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January 22, 2021, 11:46:41 PM

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Author Topic: Browncoats Unite! (FxAny - Firefly OCs)  (Read 527 times)

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Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

Browncoats Unite! (FxAny - Firefly OCs)
« on: October 19, 2018, 04:01:32 PM »

Do you wax nostalgic for the Verse?

Can you speak gorram Chinese?

Do you long to step out, into the Black?

Do you yearn to bring the fight to the Alliance? To find a crew, find a job, and get paid?

Then sit back and take a load off. I’ve got a yarn for you...

First, let me tell you about Isabella Mason.

The first thing you should know is that she is not Inara Serra. Like Inara, she would probably object to Mal calling her a whore, but for much different reasons. Unlike Inara, Isabella knows what she is, which is a whore hiding behind a pretty little lie. Men don’t pay her for tea. They pay her to tā mā de. Rather than hiding behind false morality like some Companions, Isabella embraces what she is.

Imagine a young woman with all the training and skill of a guild master but none of the spiritual restraint. Clients pay twice the going rate for a night with her, and then line up to do it again. She has brought clients to climax in ways they hadn’t even thought of, in ways their bodies and nature never intended. She is young, she is beautiful, she is wealthy, she is on top of the Verse.

She is also completely hollowed-out on the inside.

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. As a child, she was suspicious, even cynical. Growing up on the darkened, soot-stained streets of Beaumonde left her no choice in that regard, not if she wanted to survive. Even then, she used her beauty and wit to earn a sponsorship to the guild hall on Sihnon. She was twelve years old.

Consider what that meant. She never had a boyfriend. Never went on a date. Never held hands or kissed or had those awkward teenage moments we all experience. It wasn’t allowed. Instead, she was sheltered in a monastery, educated, indoctrinated. Losing her virginity was just another part of the ritual; emotional attachment was not allowed.

The men and women who fawn over her, who compete for her attention, who shower her with gifts and money...not one of them would ever love her. Not one would hold her hand, or take her on a date, or give her a lover’s kiss. She is an object, an accoutrement to hang on their arms and look pretty.

Of what benefit, then, is beauty? Is wealth? Is success?

All of those clients...not once did she touch a soul, or a heart. Not once did she turn a boy into a man in any real meaning of the word. Not once did she uplift a broken spirit or heal a grieving one. She was a good time, a means to an end, a receptacle.

A whore.

She was twelve when the Unification War started, seventeen when it ended. The entire time, she was sequestered on Sihnon. Though she knows horrible things happened, the war never touched her personally, and on some level she feels the burden of guilt, because while so many were suffering, she lived like a queen. A queen in a gilded cage perhaps, but a queen just the same.

Now she is twenty-three and on top of the world. Or so it seems. Her reputation has caught up with her, but so far she has been too clever. Twice now, Guild leaders have tried to have her disbarred, and twice they have failed. She is a stain on the Guild, her actions and attitude a reproach on that impeccable reputation, but she is still that little girl on the streets of Beaumonde, and far too clever for her own good.

And now someone is trying to kill her...

So how would this story progress, and what role would you play in it?

Much of that depends on you. We start by building a crew. Romance, finding her ‘Mal’, is a long, slow burn. What form would he or she take?

In the meantime, she has to survive. She has to escape, find out who is trying to kill her, and why. She also needs to learn to use her abilities for the good. Out on the Border and Rim worlds, maybe she can use her craft to heal those broken hearts, to turn boys to men in meaningful ways, and so on.

Of course, the character you choose to create will have their own goals, wants, and needs; their enemies, their agendas. And then there is the rest of the crew. It’s a lot, but one step at a time.

So what does this jaded, heartsick companion look like? See for

If she’s not to your liking, I have alternates.

  • Must be open to long term RP
  • Story will take place on Elliquiy forums
  • Must be willing to write from the male or female perspective and handle multiple characters (not simultaneously) including crewmembers and clients.
  • Some knowledge of the Verse required. Doesn't have to be encyclopedic.
  • Please use spellcheck and have a basic grasp of grammar
  • Please don't post here. PM me
  • Some worldbuilding required
  • Don't forget to check my Os
  • I'm sure I forgot something here
  • bullet points. Aren't they great?