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Author Topic: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f) | Many different prompts!  (Read 1467 times)

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My story reservoir

Here you will find a compendium of several ideas, plot bunnies and plots without a home, stories that I hope will be fascinating and thrilling, or at the very least interesting enough to create a proper rpg from.

As a general clarification, I tend to not enjoy rpg which rely solely on smut. I prefer at the very least a 60-40 (if not 70-30) percent ratio between story and smut, in that order; stories with multiple layers and great character development, where the plot grows organically rather than forced into several scenes just to gratify some particular kink. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of smut in my stories, but it works more as a side dish rather than working as the main focus.

So this request thread will be reserved for such ideas and plot bunnies, in the hopes that it will catch the attention of like-minded potential partners. If any of these stories catch your eye, please do not post here, but rather send me a PM!
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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2018, 09:34:28 pm »
Shattered home

Playing mother to a teenage sister was not the road she would have imagined her life would end up taking. She had dreams of her own, hopes and desires. She had at one point held the aspiration of travelling the world, making something out of herself, earning a degree or finding love.

All her dreams were shattered away before she was old enough to finish highshool, though. With her mother passing away, with a deadbeat father who only showed up when he needed a place to crush, what choice did she have but to assume the role of an adult at a time in her life when she should have been worried about the colour of her prom dress? Her sister had been barely more than a kid at that time. The bills had to be paid, dinner had to be cooked and her sibling needed someone to help her finish her homework, someone to hug her late at night when she sobbed about the loss of their mother. And so her own dreams were relegated to the back, locked away in a long-since forgotten chest, the key lost in a deep corner of her mind she did not dare explore any longer

Pairing: Female X Male. Young woman struggling with her life and her responsibilities x criminal/artist
Character preference: Most interested in playing the young woman, but willing to play the male character as well.
Main themes: Romance, broken dreams, crime, addiction, toxic relationship, possible redemption

This young woman would currently be in her early 20s. Young and determined, though not highly educated. She could have a single younger sister or more siblings to take care of. She's hardworking and far more selfless than perhaps she'd wish she was. She has to deal with the needs of her family and the risks of living in a dangerous neighborhood, working as a waitress or some other menial job to keep the bills paid. She doesn't have the time or
money to even consider any other future for herself, and the idea of dating seems like more of a myth than a possibility.

Who is he? Well, there are a whole lot of possibilities for this one. He could be a mysterious stranger who rents the spare room in her house, one of the ways in which she earns an extra income, since her home might be a bit run-down, but its large enough and was already paid for when her mother passed away. He could be a former gang member, a (undercover) cop working a case in her neighborhood, or even a relative who got on the wrong side of the law and served his time in prison, returning to her life now that she is no longer a child. An older brother, perhaps, if anyone wanted to explore an incest aspect in this story, or perhaps a young uncle, brother to her deadbeat father, who decides he needs to step up where his mess of a brother refuses to take responsibility.

She'd be a jaded yet strong young woman, and he'd have enough experience with the bad side of the law to know he could not so easily settle down and expect any kind of domestic living, yet somehow the both of them find each other, and a spark is ignited. Will they drag each other further down, or manage to save each other and find a better path for both their lives?
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My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2018, 10:38:39 pm »

How had she ended up in this strange place? Why had she allowed herself to be charmed, seduced by the sweet words which promised heaven yet had truly offered hell? She was locked here now, with no chains or ropes to keep her from running, yet their influence had grown too great, rooted too deep inside her very soul to ignore any longer, to merely leave and never look back.

She had wanted to participate in the creation of a new Eden, a idyllic haven in this chaotic world, believing the lies which poured like honey from the lips of the charming, handsome, disarmingly persuasive leader, the man she had fallen so deeply in love for she could no longer understand where her own thoughts ended and his began. How could she run when his embrace was so warm, when his sermons kept giving her hope even now, even after what she had been put through? How could she beg for help to outsiders even when the bruises on her skin would easily tell the story of her torment?

How could he abandon heaven on earth, when she was assured sinners were meant to suffer before they earned the rigth to enjoy nothing but happiness? Perhaps she had not tried hard enough: there was still doubts in her heart, and that was why she suffered yet. Why she felt like an outsider in the very place where she had once felt cherished.

