but please give me something to work with.

The Wolves Next Door

Dean and Carla Lycons are new in town, and there is something about them that just doesn't fit is this typical small town setting. They own fast cars, wear nice clothes and their house is nothing to shake a stick at. Carla looks like she's straight off the cover of a Fashion Magazine and Dean has the build of an All American ball player. They are quite the image to be held, for a town where the biggest thing is Friday night football with the local Highschool.

You and some friends from your technical college decide to head up to the lake and have a couple of beers, on a Saturday night. On a chance encounter, you run into Dean and Carla. Dean is sitting out on the pier alone and your friends decide to goat you into talking to him. One thing lead to another and here you are Wednesday Night getting ready to go a "date" with him.... (Action)
The Lycons

Memories of the Past

Tyler decided to join the military right out of high school. After spending the past decade in service, he has been lately thinking about taking this opportunity to be discharged. Still, on the fence about what to do, he starts reaching out to some old friends as a way to recapture his youth. Somehow he stumbles across one of your character's social media, and things just click as if the past ten years was nothing more then just a couple of days.

What had started as private messages once or twice a week, soon became chatting almost every other night, to texting every day. A phone call or two would find its way into the mix as Video chatting every night had seemed to become the norm. While discussing an upcoming vacation, Tyler declares he needs to get out of t the city and receives an invitation to come to visit for a couple of days.

At first, Tyler hesitates, not wanting to mix feelings from his past with the judgment,vived friendship. Against better judgement, he guestroom offer and comes to stay in the guestroom of your turn. Only time will tell how this will turn out.

Sample idea
Tyler allowed his eyes to slowly peak open as he followed the sound of the voice to a familiar face. He slowly sits up as he extends his hand out and takes hold of the cold pop that was being handed to him. He slightly shifts in the large lawn chair as he pats the spot next to him as if to convince Lexy to sit down. He smiles lightly at the beautiful scenery that surrounds him as he allows his eyes to drift shut once more.

The warmth of the evening sun is relaxing as the smell of pool water and suntan lotion sets him in the mood of a vacation. "I must say Lexy, this home you have in Sunny California is really starting to make me question if New York is the place for me." A light chuckle fills his lips as he slowly is totted up and removes his shirt. He slowly pushes it to the side as he stands up as if to place his newly built body on display.

Even back in high school, Tyler n, ever really had a bod worth frowning at, but guestroom the last ten years in the army hadn't done him soturnod, would be lying. He was slightly leaner than when he played basketball and yet, his muscles were a bit more defined. His goofball personality had matured by years as he wasn't the kid that blew spitballs anymore, but a man could hold an intelligent conversation and actually be funny.

Tyler slowly sits next to Lexy's feet as he lifts them into his lap and begins to massage her calves. "I was thinking about going for another run this evening, care to join me?" His words were a bit teasing as if running ten miles was a casual stroll around the corner. A light chuckled soon followed as he continued. "I was thinking about walking down to the yogurt shop at the end of the street. Come on, it will give us..."

Before he could finish his statement, the sound of Lexy's friend and neighbor could be heard from around the corner as she invited herself in. Tyler slowly back away as he grabbed his shirt and waved playfully at the woman who identified herself as Angel. "Lex, I will just bring you back something." A hint of disappointment slightly filled his lungs as he slipped his shirt back on and walked through the side gate. Angel's eye would follow him until he was around the corner, as she turned her attention and whispered at Lexy.

"I hope you're hitting that because I would hate for that piece of man candy to go sour."

A light giggle soon followed as she continued to question.

"So how did y'all night go after I left? Because watching the two of you dancing in the club, things seemed like they were starting to get steamy."

More to be add later.
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Re: Houki in search of a Partner
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New plot bump