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June 27, 2022, 05:52:42 am

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Author Topic: Unexpected (FxF)  (Read 777 times)

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Unexpected (FxF)
« on: October 17, 2018, 08:23:16 pm »
It was certainly an unexpected romance.

One girl (most likely my character) was a Minister's daughter, growing up in a strictly religious household where "homosexuality" was a synonym for "devil worship", where no prayers were offered for the gays, as though they deserved to burn in hell for their "sins". At sixteen years old the daughter of the family was the head of the school's Chastity Club, the Christian Student Union, her boyfriend was the school's starting Quarterback, and she was considered a shoe-in for Student Body President in her next year, her senior year. Despite being stunningly beautiful, she was not a cheerleader, as her father disapproved of women flaunting their bodies, whatever the reason, but she was still the focus of male fantasies across the school. In addition to her beauty, she had brains as well, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA, and placing in the most advanced classes available. (Although her father had her pulled out of her Biology class during the module on evolution.)

The other girl (most likely your character) was a transfer student from a very liberal area, such as San Francisco, California or Portland, Oregon (to name a few). She is gay, and was out at her school, but concealing it at her new school in a deeply conservative area seems like it might be a good idea. She's just as beautiful as the other character (and could even try out for cheerleading). She was top of her class at her old school, and sees no reason why that should change. She's not yet a part of any clubs or teams, since she just transferred into the school at the start of her Junior year.

The two are assigned as lab partners in their chemistry class. And things start to change.


This is a bit different from my usual fare, in that I would like it to be far slower and less smutty than many of my other offerings. Odds are the only smut in the early going might be a masturbatory scene or two from each of the characters. (The minister may consider it a sin, but it may be a sin that his daughter might secretly indulge in in the shower, or in her bed late at night.) I don't want this to be a "you're disgusting, you're not disgusting, I love you" sort of romance. I want it to be slow, and take time for them both to discover how they truly feel about each other.

I like the idea of the Minister's daughter slowly coming to the realization that she is a lesbian herself, and is in love/lust/infatuated with her lab partner. Even though when she discovers that her lab partner is gay, there will be some discomfort of course (she'll try to get her teacher to let her switch lab partners, she'll call the other character derogatory terms and slurs, but they'll have to get over it and work together, and in so doing she'll discover that the lesbian girl, despite what she's been told is no different from her, that she doesn't worship the devil, that she isn't a sex addict or a pedophile, etc.) What starts off an enmity becomes calmer, eventually becoming a friendship, and eventually a romance.

I may be open to switching up the roles if you really want to. I don't care what gender you are either, so long as you're a good writer, capable of some verbosity. (I don't set a hard limit on how much I want written per post, as there are times when a few sentences are all that's needed and a time when multiple pages may be needed, and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to write a certain quantity... and I certainly don't want to feel that way either.)

If you're interested, check out my ons and offs, and please PM me so we can discuss in more detail what we hope to see as the story unfolds.

Final Note: This is not a Christian-bashing or Christianity-bashing game. The Minister may come across as domineering, intolerant, and perhaps even as the "heavy" of the piece, but his specific intolerances are not a part and parcel of Christianity itself. Just his particular interpretation of the Bible. It's a strange ask, I know. I certainly don't ask that you be Christian, I just ask that you be able to respect the religion as a whole, even if neither of us respect the specific beliefs of the minister, or the initial beliefs of his daughter.