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Author Topic: Female Looking for Male Sadist/Dominant ~Dark and Twisted~  (Read 1527 times)

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Female Looking for Male Sadist/Dominant ~Dark and Twisted~
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:04:46 am »

Hello, my pretties and welcome to my Plots and Ideas page!

Here you will find various ideas, plots and inspirational materials that will hopefully spark an interest in a potential roleplaying partner.
While these reflect my current mood for stories, I am not limited to these ideas.
I am willing to play any game that includes some kind of a dark, twisted, or mystical plot.

Please check out my Ons and Offs page.
There, I have info about me, how I play and what I like and don't like in the stories. ^.~
The link is in my signature below.

Horror, horror, horror, please!


• Plots •
• Characters •
• Fandoms •
• Taken Plots •
• Girls I'd Like To Play •
• Blokes I'd Like You To Play •

Please refrain from posting on this thread. If you are interested, PM me. Thanks!
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Re: Plots
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2018, 08:05:04 am »

I love brainstorming and plotting.
Thus, I encourage you to share your own ideas and intake of the story.

And you know what? Feel free to mix and match the stories! ;D

My preferred settings are Modern, Modern Fantasy and Alternative Universe.
With the occasional of Sci-Fi, High-Fantasy, and fandom using Original Characters with the right plot.

Craving dark, horror, and twisted, slow-paced romance type of stories.

Obey or Die
• Obey Or Die •
Possible Themes: Post-Apocalypse, Extreme, BDSM, Non-con, Kidnapping

An apocalyptic event had forced humans into fighting for survival. Long gone were the mundane days of waking up early in the morning to go to work to pay the bills, to dress up in order to impress a date for a possible partnership or even a fling. Phones no longer worked, buildings were in ruins and many went into hiding to get away from the horrific events happening on the surface of the earth. Tribes, groups, and gangs started to form for a better chance of survival while others chose solidarity. Either way, there was no guarantee for survival. Only the smartest and the fittest get the luxury of living the longest.

One man, in particular, had created a small empire of himself, offering protection for those who show loyalty towards him. No one knew his real name, but everyone called him Daddy, because he liked to see himself as a carer to those that went under his wing. However, as caring as he might seem, it was no match to how vicious and dangerous he can get. No one who knew him dared to be on his bad side if they didn't want to end up as the other unfortunate souls.

Fey, a young woman a few days past her eighteenth birthday who was surviving on her own for a few months, always on the go as she was in search for someone, ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time when she was caught in the middle of a fight between Daddy's gang and the enemy. She would help them defeat the enemy but at the risk of killing one of Daddy's members and she was brought back to the secret quarters for her sentence. This is where she meets Daddy and her fate now relies on his hands. He finds her ability to survive for so long on her own admirable, having skills that would be a great asset to his gang but she was wild and untamed and she had to be broken. That or she would be killed. An eye for an eye. She would either have to fill the position of the person she killed, or get killed.

As he would start his methods of taming her, however, he realizes that he was starting to grow a sort of affection towards her and decides to take her as his own personal pet and things start to get sexual between the two.

So... This is just a basic plot with a lot of room to be creative with the details and I'm open to many possibilities as long as the main characters are Daddy (your character) and Fey (my character) where she ends up being a pet one way or another. Think of it as a Post-Apocalyptic BDSM dynamic.

Details about how the apocalypse came to be, and how long the event happened will be discussed in Pm. It can either be a zombie infestation, a nuclear war or an alien attack. I'm not too much fussed about the details as I'm someone to prefers focusing more on the relationship and actions between the two main characters. We can also discuss any possible side characters but do note I only play sexually submissive roles. Pretty much any extra details to the plot will be discussed and elaborated on in PM since I enjoy hearing my partner's input and ideas hence why I didn't put too much detail in the plot.

All I ask from you is that you play a sadistic Daddy Dom character in a post-apocalyptic setting using Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a face claim since this idea was heavily inspired by him, and to reciprocate that favour, I'm willing to use any face claim you prefer for my character. I would also like to have some visuals in the posts.

This Is Your New Fate
• This Is Your New Fate •
Possible Themes: Extreme, Horror, Supernatural, Non-con, Kidnapping

I would like to have a story inspired by one or all of these images below but the basic idea is that your character kidnaps my character. We can discuss the reason and details of the story in PM. While I would like a lot of smut to be involved, I'd like to focus on the physiological element of their distorted relationship. I want this to be dark and gritty and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Also, while possible supernatural elements can be involved, I want to keep things as realistic as possible in terms of events, actions, and body shape.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Let's play a game."

"You must be cleansed from your filthy sins"

"You better listen to me if you want to live, understood?"

Not mandatory but I'd be SUPER happy if you played this guy, or with similar looks

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I Own You Now
• I Own You Now •
Possible Themes: Extreme, Horror, Supernatural, Vampires, Non-con, BDSM

I am looking for a BDSM orientated story involving a Dominant Vampire who takes hold of a female human and makes her into his sex slave pet, punishing her and tormenting her in various ways in order to break her and own her completely. I know there is not much of a story to this but I'd like us to bounce off some ideas as we brainstorm, or we can go with the flow. I do want us to focus on their relationship more as their attraction for one another grows. Maybe she hates him at first, for taking her away from her family, until he grows on her. Or she's afraid of him and constantly tries to find ways to escape. I'd like this to have as much of a freeform story as smut.

