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June 29, 2022, 06:11:06 pm

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Author Topic: Living to Serve [[ gay sci fi search, looking for a Dom M ]]  (Read 626 times)

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Living to Serve [[ gay sci fi search, looking for a Dom M ]]
« on: October 15, 2018, 05:45:11 pm »
Hey there!  ;D

I am Princeling. Not my real name. I'm in my late 20's, love to write, love my cats, and love life in general. I'm a pretty positive person and hope you are too.

I’m looking today for a specific plot, so cool that it deserves its own specific thread.

Let’s just hop right in.

The year is 3xxx. In a far-flung future, humanity has mastered the art of genetic manipulation, a triumphant achievement and one of the last frontiers that scientific knowledge has been unable to settle.

Finally, all diseases can be cured! The human body is no longer confined to being merely human! Ask anyone, the world has never been better!

Unless, of course, the person you ask happens to be of the lower classes. Then you might get a different story.

For all of the advancements in science and technology, the world is suffering socially. The class gap has never been wider. Automation has killed off many industries, and the rare few jobs that are available are highly skilled and require training that the average person is unable to attain unless they have a lot of money or wish to be buried in debt for the rest of their life. Certainly, there is a bare minimum of income that one can receive, and universal health care... But the newest in gene augmentation is expensive, ESPECIALLY compared to cheap pills that will manage your symptoms and kill your liver, and not covered by government health plans.

But, even for the poor among the population, there is hope. This comes in the form of a daring new startup company that connects those in need of help with rich benefactors willing to fund the treatments they need. And like many shiny new Silicon Valley startups of the modern day, there’s a catch that definitely screws people over.

Basically, in exchange for lifesaving treatments, there are certain stipulations. The basic terms of the most extreme of the contracts through this company basically boil down to this: people who get their lifesaving treatments are indentured to their benefactor, and may be subject to certain modifications, most often in the form of certain animal augmentations, that will help them... Better repay their debt.

Basically, it’s a Pet x Owner, Slave x Master, whatever you want to call it sort of plot. Man cracked the genetic code, and the first thing they did with it was figure out a way to manufacture human-animal hybrids. That being said, I have a few different character concepts that I would like to explore.

  • The first is... Completely throwing out the latter half of the plot write-up for something less problematic and more fun. Basically, he’s a rich playboy who decides that it might be fun to augment himself into a beautiful fluffy person (basically a kemonomimi with critter legs), and so he does exactly that. The resulting RP would involve adventures in high society, or possibly him getting involved with a Very Bad Crowd and taking some exciting, action-y turns. Or he could somehow lose everything and end up needing to indenture himself, possibly to someone he made an enemy of previously? Wonderful.
  • The second is somewhere in the middle. Basically, a dude signs up with the We Will Help You, Inc. site not for any particularly pressing reason, but because he thinks this will be a superb way to find a sugar daddy. He absolutely gets more than he bargains for, and ends up as the spoiled, bratty pet of a rich billionaire. Pretty good deal! This one is senseless fun. And who doesn’t love senseless fun?
  • The last fully plays into the entire write up. I’ve got a character in mind who is one such beneficiary of this new startup— a guy who had his cystic fibrosis cured and who is also in a very different body than the one he had before, pushed into a life-changing decision out of necessity. This one has the potential to be quite dark. It also has the potential to be cute and wholesome. But I kind of prefer dark.
  • A fourth and equally valid option is to throw out the Dystopian Kickstarter nonsense and just decide that Science has begun to create tailor-made animal hybrids as a product for the (rich) masses. After all, why bother turning a person with their own personality into your pet if you can just have a lab grow you a brand new one that looks and acts however you want? GREAT IDEA.

If this is something that interests you, please do go ahead and give me a whistle! I can RP in PMs (good), or in email (equally preferred), or through threads (also good). I've got my email address in my contact details, so go ahead and send me one if you're most comfortable with that, or PM me, or whatever. I'M FLEXIBLE AND READY TO GO.

Thanks for looking~~~~