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Author Topic: Barding takes to the Masquerade/Requiem once again...[Vampires][UPDATED 10/07/09  (Read 1241 times)

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Please note that while the contents of this thread is aimed towards the Old World of Darkness Setting, Vampire: the Masquerade, I am also willing to set it within Vampire: the Requiem if this makes applicants more comfortable. In fact, currently, I am actually swinging more towards Vampire: the Requiem (I think it really does encourage more subtlety and more drama and less 'OMGELDERZZWITHKEWLPOWERZANDMIRRORSHADESBLOWINSHITUP!' syndrome) currently.

Similarly, if one of my applicants has no knowledge of either setting but does have a willingness to learn and a love of anything I say in this thread, I would happily teach them and begin the roleplay nonetheless.

Now, on with the show...

This first post contains information about me and what I'm looking for in this roleplay and in a partner with which to play it.

The second post contains general information on the types of relationships this RP could involve.

The third post contains specific plots I have thought up for this RP. However, they are not the only plot options - I'm happy to hear any ideas you might have as well :)

i. Covered in himself, he felt like his own life was drying on his skin. The instinct just to scream never
really left. Someone fetch an ambulance - something like that. Anything would have done. He'd seen
the colours change before his eyes so many times, although he hadn't stopped counting yet. From
vermilion to a darkening plague-crimson and then into the realms of umber. It always crackled away
into brown while the life left it. His cheeks were streaked with the stuff, radiating out from his parched
lips like something had died there - like its taint was spreading in those twisting, dead-straight lines.
It had pooled and flowed tenaciously along his jawline, but it had stopped later on. Now that halo of
viscera and of humanity was stuck in its habits, as he was stuck in his. It was upon his lips, upon
his jaw, upon his bared chest and upon the toilet cubicle's plastic flooring, all ebbing away. That was
all separate. Behind her, just by her lolling head, there was a signature - a handprint, left in vermilion,
still damp. That was what was left of her life. He'd lost control again, already she was stiffening up.
She was turning into a doll, just like the rest of them.

I have, recently, found an old passion for a similarly old cliche emerging from my imagination once more. To cut a long story short, I've regained my love of the beautiful melancholy and gorgeous romance that can only be found through vampires. While I am aware that, as a result of the manner of people that have, both in the media and in global roleplay communities, misrepresented all that a vampire can be, the idea of vampire themed roleplay has become almost taboo in its stereotypically bland genericism.

However, I believe that, like with all such things, it's not so much the actual style of play itself that's intrinsically godawful but the style in which the play is performed. When I talk about the generally awful cliches that have arisen around the image of the vampire in popular culture I refer to the images of well groomed, super-slick types in trenchcoats that the tasteful among us have learned to hate and that the tasteless among us regularly roleplay as. The modern vampire, or the vampire in any manner of situation is, quite simply, a hugely contested subject that I am very much willing to fight for if the results shatter all the illusions of godawful vampire roleplays forever for all those concerned.

On that note, I will move onto the actual roleplay I am seeking in itself. This is not to be a persuasive essay on the sheer potential of vampires and how often it is disregarded. Instead, I'd like to note that I am looking for someone to play out something cliche shattering with me. I feel that, of all the different ways in which every media mentionable has portrayed the vampire, White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade truly is the most potentially beautiful and potentially godawful of all.

Most people who roleplay this game seem to view it as an excuse to be, quite simply, goths with super powers and an extra excuse for angst. Failing that, many seem to view it as an excuse to live out all manner of horrible snuff fantasies. Failing even that, many seem to view it as akin to D&D and the like - a violently adventurous spree, punctuated by 'blowing shit up' and the use of 'kewl powerz'. Needless to say, I don't wish to play it like that and, I would imagine, neither would White Wolf. There are, afterall, SO many phrases in their books that dictate that none of the above styles of play are what Vampire is about.

In short, I wish to explore a particular facet of the game in a distinctly rules-lite style, leaving the focus on roleplay and character development; the rules only existing as guidelines - what a character can and cannot do. I would very much like to explore the more personal side of it all; yes, folks, you guessed it. I want to explore relationships in the Old World of Darkness and how a certain curse can effect them. Now, although I've narrowed it down, the possibilities are still, potentially, endless. Vampire is just so very versatile! However, first I will lay down a few house-rules with regards to what I am looking for and what I am not looking for.