The Girl Who Found A Book
• The Girl Who Found A Book •
Possible Themes: Extreme, Horror, Supernatural, Demons, Non-con, Fantasy

Once upon a time, there was a young pretty girl who found a mysterious book hidden in the woods of a small town. The book was big and heavy, covered with a smooth feeling leather and a golden inverted star embedded right in the middle. The pages were as red as the human blood, giving it an unnerving eerie sensation to it. It also had a lock that was impossible to open, with no signs of a leaver, or a button that would click open. No, the book was sealed tight, as if it was holding something in, rather than keeping any peering eyes away.

Despite the dark satanic look of the book, the girl seemed to be mesmerized by it. It was an intriguing book there was denying that. She should practice caution and stay away from it -nothing good ever comes out from anything that bore the satanic symbol- but she just couldn't help herself. Instead of being repelled by the nature of this artifact, she was attracted to it, as if it was calling her name... ever so softly, ever so tempting...

"Ashley..." It was calling her name... "Ashley..." ever so softly, "Ashley...." ever so tempting.

"Ashley, dear, where are you? It's getting late. We need to get home before dinner."

The voice of the woman calling out to her broken the trance that she seemed to be in, and blinked at the ever-mysterious book. Something, a small tiny voice told her to burry that thing back in the ground where she found it. But the other voice, a louder voice, told her not to. It was a voice that got her riled up with excitement, that rebellious voice that fed her curiosity.


And with that, the blonde girl grabbed the book and stuffed it in her backpack.

"Coming Auntie Liz," she yelled back as she scurried her way back towards the edge of the woods to meet both her auntie and uncle who had been packing up the car.

"Did you find anything interesting, dear?" The tall brunette woman asked, who bared no resemblance to the girl.

Ashley just shrugged and climbed up in the car, "Nothing special, just some rocks."

"Alright, ladies...." then her uncle let out, shutting the booth of the car and then went in the driver's seat, "....buckle up. Time to go home."

The 18-year-old put on her seat belt, lifted both her knees up to get comfortable and then put on her headphones to listen to The Cure as the car started and they drove off. Sometimes, Ashley would look at the two in front chatting and wondering what it would have been like if they were her real parents, or if Auntie Liz and Uncle Max were actually her relatives. Friends of her family, they said they were, although there was no one actually alive in Ashley's blood family. But that's as much as they would tell her. Ashley's heritage, her roots, were just as mysterious as the book that was tucked in her bag. She reached out to grab it and hugged the bag tight to her chest while resting her chin on the top as if she was finding comfort and not seconds after, Ashely fell asleep.


This was an intro of a story that was never received a reply so I would like to revive this. You can interpret it however you like, and I can change the age if it's too young for you but do know that I want to have a dark twist to this story.

•Plot Bunnies•

Because I love plots and I love bunnies!

Ahem... anyways~

Here are very simple ideas with not much thought put into them.
They are a bit more elaborated than pairings but are open for different interpretations and possibilities.


Man teaches a rebellious woman how to be a lady and show her a woman's true place.

Gothic girl or Wiccan turned into a bimbo (by man or demon)

A queen forced to bend the knee to an enemy King

A female vampire captured by a sadistic hunter

Inferior demoness meets a superior demon

Witch discovered during a witch hunt

Thief captured by King and made into a concubine

Vampire meets sweet girl and introduces her to a new exciting world of pain and pleasure

Chubby girl wants to lose weight, hires/meets fitness Dom to help

Woman kidnapped and brainwashed to be/act like a pet

Rockstar meets a shy/quiet fan who turns out to be a freak in the sheets

Goth guy meets shy/normal girl and transforms her into a rocker chick.
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Re: Characters
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2018, 08:05:20 am »
These are some of my characters I have developed over time and would love to play again. ;D

Donatella De Conti
Donatella De Conti

Amy Lee

125 (Looks like 30)

Lady / Countess


Donatella is a gothic beauty with the palest skin and the darkest of blackest hair. She stands at an average height of 5'6 and curves that could kill. Her eyes are blue and cold as ice, with the ability to bring you into her stare, but as hunger starts to take over her eyes will turn pitch black and her sharp teeth merge out, ready to feed.

Gentle, kind but socially awkward, Donatella is the most humble and the most down to earth vampire that lives in the De Conti Household.

Donatella is part of a pure-blooded vampire family, living in a large Mansion Household located up in the hills in the middle of nowhere. Her family runs a business of capturing humans and have them fight to the death between each other, like a dog fight, but despite this, or rather, because she felt sorry for the humans, Dona grew up refusing to drink their blood.

In result, she feeds solely on animals. This makes her weaker than your average vampire and prone to hunger more often, having the need to hunt and drink twice as often. But she was willing to live such a lifestyle and while her family were not happy about her choice, they still let her live in the mansion.

Rivera Redlove
Rivera Redlove

Kina Shen

18 (can vary to fit the plot)

Student at Hogwarts, House of Slytherin


Rivera is a short, petite lady that stands at 5'2.  While her natural hair and eye colour are dark brown, she has the tendency of changing her style of hair and eye colour quite frequently using simple cosmetic spells that correspond to her gothic and alternative style.

