New Society (Crossdressing and femdom authority. )

Started by Jennifer swallows, October 25, 2018, 10:50:04 PM

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Jennifer swallows

Hello and thank you for checking out my little idea here. I am still trying to come up with the finer details but I have the general layout for what I'm looking for. Keep reading below if your interested in something a little different and involves cross dressing.

This role play will take place in an alternate future/history where women have taken control over society and hold a position in every part of the new government. It's set in a history where something has transpired with in the world to cause this exchange in control and power, but also setting us back in a society where we no longer have access to cellphones or internet. Think along the lines of medieval Europe or before the industrial revolution. That's the kind of feeling of society I'm looking for.

The women in charge or not cruel and try to do what's best for the world and bounce back from what ever cataclysmic event that took place. Things are going well and society has worked it self back into something stable. The only thing they truly double down on, is making sure that there is no arrogance or attempt to regain any semblance of power men once had. The new government believes that men do not know what it is best and has led us to this situation in the first place.

That's what I have so far for the world this story is set in. The finer details I will need some help on as me and my potential partner discuss the ins and outs. The second part of what I'm looking for in this roleplay is below, it involves what I'm looking for in my character and my role in this new world order.

In this new world the women require one thing from the mean in each city/town/village,etc. A man to perform a "ritual" to show their continued allegiance and support of the new government.  Each group of men in a town or community will have to provide one man who has given him self over to the previous notions of femininity. Any stereotype that men once had for women, this man will be required to embrace for the rest of his life as an example of what they are leaving behind and what they are trying stay away from. It's a show of good faith to the women that they no longer think this notion of femininity is what all real women should adhere to.

My character was not meant to be this example, I was not raised with this in mind for me and I never thought it would be me. But, the boy that my community had been grooming sadly passed away at a young age and the date for our ritual contribution is quickly approaching. The character that you would be playing is coming to evaluate me and the men in my communities attempt to pay tribute. I've been picked because I will easily pass for a woman, but outside of that I am still learning what it means to be the former, stereotypical ideal of women.

Ok, I know it's a little rough around the edges, but I get a handmaidens tale or hunger games vibe from this. I don't see it as a revolution/action drama, but more of a romantic drama where your character has taken sympathy for mine and the situation I've found my self in. If anyone is interested, please Message me and let me know what you think.

Jennifer swallows

I'm not sure if it's possible, but I think my inbox may have been full. If you tried to get in touch with me, just let me know.

I also have one other idea that some people might be into. something quick and easy.

The idea is this, I post a picture (or you can) and write a set up for the story between us. Than we try to wrap the brief story between us in 2-3 replies. It's short stories that we craft together that is inspired by the image. Of course, I prefer Forced Femme/tf's, so that's where most of my idea's will be heading. But if your seed of an idea heads somewhere else when ever you start us off, than that's fine too. Just know that mine will almost always involve a TG/CD element.