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November 29, 2020, 07:37:16 PM

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Author Topic: Creepy NC Halloween Romance (F for M Necromancer character)  (Read 300 times)

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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Creepy NC Halloween Romance (F for M Necromancer character)
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:00:16 AM »
I am in the mood for a super creepy romance, I want to do something involving a big eerie Victorian style mansion and the dark, dark side of the magical arts (top choice would be necromancy).

See, what I am initially envisioning is something like this idea here. I want a batshit crazy sexy necromancer caught in a strange sort of undead limbo within the mansion :)

No villain with a shot at redemption arcs, I want a downright evil necromancer whose craft has scraped away all the compassion and goodness of humanity from within him.

In the quiet old town of Dumfries, Virginia... there is a legend that comes alive on Halloween night every 100 years , it's said that there is a mansion on the edge of town, nestled in the forest and this was the home of a young high society fellow in the early 1800s... and this wealthy young man dabbled in the darkest of the dark arts...

There are a thousand different stories about why he got into, some of them painted him as a depraved villain through and through, other stories made him sound some kind of tragic desperate grieving individual, no one know which of the many stories is the truth. (Aside from stated bits, have fun with his history, go nuts)

The legend states that he was found out after a nobleman's son went missing at one of the young man's parties, they searched the estate by force and discovered in the cellar... the young man's work room and... a multitude of dead that had gone missing over the last few months, the nobleman's son included...

He was sentenced to hang until dead... but as he stood there with the noose around his neck, he declared boldly to the crowd that this was not the end, death was only the beginning and one day, he would return and have his revenge. All Hallows Eve, he said, when the veil was the thinnest... he would return and seek his revenge on them all.

The town clergy took his threat very seriously and they took his corpse back the mansion, down to the cellar where he did his dark deeds and they sealed him within a stone coffin, 100 seals against evil were carved into the lid, one for every life they found strewn in his cellar and buried on the estate lands

In time since this happened, six teenage boys in 1918 curious about the history of the house decided to go and explore it on Halloween night... they never came home and were discovered dead in the cellar a week later...

Now, in 2018... eighteen year old Liliana Jacobs is the lonely new girl in town, feeling especially awkward attending high school just to finish up her senior year... when she is approached by a group of four seniors looking for a spooky Halloween thrill, she figures it's just a dumb spooky old house with a far fetched legend and if she was brave enough for just the one night, she might actually graduate with some friends.

My idea is that our undead necromancer fellow needs ten sacrifices to go from spectral to physical... he has the last four sacrifices he needs... and Liliana, well... he likes her, she was going to stay... forever...

Lastly, I request that you do read my on's and off's before sending me a message, you'll find the link in my signature.

I also have a requirement of at the very least two to three good paragraphs per post as a minimum (unless it's a conversation dominated post, I get those being smaller), it's nothing against anyone really, everyone around E is tremendously talented. This is just what I personally need for myself or I tend to get bored easily from lack of  details and description. I love all the extra juicy bits :)
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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: Creepy NC Halloween Romance (F for M Necromancer character)
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2018, 03:02:17 PM »
Partner withdrew, looking again.