Bold and ambitious.  Rivera isn't afraid to speak her mind, and certainly not afraid to express her dark aesthetics with her clothing.  That being said, she isn't a social gal and tends to keep to herself most of the time.  Despite her materialistic facade, she does not like to show off her full potential or any of her special abilities.   More often than not, practice her magic in solitude when she can.  She has one goal in life and that is to become the greatest witch in her lifetime.  Nothing can steer her away from the path, even at the cost of losing friends and family.

Rivera was born in a rich pure-blooded Gryffindor family that is known for producing the most popular love potion.  She has three older brothers, making her the youngest and only daughter of the Redlove family and the only one currently attending Hogwarts.  Much to everyone's surprise, she was sorted in Slytherin, breaking the family's tradition.  Her ambitions trumped her bravery traits.

Her family were not happy with her being in Slytherin and while they never said it, it was obvious that they thought she would lead a dark path.  At that time, Rivera was simply an innocent and somewhat shy bright young witch but with the image already projected onto her she eventually decided to prove them right and she would do about anything to reach greatness, even if it meant she would become a dark witch.

Victoria Thornheart
Victoria Thornheart

Kate Beckinsale

30 (Can Vary)

Vampire Hunter


Victoria is tall and slim with a generous amount on her chest.  Her hair is black as pitch, cut short just above her shoulder and it is usually a mess from her constant fighting.  Her choice of clothing would be anything that is black paired with her favorite leather jacket that she wore in all of her hunting journeys. Sort of a 'lucky' jacket.

Crazy is the word men would describe her.  With had a stubborn mind and a sailor's mouth, Victoria is an independent woman who had her heart broken and is out for revenge. She hates vampires to the core, pity their servants/slaves and has little interest in seeking romance. Destroying as many vampires as she can is her goal and is willing to kill humans as well if they get in her way.

When she was a teenager, Victoria was a shy timid girl who loved to lose herself in fantasy books, dreaming of a world full of adventure and excitement. Her wish came true when she was swept off her feet by a vampire. He promised her the world, his love and an eternal life of decadent adventures and she went as far as killing her family to prove her love to him only to be dumped and abandoned.

This has left her with a growing hate not only for him but for vampires in general. Their charming demeanor and empty promises used to feed off helpless people disgusts her and wants to put an end to it. It pleases her to torture and kill these vicious creatures. Victoria isn't part of a slayer's guild. She is too unstable and doesn't take orders well, which is fine for her, she would rather work on her own.
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Re: [Work In Progress]
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2018, 08:30:26 am »

Here are lists of Fandoms I am willing to play.

Please note that I will NOT play canon characters and would like us to have our own original characters.

Also, while I am familiar with most of the settings of the mentioned Fandoms, I do not wish to be strictly confined to the books/movies setting and would like to take some kind of liberties.
I see Fandoms as a basis of a setting to create our own stories and not being caught up with the smallest of details.


Harry Potter
Read only the first three books (so far) but watched all of the movies a bunch of times, including Fantastic Beasts.


American Horror Story
Seen all except The Cult. My favourite being Asylum, The Coven and Freak Show.


Altered Carbon
Seen the TV show, haven't read the book.


Repo: The Genetic Opera

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Re: Taken Plots
« Reply #4 on: October 29, 2018, 08:30:43 am »
•Taken Plots•
Or not currently interested

As the title says, these plots are taken or I'm not currently in the mood for playing.
If you are interested in anything listed here, you really need to convince me with an intriguing twist added to the plot.

The Torment That Never Ends
• The Torment That Never Ends •
Possible Themes: Extreme, Horror, Non-con, Sci-Fi, Snuff

Inspired by the TV show, Altered Carbon, and a previous roleplay I had.

It is a cyberpunk setting with neon lights and retro yet futuristic technology. One is able to transfer their consciousness, their soul, into another body once they die. Those with money can choose to clone their bodies, others have no say in it if they do decide to get transferred.

Your character is a wealthy man, bored and looking for some kind of entertainment. My character is a simple ordinary young woman, maybe? Man meets girl, he woes her in, seduces her, drugs her, uses her body sexually. She would love it at first, but then things start to get rough, very rough, bloody even which is when he ends up killing her (something mild at first, like suffocation, maybe by mistake?) and then she ends up waking up in another body, alongside with him.

This has a big potential of going further if we both like the story and how it is going, having him taking delight in tormenting her, killing her over and over again in different ways as he keeps bringing her back as a different person, each time eating away at her sanity and her soul. Would she break and destroy herself once and for all or would she find a twisted depraved pleasure in this?

In Love With Darkness
• In Love With Darkness •
Possible Themes: BDSM, Non-Con/Dub-Con, Extreme, Dark Romance, Psychological Thrill

I am looking for a dark story where MC falls in love with a dark character (possibly a secret killer). A twisted romance full of passion, fear, tensions, and thrills, where she would push and taunt his demons and he would drive her insane.

This isn't a snuff story. I am more interested in the mental aspect of their relationship, focusing on how he would get in her head and vice versa, but mentions of deaths and kills (if makes sense with the plot) can be included in the story.