If she tried hard enough, if she gave the leader another chance, perhaps this time she truly would achieve the perfect state of bliss she so desired, the happiness which seemed so ellusive.

Pairing: Female X Male. Young devotee x cult leader
Character preference: Both the female and male leader. Might also be interested in assuming a GM-style role.
Main themes: Twisted romance, Stockholm syndrome, traditional gender values, discipline, punishments, humilliation, manipulation, cruelty, religious themes.

Jim Jones and the People's Temple, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians sect, Charles Manson and the Family.
They were all horrible, manipulative, charismatic men who poisoned the minds of influential young men and women and shaped them to serve their own agendas, pretending to offer a new life in a community of like-minded people only to end up with dire consequences for all involved.

I find cults both fascinating and twisted, and apparently, popular culture does so: Fictional universes as filled with examples of these charismatic leaders and their flocks in different versions: Fight club, the Master, Sound of My Voice in movies, Silent Hill, Bioshock and Far Cry 5 in games, just to name a few.

I would be interested in trying a cult story alongside a male partner. I'd love to explore different ideas in this setting. Would it feature a darker kind of twisted and broken romance with my character falling for the leader or one of the leader's right-hand men, being corrupted as she learns more and more about the inner workings for the rpg? She could be taken as an example by the leader of the cult, either on the good or bad sense, a woman who is to serve as an example or as cautionary tale by the rest of the members.
She could also develop a romance for a young man her own age, decide to escape with him after they discover just how twisted the truth really is, or on the contrary decide to dwell further into corruption.

My character could be a bride, one of a few chosen ones, a daughter of a member of influence, a martyr of sorts, or many other options. As for my partner's character, it would depend greatly on his preference, but I'd be greatly interested in him being either the leader, one of the right-hand-men or perhaps a younger son of this charismatic leader. I'd also be open to him being a more rebellious influence within the community.

I am also open to discussing this story from the coin's other face: the male counterpart. Exactly what role he partakes in this cult, however, would depend greatly on the preferences of the Lady who wishes to explore the female character in this story.

The themes will be dark and twisted no matter the road taken and I can imagine more extreme and intense erotic scenes taking place as well, though to what extent and what it will entail exactly certainly is up for discussion.
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My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2018, 04:52:15 pm »
It's a dangerous business, going out your door

She was bored. The only daughter of a wealthy businessman. A prim and proper socialite, raised to live a comfortable life of luxuries, nothing to worry her pretty little head with.

She was supposed to mind her manners, keep herself looking pretty and forget she had a brain of her own, after all no one liked an opinionated young woman. Much like children, it was best when they were seen, but not heard.

Her evening tea was supposed to be the peak of her day, gossip and giggling with other socialites should be her idea of fun, yet she could not bring herself to enjoy such dullness. Yet, what was she to do, if all she knew was this existence of beauty and comforts, but lacking any kind of true thrill.

That was, until she met him... Him, with his wild ways and his wicked smile. Him, who came from a world she could not imagine living in. Him, who offered a new universe of possibilities, if she only dared follow

Pairing: Female X Male. Socialite x criminal/musician
Character preference: Interested on both roles
Main themes: Twisted romance, abuse, D/s, submission, drug and alcohol use, corruption, manipulation, violent sex, perhaps redemption?

For this idea, I'm interested in playing the male character. A rebel of sorts, a dangerous young man a lady of her station should not bother herself with. He could be a gang member or a wild musician she falls head over heels for and decides to follow in his tours much against her father's wishes. He could be a drifter, with no more ambitions than to wake up in a different town the next morning. The options are many, yet one thing is true: his life has been everything hers hasn't. He may be addicted to some substance, abusing alcohol or drugs; he might be possessive and have a criminal record.

Will she manage make him a better man, a man she can share her life with without being completely corrupted herself? Or will she allow him to pull her further down the rabbit hole, down a dark path from which she will not emerge the same person she once was? Will love be enough to erase the sins of his past, make the two of them find a balance to live comfortably together in? Or will their passion destroy them both?

Only time will tell.
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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2018, 12:48:32 pm »
Dark designs (extreme)

What are you doing, little rabbit?
Are you trying to get caught? Have the dark desires lurking in the corners of your mind grown roots so deep thay you can no longer put reason before your passion?