RE: Barding
- He tends only to play males, however, the term male is used somewhat loosely in this sense. He prefers more slender, delicate and generally ‘prettier’ males over decidedly Conan-esque balls of muscle. In other words, his characters are not likely to be able to throw you over their shoulder and drag you back to their cave, let alone actually be inclined to.
- He will, however, willingly play females etc. in situations that require him to double up or even play a cast of characters.
- He often sees actual quality of writing in an RP to be of paramount importance. However, this can encompass simple but beautiful writing. In other words, he loves imagery etc. more than he loves straight-up sex.
- He can, despite his preference in terms of his characters’ nature and outward appearance, plays both dominant and submissive characters. However, he also enjoys playing the male half of a pair of characters that consider themselves to be generally equal. Power play can also be fun.
- Generally he plays M/F RPs, however, he may, possibly, be interested in an F/F one if persuaded strongly enough with an adequate plot. He is also willing to play male homosexual characters but would rather not play out physical relations between them.
- As a by-and-large rule he likes females, however, submissive TGs (futanari, whatever you wanna call them) can be fun, if played well, i.e. free from usual clichés.
- He prefers there to be some kind of mutual attraction present between characters, in other words, romance. However, he expands the word ‘love’ or ‘romance’ to have various meanings. For example, the psychological implications of obsessive love are great fun.
- He does not accept co-writers/roleplayers on a first-come-first-served basis! I.e. he does not simply go with the first person to apply for a roleplay idea. Rather, he will take on the roleplayer/writer that shows the most promise.
- See the two links in the signature to learn more.

I am looking for...
- PERFECTION! Or as close to it as I can come in terms of those I roleplay with. I want to burn my wings on the sun. I want to be intimidated by your writing. I want to feel bettered and I want you to bring out the best in me through this...I hope that made sense?
- A roleplayer, preferably female, to play roughly the same amount of characters as me in this situation - if you double up then so will I, if you so desire; if you play an entire cast of characters, then so will I, if you like. This roleplayer would be playing the female (or close to it) half of the relationship in most situations. Vous Comprendez?
- A writer as much as a roleplayer. There are two supremely important things in this respect and one of them happens to be how you write. I have not been knocked off my feet and, what's more, I have not felt inferior to anyone I have written with in a long while. In other words, I want it all - gorgeous imagery, metaphor, poetic license, an awareness of the English language in itself. I desperately want someone who can, at least, equal me and, through this, better me as a writer. Call me a snob, call me arrogant if you will but, if you are the person I'm looking for, you won't be afraid of what I just said. (I apologise for sounding cold and unpleasant; I am actually suspiciously nice as a person. I'm simply an idealist when it comes to writing.)
- The second supremely important quality I am currently looking for in a roleplayer and writing partner is a talent for characterisation. Need I say more? I desire that each of the characters we play be as believable as the next. I want them to be breathtakingly human or, if need be, realistically but brilliantly inhuman.
- A roleplaying and writing partner with EITHER a good enough grasp of Vampire: the Masquerade as a setting (knowledge of the rules is, generally, unneccesary) OR one with the mind of an eager student - if you're willing to learn then I'm willing to teach. I shall try not to be too boring a tutor.

I am not looking for...
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who would put their character in a trenchcoat and mirrorshades without, first, writing me an essay justifying their actions (God, I really am getting into this whole teacher role, it seems). I hope I do not need to reiterate that I desperately do not want to be writing about clones of Matrix characters with the addition of retractable fangs.
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who are only interested in the sexual side of this exercise. While there is, most likely, to be, at the very least, a good deal of sexual tension (and what follows on its heels) in this collaborative story, it is the emotion behind it (or, in some cases, the lack thereof) that is to be the focus of the thing itself. (Yes, I'm aware that White Wolf tend to state that Vampires don't/can't act sexually except as part of a facade, I prefer to fudge this concept in what I believe is a justifiable way - Vampires can feel passion but normally though their Beasts, in a similar way to the passion they feel while frenzying or feeding. They are highly emotional beings, rather than entirely cold and numb creatures, the manner in which they show this simply varies from Vampire to Vampire. I'll gladly explain more about this if asked.)
- Writers-cum-Roleplayers who are, to put it simply, average on the writing and characterisation fronts.