Possible scenarios:

A) MC is YC's therapist. He had confessed to her about his sadistic urges, maybe wanting to kill (whether he actually killed someone or not is up to you) and the more sessions they have the more intrigued she gets and starts to ask him more about these dark fantasies of his. Maybe she would even encourage him to play out these fantasies. Maybe he would even confess that he thought of killing her too. She tries to act as professional as possible but deep down, her attraction for him would be bubbling up.

B) The roles are switched in this one. MC is the one that is seeking a therapist due to her masochistic side that she is worried about. Having gone through so many but she always felt judged by them, she finally founds someone who truly understands her. But the more she opens up with YC, the more he gets in her head. He takes hold of her like no one ever did and instead of helping her suppress her masochistic side like she originally wanted, he makes her embrace it, even with her struggling at times.

This will be set in modern times with the concept of a dark romance between a masochist and a sadist with lots of dark and psychological elements. Even though they will talk about their sexual fantasies, I do not want to jump into smut. I prefer if it is a slow burn will full of tension and anticipation.
Cyber Satan
• Cyber Satan •
Possible Themes: Cyberpunk, Supernatural, Action, Romance, Extreme

In the not so far future, the world was engulfed with neon lights and concrete jungle. With technology that surpassed their own creators, people were now opting to become machines themselves. Plastic surgery was that of the past, anyone could do that at one's home. Now, the new trend was Metal Surgery. The closer to a machine you are, the higher chances you survived this new vibrant yet dangerous world. 

But the story does not revolve around the trends of the world. It revolves around an ancient being that outlives any machine, human and creature on the planet earth, or any planet for that matter. The King of Hell, The Beast of all beasts, the Devil, the Antichrist, Satan himself, has awoken by the depravity of this new world. Energized by the artificial electricity that kept the world spinning, Lucifer now roams on the metal surface of the earth in the search for mischievous fun.

So this setting combines both the elements of a cyberpunk world and demonic creatures/satanism. It is a vague story but I would like to leave enough room for various possibilities. YC would be the Devil, or even an ancient demon and MC would either be the summoner, a girl that ended up at the wrong time in the wrong place, a cyber witch, an angelic soldier, an AI robot, a prostitute or whatever that tickles your fancy. I would like this to be both as supernatural and as scientific and as creative and as dark as we want it to be. :)

A Vampire's Kiss
• A Vampire's Kiss •
Possible Themes: Vampires (Duh), Con or Non-Con, Supernatural, BDSM, Extreme

I am in a big mood to do a classic vampire roleplay where it's either YC or MC is the vampire, or both. I have mini-plots for this kind of setting and we can further discuss the plot if interested.

The cliche male vampire finds a sweet girl and introduces her to a new exciting world of pain and pleasure.

Could be Consensual, Non-Con or Dub-Con with a more D/s type of relationship.

MC is a daughter of a noble vampire family that runs a business of capturing vampire hunters and have them fight each other, gladiator style. The winner gets to live another day, rewarded with a feast and maybe a fuck, while the loser becomes food for the vampires. MC avoids these activities and refuses to drink from a human, making her weaker than any other vampires but she never left her home and thus she was relatively safe from hunters. YC will be a vampire hunter, captured and forced to fight his fellow comrades. He can either be new, or been fighting for years. Two possible outcomes I have are 1) YC escapes and takes MC hostage, drags her out of her home into the wilderness and god knows what might happen! or 2) MC decides to take care of YC after a brutal fight and takes him in as a pet. She finds him fascinating, obviously attracted to his blood but tries hard not to drink from him. Even though she has him as her pet, she doesn't do any sexual advances, knowing if she did, she wouldn't be able to resist drinking from him so she keeps him around for her to tell her stories and do 'petty' stuff for her, but as their sexual tension grows, YC ends up dominating MC and him while still being her 'pet', she finds out that she likes being dominated by a human.

Have a look at the 'The Dark Allure of Fame' plot. YC will be the vampire rockstar.

Whatever plots or ideas you have! I am pretty much up for any roleplay with vampires in it, especially if you play the vampire. I can play a human or even a witch, either fiesty or shy, up to you.

The Devil's Whore
• The Devil's Whore •
Possible Themes: Satanism, Witchraft/Supernatural, BDSM, Non-Con/ Dub-Con, Extreme

A young ordinary woman grew tired of her ordinary life. While she had a successful career in the make-up industry with a disposable income, her own apartment and all the dates she could have with one quick text, Juliana wanted to die of boredom.

She tried various things to excite her life. She did drugs, partied all weekend, went to sex parties and slept with girls and random people in the same room, had strangers do things to her no ordinary girl would even dream of, but she would still go back to her apartment unfulfilled.

One night, she spends her time online where she meets 'TheMaster'. He was a leader of a group, a community that seeks the finest pleasure in life. She thought it was some sophisticated kinky community so she was intrigued enough to meet the man just for coffee.  He seemed normal at first, too normal, which makes her lose interest in him but that changes when she gets a strange invitation to a masquerade party from him. The message was short but demanding and with a curiosity of a cat, she was willing to meet him again, even to just have an excuse to go to a party.

