A Hero or A Bitter Reporter [1x1 search FxF Superhero RP]

Started by la dame en noir, October 20, 2018, 10:07:12 AM

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la dame en noir

I'm looking to write this story with an experienced and detailed writer. If you're interested, please feel free to PM me!

Heroes help, don't they? That's why they're called Heroes. Their our Heroes that do things from arresting the hard criminals to saving people form a burning building. Now, what's a superhero? They're all that, but with the strength and abilities a normal human being does not possess. The problem with this? Well, there is absolutely no guarantee these Heroes are liked by everyone. They're like celebrities - one thing goes wrong and suddenly, they're canceled. Well, for one Hero in particular - their life is a constant struggle of right or wrong. Any sudden mistakes, someone is watching and someone will criticize.

That's what happened here.

Nia Turner, one of the city's finest reporters has it in for this Hero. Some would dub her the bitch of the night - the one that is clearly not a fan of Heroes - especially this Hero. No one knows why she's constantly looking for stuff to dig up, but her prime goal is to force them into retirement. Nia has her reasons, though - she hasn't shared them with many. For Nia, has blames this Hero for the death of her brother and parents in an incident that she says the Hero "Could've made the right choice." Ever since then, Nia has become the Superhero reporter - but has found some way to find faults in the work of the Hero who "failed the common people."

Story Notes:

The Hero || They can be whatever sort of Hero you'd want them to be, but I prefer writing against Female characters at the time.

Nia || She blames the Hero for the death of her family members - leaving just her and her older sister. Her sole goal, now, is to constantly bring about hardship to this Hero in particular. Every moment this Hero is involved in a rescuing operation or anything - she will find some way to bring out the faults. Reporting this has some members of society feeling uneasy about Heroes - especially the one Nia is so hellbent on. However, this also leaves her vulnerable to people regarding her as a cold, dishonest bitch.

  • Maybe the Hero really had a choice in the matter, but decided not to save her family. For example: While her family needed immediate attention, the Hero could've went after the villain or ignored a poorer neighborhood during the devastation - leaving her family to die.
  • We can discuss what was the cause of their death
  • The hero wasn't at fault and Nia is still very bitter about losing her family.

The Kink & Romance: Nia and the Hero find themselves falling in love with eachother with the Hero knowing who Nia is. This could be that the Hero wears a mask and other items to hide their real identity. They could've met in their daily lives and started dating - mostly for the Hero to find out why Nia is the way that she is. I would like this to be a power exchange, as far as kink goes - Nia is a very confident woman - a bit of a power bottom. The Hero could be confident and likes to be the one in charge, so their sex would be very passionate - often fighting whose the one leading it.

I also like the idea of perhaps Nia and the hero have frustrating and angry sex - while still in identities and Nia not realizing who it is. Perhaps the Hero uses this to really let out some clear frustrations as well.

Story & Smut: 70% & 30%

Long-term or Short Term: Long-term
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