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July 22, 2019, 04:41:03 AM

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Author Topic: But I don't WANT to be on a reality show! (Especially with my ex)  (Read 193 times)

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Offline NiceTexasGuyTopic starter

I posted this idea in the solo areas (on and off forum) and didn't get any serious nibbles, so perhaps since the idea can lend itself to a group game I might throw it out here and see if anyone is interested.

The characters are all part of a reality television series, and the setting is modern and realistic – well, as realistic as you can get on so-called “reality” television.  The show is pretty standard – contestants are divided into two groups, these groups compete with each other in physical (or a combination of physical and mental) challenges.  (Almost) each week, someone goes home – voted off by teammates or occasionally by the viewing public.  People are forming secret and not-so-secret alliances, drama queens with small boobs and too many tattoos are calling each other “bitch”, guys are looking to get laid, etc etc etc.

Did I mention the producers will keep the house stocked with alcohol?

Of course the producers of the show are manipulating events to keep certain people on the program and keeping the viewers viewing and buying their sponsors' products.

Enter my character, a guy a bit older than the typical resident of the house, socially and politically conservative, and never in a million years would he go onto a show like this one to be totally embarrassed in front of everyone he knows and millions of people he doesn't.  Well, he wouldn't go on unless he couldn't legally refuse – I'm picturing a clause in a contract he signed.

And someone of interest to my character – his ex wife.  Equally mature and conservative, she too was tricked into appearing.  And neither of them knew the other was going to be there until that big scene in Episode One in which all the residents are brought together.

So here's the disclaimer.  This was originally envisioned as an idea that focuses on the two exes (and whomever she might decide to involve in the relationship) – so that's what my presentation will seem like.  That doesn't mean any other people involved in the story can't go off and engage in their own drama, just that I'm here to experience what I want.

His POV:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I haven't seen my ex in over two years, and the last time I saw her I was secretly delighted to see she had put on even more weight than she carried when we divorced.  “We divorced?”  She divorced me, and for her efforts she was rewarded by the State with half my things, all of what she secreted away while plotting the divorce, custody of the children, along with so-called child support and alimony.  Only now am I starting to come out of a deep deep depression and starting to get my life straightened out.  It would be a totally different story if I cheated on her, or got drunk and beat her, but no, she just got bored and decided a divorce might be a simple way out of the responsibility of motherhood and honoring her marriage vows, and to hell with whoever else it hurts.

Her POV:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I suppose it was partly my fault.  Not the divorce, the marriage.  Our courtship was entirely too short, but he seemed so perfect for me.  Members of the same church.  Identical views on practically everything – politically and socially conservative.  If only he hadn't be so immature.  Always pestering me for sex was bad enough, but the kind of sex he wanted.  He wanted me to play the dominatrix, tying him up in the bedroom and wearing sexy costumes?  I love my children dearly, but there are times I wish they would have had a different father.

I must admit being a single parent is difficult – thank God for moms who live nearby and want to dote on their grandchildren.  Even with her helping out, life was still difficult with my job and all the school and after-school activities.  I wasn't eating right, not getting any exercise except running myself ragged.  Then there was the photo from the family reunion.  I knew I had put on a bit of weight, but standing between my two sisters (both of whom could have been models) I looked like the female version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I threw out a ton of junk food, joined a fitness center, and forced myself to look at myself naked in a full length mirror each morning before getting ready for work.  Now, a year and a half later, my sisters are jealous of me!  (I'll always remember the first time a man started flirting with me in the gym, a sure sign I was on the right track.)

Don't tell anyone, but I secretly had a little “cosmetic” surgery – not to make my breasts bigger (god forbid, they're big enough already and I dread the back problems I'm going to have in a few years) – no, not to make them bigger, just to firm them up a bit.

You know, I just realized it's been two years since I've seen my ex.  He always picks them up and drops them off at Mom's.  I can picture his surprise next time he sees me.  I wonder what he looks like now.  The children tell me he's still in pretty good shape, but not in the shape I'm in.  Maybe I'll rub it in a little – show him what he could have had but won't be getting ever again.  Would that be cruel?

So, how did these two end up on a reality television program in which they're ten or fifteen (or more?) years older than everyone else?

I see these two as some sort of minor celebrities.  Not actors or entertainers, but people that the average person might know who they are but won't necessarily recognize on sight.  Perhaps one is a writer while the other coaches a university team that occasionally appear on television.  Both might have signed contracts requiring them to participate in whatever publicity activities the boss sets up.  They made certain assumptions ….

Now here's what I envision happening –

The two exes, clearly seeing how they've been manipulated, agree to behave maturely and not let themselves be caught up in any drama.  After all, they both still possess those traditional and conservative values, and are much more mature than all those “kids” in the house.  They won't allow their lives to become a mockery on national television.

Of course the producers anticipated this.  They didn't get to be producers of America's favorite reality television program by not knowing how to bend people to their will.

Here are the roles I see being played:

The ex husband (I was kind of hoping to play this one)
The ex wife (or, I could play this if someone else is intent on being the ex husband)
The show's host (who can also fill the role of producer who never appears before the contestants) who will also be the de facto GM, though I see this as a low-maintenance game where the contestants will keep things moving along nicely.
One or more guys who want to fuck the MILF

– The token gay guy contestant who becomes best pals with the MILF
One or more girls who want to fuck the MILF (even though she's straight)

(I don't see anyone wanting to have sex with the ex husband.)

Just remember that over the course of time people will be getting voted off the show, so if you want to play multiple characters that's fine. 

Designing the challenges for the contestants would be the responsibility of the producers, but we as a group can help him or her out with a group effort in an ooc forum.