When she attends, there were specific instructions for her to do, such as the password to use to enter and what to wear. Nothing lewd but enough that got her excited. She wouldn't see him at the party and no one would talk to her when she tried to chat up with someone, as if they were ignoring her. The whole situation felt wrong and she was starting to get angry but at the same time, it excited her. The anticipation building up as she waited to meet him was driving her wild... Then she sees him... smiling at her at the doorway right at the end of the ballroom and then walks away. She immediately went after him. And as she went further down the rabbit hole she would find herself in a strange room lit by candlelight and a strange sigil on the floor, one she didn't recognize at first. Out of nowhere, the man would take her and ravish her, forcing himself on her and fuck her. She, of course, was enjoying this but pretended like she didn't, which only riled him up and made things more exciting for her. 

For the first time that night, she felt satisfied, however, later that week she would soon find out that the man wasn't just a kinky bastard but a Satanist and she was chosen to be used as a sacrificial/ritual whore.

So this can be quite a dark plot and it can either be a normal non-magical setting or can have supernatural elements to it, such as actually conjuring the devil, or bad spirits or the Leader has the ability to make things move and such. I'd like to be both psychologically and erotic thriller with similar elements like Eyes Wide Shut.
For further development of the story, MC at first would find the whole situation quite thrilling but then things would start to become too much for her to handle and tries to find a way to get herself out of it.

Also, while I'd like this to be quite dark, I don't want any snuff, scat, mutilation, and bestiality happening. Other things I am okay with such as gangbangs, blood play, etc but if there is quite an extreme scene or plot twist you would like to play out (such as actual breeding), we have to discuss it first. :) 

A Haunted House
• A Haunted House •
Possible Themes: Extreme, Horror, Supernatural, Demons, Vampires, Non-con

This is a setting I would like to try out with a few mini-plots. Feel free to change any details, if you want.

MC escapes from an ordeal. Maybe she was kidnapped, maybe she got lost as she was hitchhiking? Or maybe she was a homeless person, a runaway that is house squatting. Whichever the reason is, she finds herself in this abandoned or unused house and decides to stay there for the next few days. Little does she now that this house was haunted and there was a reason why no one was living there.

MC inherits the house, mysteriously or not. She is a struggling writer and takes the opportunity to live in the house both so she doesn't have to pay rent as well as to get some kind of muse. From the first night, she would start seeing figures, or feel things, or hear things but nothing too drastic and rides them off as nothing since she would be drunk. But each night things get scarier and scarier. It could either be the house itself or there is a particular evil ghost haunting it.

Count Dracula's castle opens the doors to a few daring individuals to spend the night on Halloween. MC isn't really interested but is persuaded by her friends to do it. There were a few cheap scares throughout the night and a few shenanigans, but nothing dangerous or too scary happens. They even had to sleep in a coffin, if they chose to sleep at all. Later in the night, MC would start hearing a male voice, and feel things. When she tells this to the others they just think she's just imagining it. Then people start to go missing, finding a few dead until she is the one left alive to see who the culprit was and surprise surprise, it's a Vampire. He decides to keep her in the castle as a plaything, a blood bag to feed on until he drives her mad, or get bored with her until the next Halloween to invite more people for him to feed on. She would obviously try to escape, fight back when she can. We can even have it that he drove her so mad that he would fall in love with her and she becomes a partner in crime. Or end it when she dies. However, you wish to play it.

Dark Allure Of Fame
• Dark Allure of Fame •
Possible Themes: Vampire, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Celebrity, Blackmail, BDSM

A new rockstar just emerged in the alternative music scene and his fame skyrocketed in a matter of weeks. His first hit was sold worldwide and made him more than a million dollars. Fans and cults were forming to worship this dark artist. People either loved his music or hated it. However, despite his sudden fame with a growing following, the media had no idea who he really is and what was the meaning of his music. No one was able to interview him yet images of him were still being printed on magazines and shared on social media. Who was he? What did he represent? What made him so famous? What was his secret to his success?

MC works for a prestigious online magazine. She wasn't doing well in her latest articles and her job was on the line so she decided to do the impossible and try to get an interview with the new rock star. Such an article not only would bring in the big bucks, but also a possibility of a promotion. With no luck in getting an official interview, MC resorts in going undercover. She would pretend to be a groupie, or a prostitute and infiltrate his private rooms, hoping to find the slightest juiciest thing she could find about him.

Another way to go on about this story is that the rockstar allows only one interview. The board chooses MC for her skills and performance in her job, but she neither is interested in him or his music. It paid good money, however, so she accepts it. With the rockstar (YC) being used to females falling for him, he's intrigued by her lack of interest and tries to get into her pants.

I'd like this to have a more Dom/sub vibe to it that includes humiliation play, knife play/blood play, degradation etc. and this can either have a modern fantasy setting or a normal one.

Fantasy one, the rockstar would be a vampire who is tired of hiding in the shadows and wants to take over the world with his music.

The normal one, the rockstar simply values his privacy when he isn't on stage.

A Path to Humiliation
• A Path to Humiliation •
Possible Themes:Humiliation, BDSM, Extreme, Non-Con/Dub-Con, Fantasy, Modern


This is more of a theme that I want to further explore. While such a game might be smut heavy, I am more interested in the build-up, 'foreplay', and journey to her torment, rather than sex itself and I would still require to have a plot or story behind it to justify their relationship, with character development and possible adventures and twists to incorporate in the story. 

