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March 03, 2021, 02:48:22 pm

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Author Topic: The Cistern, brothel and adventure agency extraordinaire {looking for everyone}  (Read 823 times)

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Offline MerrowTopic starter

...and welcome to the Cistern. Some travelling writer once described us as cesspool of filth and illegality. Well if I am honest ... we are quite the freakshow for someone in his right mind. That you found your way here suggests the contrary. However, I am glad you did. Take a peek and find what you seek. We have everything and everyone spread across the great continent and beyond. You might have been intoxicated while you found your way into my ... lets call it an office or you where washed down here with the rain. Anyhow, let me give you the tour.
Hungry? Thirsty? Quench your needs in the saloon and pull an elven maid or one of the human servant boys on your lap to tell them one of your tales of travel and adventure.
Does your back hurt from a long horse ride or are you recovering from one of your battles? Why not visit the bathhouse or the steam-cave so one of our Lamia healers can alleviate your ailments.
Do you feel daring? Try entering the lounge without being seduced by one of the succubus-like Yllmani and their tight ... bodies.
Anything else we cannot offer here you might find in one of the mirrors in that endless corridor at the farthest end of our establishment. They function as a portal into many worlds. If you are looking for an adventure you might check the blackboard of plots for a quest. 

The Ons & Offs of a Merrow
That's where you will find my desires and what I am looking for in a writing partner

P.S.: I might hesitate to play FxF because I am not sure yet if I feel comfortable doing that, despite beeing comfortable playing as a woman

Psst, I've got a place where we can meet.

Worlds I like (Maybe you can show me the way to another)

Northern Kingdoms, Nilfgard and Toussaint
Fallout Wastelands
Extended Universe (Star Wars)
Sarnaut (from Allods)
Earth (Any Era, including fantasstic powers and maybe supernatural beeings)

If you want to suggest a RP you can use those as orientation. But if you want to plan something individual with me I expect at least a rough draft of your idea in your PM.

Captor x Hostage (NON-CON)
Sellsword x Patron
Idol x Manager/Group of Fans(possible NON-CON)
Pornstar x Pornstar
Victim x Tentacle Monster
(old) Patient x (young) Nurse
Brother x Sister
Brother x Brother
Son x Father
Daughter x Father
Son x Mother
Crush x Rejected Lover (NON-CON)
Drug Addicted/Sick x Dealer/Pharmacist (possible NON-CON)
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Offline MerrowTopic starter

Re: Strife for Words {looking for everyone}
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 07:53:03 am »
After not editing this for quiet a while now I thought I'd add a little section with some plots

Anime/Isekai like Fantasy:

A Nymphs Journey Part 1: Black Hearts Forest

In the deepest, darkest corner of the deepest, darkest forest, through the thickest thicket and the knobbiest roots lies a cursed clearing. Amidst this unholy place where the trees part for moonlight tainted purple by evil witchcraft lives a creature. She is said to possess the upper body of a once beautiful woman but from the waist down she has the appearance of a spider big as a cart. Her name is Aranæ but most know her just as the eyeless spider abomination. Bound by a curse she spins the threads that binds every human to his fate.

My name is Merrow and I live in the kingdom of a thousand swamps together with my 999 sisters. Most people and creatures avoid my home because it's also called The Green Hell. Only a few adventurers dare to come here to gather precious ingredients for alchemy or hunting for treasures and artifacts. In the center of our kingdom lies the swamp of our holy swamp mother. She is surrounded by her 999 daughters in their 999 little swamps. Her predecessor is chosen by the trial of three every thousand years. The ones put on trial are chosen by a single petal falling from her hair and landing in the swamp of the chosen ones and this year it is finally my chance. Mine alone! Despite the fact that my swamp is the smallest and in the farthest edge of the kingdom. But my first task won't be easy. I have to get a single string of Aranæ's thread so I can be bound to my new fate.

What I am looking for!
Obviously I am looking to play the role of the swamp-nymph Merrow. I'll have a reference picture ready for her. You may play the role of a male adventurer you can design to your liking. It doesn't matter if he is a humanoid, a furry/scaly creature or anything anthro.
For my Ons and Offs please check out my O/O post in the signatur.
Also, this is meant as a gentle way to come back to on-forum RPs so I'd prefer a length around 1-2 paragraphs.

Inquire inside!
Now if you are interested don't be afraid to shoot little old me a PM containing the following.
Your kinks and limits/a link to a list with your kinks and limits
Your rough idea for a character and maybe even a way they could meet
A short sample of your writing style (3-4 sentences)

My muse is fickle mistress as is my time. My replies can vary from once or twice a week to multiple times throughout the day. I'll try to keep you up to speed how much time and energy I have to type up my replies.
Just a fair warning!

Real world/SoL:

Tour Life

Soul filled lyrics ... gut ripping guitar riffs ... bone shattering breakdowns ... uplifting choruses
Thats what metalcore is to me and most of it's fans

After tearing up the tiniest dive bars for years and years, after practicing until the skin was ripped from the flesh of my fingers, after weeks spend writing songs over whisky and cigarettes and finally after days slaving in the studio we finally made it. A small silver disc, an assortment of our creativity flowing through the internet on multiple streaming platforms. Our debut album! Should this be the solution to all of our problems? The key to living our dream?
It sure looked that way. After signing our first contract the label put together a bus tour across the country. Just the five of us in a driving house.

What I am looking for in a partner for this:
Enthusiasm for this kind of music
Some degree of literacy
Be willing to plan this and deliver certain plot points
Someone plying against my lead guitarist

Pairings I can imagine for this:

The Day One Fan
You've been there since day one, have seen every show in our hometown and now you're loyalty shall be rewarded.
You're coming with us!

For this we might play:
My Character         Your Character
Male bottom         Male top
Female bottom         Male top
Male top         Female bottom

The Fill In
Too much pressure cracks the egg and so might musicians. One of our band members bailed out last second before the tour preparations
This might be your chance. Your time to shine

For this we might play:
My Character         Your Character
Male bottom         Male top
Female bottom         Male top

The Groupies
Might the rumors about tour life be true? Sex, drugs and rock'n roll. Every day a new fling, sometimes multiple at a time.
For the ones preferring top play multiple characters
I know I am being kind of a hypocrite but I am no good at playing multiple characters at the same time so I'll keep my fingers of it

For this we might play:
My Character         Your Character
Male bottom         Male top(s)
Female bottom         Male top(s)
Male top         Female bottom(s)

Of course I am open to your ideas and adjustments and will be looking forward to your messages  ::)

Of course you may also refer to my Non-Forum Requests if you're looking for some more smut oriented RP's.
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Offline MerrowTopic starter

Added the "Door" to my Non-Forum Requests and thus more plots