Thank you for sitting through that. If you believe you meet the criteria, then please read on.
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Re: Barding takes to the Masquerade once again...[Vampire][UN]
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2009, 03:28:10 AM »
ii. "Now what?" he breathed, almost calmly at first. He swallowed, then, involuntarily. Briefly, he
almost started to breathe. The unnecessity of it caught in his throat and turned into a quiet sob.
Almost silently, his body twitched, kneeling on the bathroom floor, legs both splayed in guilty
prayer, offered up to no deity but to a dead girl. His own and his fault. "Now what?" it was louder
then, barely cared who heard him. Tears still wouldn't come. Was he supposed to cry? That was
impossible. "Now what?" The handprint by her head was starting to fade - he was spending too
much time. How long until dawn? "Now what?!" His shoulder hit the cubicle's side and it barely
jarred - barely hurt. Needed to wash, he decided. He needed to clean himself up, clean her up.
He needed to clean up his act. Oh God, what then?

After having gotten that out of the way, I'd like to speak a little about the kind of romances and relationships we could, potentially, explore here. I am aware that not all relationships are the same and, as people are varied, so too are vampires to a similar degree. As a result of this, relationships that involve vampires are likely to be all the more unusual than those involving only humans.
   To clarify, in all of these situations, I would be playing at least one male character (unless I am doubling up or playing a cast if necessary) and you, my prospective roleplaying/writing partner would be playing a female or, in some situations/if necessary something distinctly androgyne or closer to both male and female (often older vampires shun gender or at least singular gender as a vain, human idea). I am open minded with regards to the gender of characters my own characters become involved with; however, I do prefer that they retain feminine features of some kind.

  • Vampires and their Prey/Blood Dolls - In the majority of cases, the Kiss of a vampire (notice the capitalisation there) is an agonisingly sensual experience. Surely, being victimised and yet doted on by the ultimate predator is, essentially, the ultimate hit for any submissive? Whether the vampire in question feeds from the dregs of society, literally raping alley-dwellers and the homeless for their blood or whether they hide their feeding behind a mask of seduction and, for a time, romance, the victim will, most likely, never again feel anything quite like it...Unless they find the vampire once more, or the vampire finds them. The love a blood doll (a human that has become addicted to the sensation of the Kiss - being fed upon by a vampire) feels for the vampire they see as their vampire can often be just as strong as the love a Ghoul feels for the vampire to which they are bound. It can destroy lives and, all the more so, destroy the health of the blood doll and yet, below the blood of a vampire itself, it is the ultimate hit - something worth dying for that, often enough, is administered by someone worth dying for.
  • Vampires and their Ghouls/Ghoulish herds - You may, while reading this, be aware of the relationship that exists between a vampire and his/her Ghoul. While the actual circumstances are distinctly variable there is always one constant factor; the obsessive and self-destructive manner in which the Ghoul loves and adores the Vampire from which they feed. Ghouls are, quite literally, addicted to both the vampire's personality, forgiving all possible flaws through an essential and obsessive but artificial love, and to the vampire's blood, without which the Ghoul will fall ill and, if applicable, resume aging at an accelerated rate (Ghouls are immortal and do not age while they have a vampire's blood in their system). How the vampire in question actually treats the Ghoul is the decidedly variable factor - some may treat their Ghouls as paramours, seeming to adore them as the Ghouls adore Vampires; some may arrange entire warped families of closely knit but competing Ghouls about themselves; some may treat their Ghouls as the typical image of an extreme, BDSM culture styled slave; some may have a dealer-junkie relationship with their Ghouls...The list goes on. As you can tell, the possibilities are rather exciting. (I have, also, had the idea of taking it in turns to play out scenes involving one of us as a Kindred and the rest as their human and Ghoulish herds. Now THAT could be interesting too.)
  • Vampires and other Vampires - Whether this be a Sire/Childe relationship or simply an almost human seeming relationship that has sprung up spontaineously between two Kindred, the possibilities here are almost all the more endless than those that exist between a Ghoul and his/her vampire. While two Fledgling Kindred, both embraced by the same Sire, effectively making them kin in terms of blood, could, through the shared trauma of the Embrace, become almost primally and inextricably enamoured, so too could a pair of older, machineering Kindred, having been taking part in the circularity of vampiric Courtly Love for years upon years. In turn, Sires often embrace their Childer out of some form of love or obsession. As I said previously, the possibilities are equally exciting as before, but now with the added powerplay of a shared curse.
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Re: Barding takes to the Masquerade once again...[V:tM][White Wolf][oWoD][UN]
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2009, 10:33:14 AM »
iii. He was clean. So was she. Hauling her out of the club, just like some drunk, had felt wrong.
He felt perverse - sick - for it. She'd gone and turned stiff, doll-like, on him and he'd handled her
like one. He deserved to have been noticed. Murderer and freak. The sun would rise in an hour
or so, he guessed. Call it gut instinct. This wasn't romance. She was searing inside him. He
could almost hear her, he thought. She'd loved it. He curled into a ball in the bathroom back
home, pulling the shower curtain to. She was still beside him, sitting just like she had been.
The morning would look for them both. Neither of them would ever see the sunrise again. He
was tired was all. Stiffening up, he gave himself over to sleep and died again, this time for her.