I am more inclined to have a fantasy element to this but I am willing to do a modern setting or even cyberpunk with an interesting plot.

Possible ideas are:
Feminist meets a misogynist
Turning a rockergirl or wiccan into a bimbo by a demon
A queen forced to bend the knee to an enemy King
A female vampire captured by a sadistic hunter
Inferior demoness meets a superior demon
Witch discovered during a witchhunt

I would also love to play a chubby girl (not massive BBW but with some meat on her bones) however, this is not a requirement. So let me know if you're either okay with this or if you prefer a slimmer girl.

If interested, in the PM, please include your ideas and intake in the theme so we can plot out a wicked story. :D

The Mermaid's Tears
• The Mermaid's Tears •
Possible Themes: Pirates, BDSM, Fantasy, Circus, Non-Con, Extreme

"What lovely creatures mermaids are. They are the embodiment of beauty; pale illuminating skin, long luscious hair, eyes as deep as the ocean and the most captivating voice any ear would lust over for. And yet... Before you know it... they are sinking you down into the depths of hell as they tear the flesh off your bones and devour it while water fills up your lungs as you gasp for air. You will either die from drowning or when there is nothing left of you for them to eat.

Mmm, yes...pretty little things... But their beauty isn't the most valuable thing they possess, nor their melodic voice. No. They have something men had killed and died for in the most gruesome way just to get their hands on it, to get their taste of it... Their tears. To make a beautiful cold-blooded creature such as a mermaid cry would require the blackest of hearts...

What so important about their tears, you say? Well... Some say it grants you a life of immortality, others say it has healing properties, some would even swear they have to see the tears turn anything they touch into gold!

Me? I think you should stay away from those vile creatures. Anything that beautiful would eat your soul from within and condemn you to a life of misery, immortal or not, rich or poor. Nothing can save you from the madness they bring."

The basic idea is that a man is seeking to capture a mermaid to harvest her tears (amongst other things if we want to go dark with this), knowing all too well the risks involved. Mermaids are vicious and deadly as well as incredibly beautiful (when they choose to be). He would find her so captivating or realizes he can make so much money from her that decides to keep her as a pet, a trophy or to simply showcase her in a circus show. He would need to find a way to tame her, to make her cry, to torture her and make her docile enough to control her. When their tails are dry, mermaids are able to change it into human legs, and he would be well aware of that which is why he would keep her submerged in water in a glass cage, or bathtub so she wouldn't escape. Her basic goal for the story would be for her trying to escape from him, but of course, it all depends what kind of story we want to play out.

This will be either be set in the period times where pirates were thriving, or later in time when Circus Freak Shows were it's a thing, or modern times. Heck, I'm even willing to do this in a future/cyberpunk/post-apocalypse setting.

Inspirational Images


The Chubby Succubus
• The Chubby Succubus •
Possible Themes: Demons, Supernatural, BDSM, Fantasy, Slice of life, Romance, Comedy


*stomach rumbles*

Maaaaaan, I'm so hungry!
It's been sooooooo long, I almost forgot how to feed!


Boys today don't like big girls anymore...
They like them with small tits and tiny asses...
What's up with that?!

But you're not a boy, are you?
You're a biiiiiig man.
Big men need big girls... Like me!


This will be a story about a somewhat shy, playful succubus who is finding it hard to find someone to feed off due to her chubby appearance. YC would be either a large demon or human who is attracted by her soft curves and becomes her donor/victim/partner.

Not much of a plot to go on but would love to play this character against a strong and large character. Can either be in a fantasy world or modern, with a cute and fluffy romance or dark and twisted. Let me know your intake on this one and we can bounce off some ideas and create a plot for it. :D
Love Is A Crime
• Love is a Crime •
Possible Themes: Film Noir, Love Affair, Romance, BDSM, Crime, Mystery

"I'm a married woman, Mr. Jackson"

"My apologies, Mrs. Winters, I must have misinterpreted your words."

The woman with bright red lipstick raised her perfect brow and then lowered her head down as her gloved hand clicked open her pouch and pulled out a small case with powder. She looked herself in the small round mirror and dapped the cotton pad on her forehead and nose. She was sweating.

"All I want you to do is to follow my husband. I know he is fucking that bitch of a... ahem, accuse my French, Mr. Jackson... What I meant is... I know he is seeing another woman. I just want evidence. I want to know exactly who she is, and what he is doing with her. I want to know what he is wasting his money on for that b-...that woman and how long he had been seeing her. I want to know every single detail about their relationship and about her. Understood?"

The man sitting at the desk watched her as she started to get worked up, noticing her struggle from swearing like a sailor. It was rather cute when she bit her lip to hold back her tongue from slipping unladylike words. She had spirit. He liked that.

There was a slight delay from his end as he watched her fidgeting in her chair as if something was bothering her while he puffed on his cigar and blew out the smoke in the air. He finally let out a sigh and leaned in on the desk to get slightly closer to her. He could smell her feminine delicate perfume, an expensive one, of course. With a husband as rich as he was, her perfume would cost nothing.