Such potential, such beauty which will soon be caught and perish if no one offers you proper advice and a helping hand.

Little rabbit, I'll be your mentor if you stop being so stubborn

Pairing: Female X Male. Serial killers/serial rapist
Character preference: Interested on both roles
Main themes: Extreme. Murder, dark romance, obsession, manipulation, corruption, rape, escaping the law. Though neither of the main characters will get maimed, killed or tortured, NPCs probably will.

I am interested in playing a rpg on the extreme side. A pair of serial killers. One -the male character- experienced and prolific, a kind of Hannibal Lecter-style: overly smart, charismatic, apparently respectable in society. The other, a young woman who has began her dark journey only a few months or even years ago, but she's getting closer and closer to being caught.

Who is she? Why has she begun killing, where did the aching begin? Was her father a murderer, and having been witness to his cruel crime in her formative years, her mind twisted this event to such an extent that she is now aroused by violence rather than appalled by it? Was she abused -physically and psychologically, not raped- when she was younger? Was her life perfectly normal? Why are these dark impulses growing within her, becoming uncontrollable with each passing day?

And who is he? Her shrink? A police detective who has one too many hints that she is indeed the killer on the loose, yet is making all these clues dissapear for her benefit? Her father or brother (if anyone wanted to go the incest route)?

What kind of relationship will blossom between the two of them? Will they push each other further down this path of destruction? Will they join forces to shape the world around them into their own personal twisted designs?

I am most interested in playing the M character in this story, thought I could be convinced of the opposite, depending on what my potential partners have in mind for this rpg.
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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2018, 07:35:16 pm »
On tour

How long had it been since he had last been home? Three months? Four? The road had a way of making him lose track of time, the constant touring, the constant packing and unpacking, waking up in a different hotel room every night, staying out too late trying to find the perfect rhyme for that elusive song he just couldn't seem to finish, gulping down a drink too many.

He was rarely told he had to slow down, yet when someone uttered those words, he just rolled his eyes and asked for another drink. He was young, and fortune favored the bold. If he slowed down now, would he look back one morning and ask himself "what if?". No, he couldn't allow for that to happen. This was his chance to be in the spotlight and he wasn't going to miss any of it.

Pairing: Female X Male. Journalist, band-aid, musician/Musician
Character preference:  Interested on both roles
Main themes: Music, fame, romance, touring and fans, possible cheating and relationship struggles. Losing oneself in fame and wealth.

After watching a few music-focused movies (A star is born, Bohemian rhapsody, Whiplash, Almost famous) I am searching for a good rpg focused around a rock band who grows in popularity through the story. They might begin being on the verge of earning true popularity, already famous yet about to truly go international or in any other stage my partner and I decide on.

The female character would be either a journalist traveling along the band, someone working for them, a bandaid (pretty word for groupie used in almost famous  ;D) or a new member of the band. As well, I think the story would be much more interesting if set somewhere between the 50s and the 80s, depending on the type of music we'd like to focus on.

Drugs, fans, becoming lost in the new-found fame and wealth, and temptation would all be conflicts threatening the relationship between our two main characters, as well as egos clashing, especially if they are both members of the band itself.

I am both interested in playing the male and female character, so which one I pick will depend greatly on my partner's preferences!
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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2018, 06:28:00 pm »
The harlot's reform

They did not get it. They never would.

They called her every insult under the sun, yet at night, well, night was her domain. The puritans and the prude, the proper and the boring, they all thought of sex and ached for the gentle or rough touch of a lover. They all played the 'holier than thou' trope, yet once the doors and windows were closed, once no one was there to judge them, every secret desire came to light.

And what was she but a way to scratch those itches, and make a living in the meantime? She could afford to pay for her own rent, buy her own clothes, live her own life without needing the support of a stuffy husband. She could be free even if this meant opening her legs for a few men every night. It was a prize she was willing to pay.

Until she met him...

Pairing: Female X Male. Prostitute and male character (who he is yet to be determined)
Character preference:  Interested on the female role
Prefered setting: Victirian or renaissance but could go for modern times.
Main themes: Crime, prostitution, addiction, corruption, religion (possible), love, jealousy, possessiveness, redemption, reputation, gossips.