    Vampire-based Plots

      • The chorus - Brought into the Camarilla's fold against his will in his mid twenties, Alistair Taylor was saved from a torturously static writing career by the damnation of the embrace. His Sire, in the throes of a madness that travelled in his veins and those of all in his lineage before him from the third generation onward, Embraced two Childer; a male and a female. Alistair was the Adam in this equation while an odd girl in her late teens, Tilly, acted as the essential Eve. The two endured their Sire's destruction at the hands of the Camarilla before they knew him and were forced to learn to live in this strange new system that they had found themselves to be part of. They survived the onset of their own insanities, discovering the name of their mental illnesses together: 'Malkav's Curse'. They spent their every moonlit waking hour together and cried tears of blood for their separation. That was long ago now, he would have recognised it as fifty or so years if he hadn't stopped counting at around twenty three years of unlife. Tilly was destroyed long ago, and Alistair fell into the depths of an agony to rival Heathcliff himself. Abandonment and misplaced wrath, tempered with misery became the only substances of which he would partake, excepting blood. With age and with the scabbing over of the wound Tilly's being ripped from him left, Alistair grew more jaded as each new night reiterated to him his failure.
           He attempted to create as he once did, starting with writing. When prose failed to flow with the inspiration that it had held prior to the Embrace, he turned to poetry and yet that too only conceived of expressions of shadow. He could not even display anything more than an imitation of the cold and bitterness he felt within himself. Pens and typewriters and, finally, computers had not done as he would will them and so he turned to brushes. Works of inhuman beauty in styles both named and unnamed resulted but they remained hollow. Photography was his next passion and this field too fell fallow. Sculpture did not yield results and nor did performance or music or any of the countless other ways in which Alistair tried, desperately, to regain what had once defined him.
           In time, he discovered that all he once was had abandoned him over time, and his searching for them had driven them further into the shadows. Perhaps his humanity feared what he had become. All he had left was a memory, clear as those of daylight and trees in Spring, of Tilly smiling, feeding, lapping at his wrist as he did so at hers. She was what unified both his Beast and the Man within him and yet she was what could never be brought back; only remembered.
           Now, Alistair has discovered a new kind of creation. He has begun to develop and search out surrogate wombs into which he injects the sickly seed of his own artistic soul. He seeks to surround himself with writers, poets, painters, photographers, dancers, musicians, sculptors - all those that he can make vulnerable to his own ideas; those he can inspire. To these surrogate creators, he plays the Muse and the Patron and they dance to his tune...and they love him, truly, fiendishly and self-destructively. He is their Muse and he is the harbinger of their rhapsodies and they are his unholy chorus. He writes the music and they sing it, playing it to the world around them.
           ((In case you were wondering what that was all about, Alistair is my character, a Malkavian Ancilla of comparatively few years and relatively low levels of power. He has spent the majority of his unlife wallowing in suffering and trying desperately to ape the primate and act human. Now, however, he has begun to surround himself with an artistic clique of creative individuals whom he turns into his Ghouls. They thus come to adore him to a terrifying extent and come to worship him through their art and yet he can never truly love a single one of them; he is searching for someone. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, he is waiting for Tilly's soul to take a new form and be with him once more.
           This plot will involve either him ghouling the first member of his unholy chorus, played by you, or you playing the entirety of his chorus of Ghouls and basing the play around his interractions with them, or you will play another female, very much like Tilly was before her final death, who he sets out to claim, ghoul and, eventually Embrace.))