"Mrs. Winters, if you already know your husband is cheating on you, why go through such trouble and torment your pretty little heart with the extra information. Nothing good will come out of it. It would be simpler to file for a divorce."
"Hmph! Me? A divorcée? I don't think so." She huffed and looked away from him with an offended look.

"My 'pretty little heart' can handle it, Mr. Jackson. Do you want the job, or not? I can pay double if you want, but I will expect you to finish the job in 3 weeks and use the finest paper you can find."

There was a pause, then the detective smiled wickedly.

"Sure, Mrs. Winters, and I will serve it to you on a silver fucking plater...excuse my French, of course."

This story can be set in the 30's, 40's or 50's and it is about a beautiful wife who hires a private detective to investigate her husband's secret affair. One night she becomes enraged by her husband and goes banging on the detective's door and with a turn of events, she finds comfort in his arms and bed. The next day she walks away with no word and acts as nothing happened. When he asks, she claims that there was no chemistry going on between the two and insists on him finishing the investigation. But despite that, she would still visit him at night to let off steam. This would go on for weeks, even after the investigation. She would still act as if she was disinterested in him but the detective becomes obsessed over her.

He would beg her to run away with him, promising her passionate nights one after the other without having to sneak about, promising her he would never cheat on her. However, she loves her current lifestyle of richness and the detective could never provide her that. He soon realizes that the only way to have fully had her is to kill her husband.

So I'd like this to have a film noir vibe to it. It would start out erotic with possible BDSM elements but eventually goes into a darker tone with the death of the husband. The detective (YC) would either kill him without her approval, she freaks out when she finds out and he would take her by force, driven mad and possessive by her beauty or he persuades her to kill her husband and claim his riches so they can live happily together.

When You Find True Love
• When You Find True Love •

Once upon a time, in a similar world we live in, there was an old toymaker who wanted love. Love from a wife or love of a daughter. Unable to get either, he decides to create one. The perfect doll, a life-sized doll none the less, he had ever made with perfectly smooth silicone skin, raven hair and with the most beautiful haunting eyes that would captivate any looker. Being consumed by its beauty and lust, and the fact the doll was nothing more but a toy, he abused it and broke it with his love to the point where delight was too much and died of a heart attack.

Little did he know that what he had created was like none of the other dolls he made. The love the toymaker had for his perfect creation had manifested into a female soul within the doll. Perfect, but now broken doll, she wakes up underneath a dead body. Unaware of the world outside and without purpose or drive, she simply stayed in a corner, watching the body rot. Days... weeks had passed and the stench from the body started to seep through the walls. Not long after a police officer barged in to investigate. He found this broken girl, quiet and scared with the corpse nearby. Unsure of what to make of this situation, he decided to take her to his home and tend for her without reporting it. As far as everyone knew, the old toymaker died alone.

Unsure how to mend this...girl, he tried to patch her nonbleeding skin, washed her and dressed her up. She was timid and docile and the officer grew fond of her. She was like the daughter he never had. But soon, just like the toymaker, the officer starts to develop an animalistic love for her. He tries his best to bottle it up, but one night he bursts and fucks her, really hard. He soon finds out that the harder he treated her, the more affection she shows for him. This goes over his head and starts to use her literally like a fuck toy in return for her unconditional love.

I know this plot is somewhat strange and twisted but I would love to play the doll. This can go as dark as you would like (within certain limits, of course) but I was also thinking that in future events, he would slowly introduce her to the world, if anyone asked, she was the daughter of a friend or far relative visiting the city. Eventually, he decides to date but the doll finds out and kills the girls he was dating, or maybe he has a girlfriend and when the doll finds out, she goes berserk. Basically, I will be playing a one fucked up possessed crazy doll. xP It is up to you how you want to play your character.

I Will Have You, No Matter What
• I Will Have You, No Matter What •
Possible Themes: Con or Non-Con, Indirect Incest, BDSM, Extreme

YC married a young woman called Mary O'Neil and adopted her daughter, Emilia, and brought both of them to his house to live as a family. He loved them both and was happy to provide them with anything they ever wanted.

Even though he adored his step-daughter, he wanted children of his own. Unfortunately, Mary was unable to get pregnant, which caused some distance between the two, yet they never divorced and continued to raise Emilia together.

With an unhealthy desire to procreate, and a wife that could not bear children anymore, or so he thought, his eyes went on Emilia who was a split image of her mother, but younger and fertile. He managed to restrain himself for quite a few years until she turned 18 and could not hold himself any longer. He wanted her and wanted to have a child with her. That was what drove him to touch her like a lover, rather than like a father and he wasn't going to stop at anything to achieve it.

This is a fairly simple plot but I would like this go quite dark, and while he wants a baby with her which is what makes him force himself on her, he is not able to have children. I can see it go both con and non-con.

Con: YC, the step-father, would reveal to have some quite dark fantasies and desires that he was never able to explore with her mother but MC seems to be more willing. This can include pet play, humiliation, knife play etc but it would all consensual, or at least he would be able to persuade her or she would end up loving it.