I'm interest in playing a rpg about a prostitute and an ordinary man falling in love. There, the concept is rather simple, but I'm hoping the story is not quite as simple at all.

What I'm interested in is a convoluted and emotional romance, that from its very beginning does not seem meant to be. I'm not looking for my partner's character to be a man involved with crime, but rather an ordinary man; a businessman, an artist, perhaps even a cop, someone who is respected within the community, who has prospects of marrying a respectable young woman who has kept her virtue until her wedding day, if we set the story in a historical setting, or at least a young woman who does not sell herself for money, if we set the rpg in present day.

Instead, he meets and is enthralled by a woman who uses her beauty and body to pay her way through life, and slowly or rapidly falls in love with her, that is to be determined depending on my partner's preferences.

She will also fall for him, but there would be plenty of problems in the way. If he's not a wealthy man, she might not want to give up her income to marry him, become an ordinary housewife. Perhaps he cannot face the idea of society knowing he's marrying a woman who used to be a prostitute. As their relationship grows, jealousy and frustration will also arise.

She could work in a whore house, an upscale and classy place; she could service those in power or she could be a woman roaming the streets, having to be on the look out for the violence and dangers lurking in the dark alleys, that is to be determined as well, depending on the particular setting where we decide to set this idea.
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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #7 on: January 09, 2019, 12:04:41 pm »

She was all he could think about, from the moment they met. It was hard to breathe when she wasn't around, it was hard to even think straight. His entire world suddenly began revolving around this one person, this beautiful woman who shined far brighter than any other person he ever met before. His every thought circled around her beauty, her mind, her laughter, her smiles. The way her body moved. The way she played with her hair absent-mindedly. The way he would one day make her his.

She would soon realize, he was the right man for her. No one else could love her like he did.

Pairing: Female X Male. Obsessed man (possibly an artist: writer or painter or a technologically-savvy professional) and the woman he's fixated with.
Character preference: Most interested in playing the young man, but willing to play the female character as well.
Main themes: Romance, broken dreams, addiction, toxic relationship, obsession, possible kidnapping, manipulation.

I'm interested in exploring the twisted obsession a young man develops for a woman he meets in a chance encounter. Where and when they meet is up to discussion, as well as who she is and why he suddenly developed such a strong attraction toward her.

How far he is willing to take this obsession depends entirely on how dark or light my partner prefers this story to goes. It can go as dark as kidnapping and her developing Stockholm syndrome, to as light as him growing to love her more healthily.

It would be interesting if she is someone not so used to gathering this kind of attention, and depending on how twisted the story grows, there can even be some technology involved in keeping her captive, but that depends entirely on my potential partner's preferences. If anyone is interested do let me know!

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Re: My story reservoir (f looking for m | m looking for f)
« Reply #8 on: November 03, 2019, 01:54:50 pm »

She lived by her own rules, never looking back to second guess her decisions. She was a wildflower, capable of growing in any new city and town she arrived, bringing the scent of spring with her. Once upon a time, she had lived a life of oppression, with parents who demanded she learn her place and follow the rules.

She had run away, a lifetime ago, during the winter, and since then the snow had never filled her life again.

But deep down, something was missing. A true connection, a real love. A companion to share her journeys and her spring with.

His life was grey. Dull. He didn't much care, he'd never known anything else, and how could you miss or ache for something you had never experienced?
He worked a boring but stable job, he followed the same routine every day, he rarely dated. A few girls were interested in him, but he never got excited about any of them. Dates, not girlfriends, though he was certainly no womanizer.
He was comfortable with his solitude, his routine, his grey life... until he saw colour for the first time. Until he met her, a human kaleidoscope, bringing spring into his world and the smell of flowers filled his mind.

Now grey wasn't enough, dull wasn't enough. Not anymore.

Pairing: Female X Male.
Character preference: Interested on both roles
Main themes: Romance, love, difference in lifestyles and beliefs, traumatic past, traveling, following one's dreams, starting anew. Possible pregnancy, possible free love, possible jealousy and drug use.

I'd like to explore the stark contrasts between these two characters, how their lives are altered by entering each other's world, how they deal with the differences in their beliefs and backgrounds.
I could see this set both in the 70s or modern times, that's certainly up to discussion.

If anyone is interested please do not post in this thread, send me a PM!