Non-Con: YC straight out rapes MC and threatens to kill her mother if she tells anyone about it. He would make her do things with him (including but not limited to things mentioned in my ons and offs page). Sometimes she hates it, other times she might like it, even if it is against her will but she is still scared of him. One day, she gains the courage to tell her mother about it but she doesn't believe her. A man like him could not possibly do such things, so she tries to report him, or tell someone behind his back only he finds out and kills her mother as punishment and drags MC in a cabin in the woods, or basement or whatever where she would not be able to escape (though she might try) and no one is able to bother them.

Hunt The Damned
• Hunt The Damned •
Possible Themes: Vampires, Supernatural, Action, Extreme

In order to exterminate the Vampires from earth, a scientist creates a substance that it was believed to be venomous to a vampire. It would be infused with human DNA and thus, it would turn that said human into a poison for vampires. However, this substance was never fully tested and the side effects were unknown. The vampires managed to kill the scientist before this substance could be implemented. Little did they know that someone was already tested, YC, and now he was a threat to the vampires.

You can be creative with what the side effects were, whether it enhanced his powers, or simply made him psychopathic, or both.

MC would be the leader of the Clan that protects other vampires and who chased down the scientist. In one way or another, she gets caught by YC for revenge or simply to enjoy torturing vampires.

I am willing to experiment with scenes incorporating blood-play in this story, especially since YC's blood would weaken or hurt MC.

Cyber City
• Cyber City •
Possible Themes: Cyberpunk, Supernatural, Action, Romance, Extreme

This is more of a setting. I would like to do a roleplay with both 'slice of life' scenes and an active story that would happen in a cyberpunk world. Think of Blade Runner, The 5th Element, Altered Carbon, Cyberpunk (the game), Ghost in the Shell, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Mute, etc. all of them combined. There are no specific rules other than whatever happens plays in the whole aspect and aesthetic of the cyberpunk setting. Of course, we would have to discuss quite a bit, whether we go with the flow or come up with a specific plot. That being said I would like this to have a story as much as it has smut, and can go as dark as you want it to be (within certain limits).

Possible pairings for this setting would be:

Prostitute x Client
Waitress x Customer
AI Robot x Human
Cyborg x Human
AI VR Character x VR Player
My character is an Artificial Intelligent Virtual Reality Character (she can be a prostitute, a waitress or whatever) that only lives on the web. Your character is a lonely guy who is unable to connect with a female human so he finds comfort with my character, maybe he could share dark things with her knowing there wouldn't be any consequences. Instead of being afraid of him, she is quite intrigued and might also encourage him to unleash those desires, whatever they are, whether with her or with real people. One possibility would be, he would try and find a way to 'bring her to life' so she would be able to venture with him, either finding her a robot body or taking over someone's body.

Criminal x Detective
Criminal x Criminal
Runaway x Pimp/Criminal
My character is an orphan, a slave labor and managed to escape into the city. She is now homeless and a runaway, sleeping in abandon buildings, stealing from people and sometimes sleeps with men just to have a warm night on a bed and was able to do that for a few months until she bumps into your character. He thinks she's a hooker, or a helpless girl that wanted to take advantage of and she is more than willing to go back to his place for sex since he seemed quite gentle (she usually goes for nice guys for while they were boring in bed, it was easy to steal some stuff from their house and run off the next morning) but little did she know that he was more dangerous than any other man she had met. He can be a vile pimp, a serial killer or a depraved criminal, or whatever you feel you want to play and takes hold of her. She, of course, doesn't like to be confined and work again, so she would try and escape from him again.

Experiment x Scientist
Drug Addict x Dealer
There is a new designer drug (we can work out what it is and its effects later) and my character is hooked on it. At first, she was rich enough to afford to take it almost another day but either her company goes bankrupt, someone hacks her bank account and steal all of her assets, or whatever, and now she is desperate for the drug but unable to pay for it with money. Your character is her dealer and they already had a basic relationship, not much talk other doing business. Needing her fix, she tries to steal from him (maybe she seduces him one night, not telling him she's broke and that night while he is sleeping she tries to get his stash and run off but obviously fails). She begs him not to kill her and offers herself up to do anything for him and he decides to use her not just sexually but also for other things she might be of use.

If you have other suggestions for pairings or any ideas, please do share! :D[/sub]

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Re: F for Dominant, Sadistic Characters [Humiliation ~ Fantasy or Modern]
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• Girls I'd Like To Play •

These are the girls that I'd like to play but haven't developed a character or story for.

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Re: F for Male Dominant, Sadistic Character [NEW PLOTS] Dark and Twisted~
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•Blokes I'd Like You To Play•

These are blokes I would love for you to play, but it's not a requirement. I will not dictate how/who your character will look like and by no means am I limited to the looks of these guys.
Unless it's particularly mentioned in a plot, I am usually easy with how characters look like.
Buuuuuut, you will have me happy if you do choose to play one of these guys. ;D

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Re: F for Male Dominant ~Dark and Twisted~ [new vampire plot]
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Updated: New vampire plot and added a bunch of pictures of random characters. ;D

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Re: F for Male Dominant ~Dark and Twisted~ [Horror]
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Updated:  Looking for a horror theme roleplay 

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Re: Female Looking for Male Sadist/Dominant ~Dark and Twisted~
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Updated: Three new plots, another old plot available. Looking for dark, psychological romance.