      • The Fold - [WARNING: CONTAINS BROTHER/SISTER INCEST] - The Boston-based Milliner family has, in true Venetian fashion, been allied as a vassal family to the Giovannis for several generations now. Out of each generation of the large family, two are chosen to be admitted into that of their rich, Venetian patrons, but by a process far more unusual than marriage. There have been whispers amongst Milliners for a long while that this involves something strange and 'Old World' like an exchange of blood; an unofficial joining of the two lineages, if you will.
           Stuart Milliner, the fruit of this generation's loins has found just what this particular induction truly entails. Embraced by his unusually youthful seeming aunt, Serena Giovanni, at a dinner and drinks affair for the whole extended family, Stuart was taken when in a drunken stupor, the first thing that occurred to him being the agony that bristled through his veins and the cold lips at his wrist - those of his aunt. The next thing he became conscious of, through the green haze of pain at this unusual kiss, was his life's ebbing away, slowly, to this fanfare of agony. After that came awareness of eyes, the last thing he saw; those of his sister, peering through the space between the door and its frame from the darkened hallway. He must have gasped or cried out because his sister was next.
           ((This plot, a slightly more basic one at that, would revolve around two Giovanni Neonates, one - Stuart - played by me, the other by you. It would involve their having been inducted into the Giovanni family and their vampiric bloodline, one on orders from the powers that be, and the other as an unexpected Embrace, borne of compassion. Stuart would be made responsible for his younger sister in true misogenistic Venetian style - while he may not necessarily hold those beliefs the old fashioned 'powers that be' would - her Embrace being 'his fault', as far as the Elders are concerned. One toe across the line and they will both be destroyed; promising protege and upstart, both gone in one fel swoop.
           The RP would base itself around the two Childer's efforts to come to terms with their new existence, necromancy, debauchery, blood reliance, crime and all, while the shared experience would bring them closer to an intimacy almost encouraged among the depraved Giovanni.))

      • Symmetry - [WARNING: CONTAINS INTERSEXED/FUTANARI CHARACTERS] - For all intents and purposes, she appeared to be a boy from birth and yet the onset of puberty in her brought with it surprises that horrified both parents. Their 'son' had begun to develop in ways that a girl might both physically and mentally. Of course, 'he' had never quite been the rough and tumble sort and yet they had never anticipated this. Years later, their 'son' had changed before their eyes into a quiet but nonetheless attractive and feminine young woman with but one single barrier between her and what she perceives to be her true identity, and this barrier lies below the line of her belt.
           All she could possibly wish for is to be treated like a woman, made a woman by the affection of a man and yet her array of secrets have left her quiet and terrified of the revelation that may come from her disrobing. However, some may find her or her cause intriguing...
           ((It is at this point that the story could go one of two ways: she could either meet Alistair, the Malkavian from the example above, or Joshua, a Tzimisce of similar age. In both situations, I'd play the vampire and you the tragic young girl. Bear in mind you can change any information I established about her in this plot's surrounding fluff, apart from the nature of her 'gender'; that's kind of a key thing. Here are the two following plots...))

        • Alistair - While she worked as one of the shyest sitters he had ever made use of for his work, Alistair had found himself intrigued by his model at the time (her, obviously) and her strange degree of reluctance and self-consciousness for one in her field. Either her wages for each session of sitting were all she had in the world and all that allowed her to continue existing within it - and for Alistair this was no object - or there was something more.
             Inspired by her, Alistair becomes more and more covetous of his strange model until he is forced to reveal his feelings to her during one of their necessarily moonlit drawing sessions. He finds her and her unique situation, once he discovers it, fascinating, detached from conventional views on such petty things as sexuality as he is. He promises to help her, if he can, and shows her all the love that he can while she feels, for the first time in her life, as if she is being treated like a woman and not a freak. However, the tempestuously bipolar nature of Alistair's emotions could make this twisted romance more difficult than it would, at first, seem...especially if she chooses, at first, not to love him voluntarily. His ghouling her can solve this and force her to love him more than she loves even her own life.
        • Joshua - Working as a nurse on the graveyard shift, having come straight out of medical school, she meets and grows close to her immediate superior, one Dr. Joshua Steinmann ((he'd be the head of either a privately funded mental health care ward or a rather gifted cosmetic surgeon; her interest in working with the latter would be obvious)). Over time she would become fascinated with the Doctor and his unusual but efficacious and seemingly distinctly ethical practices, along with his ever so slightly eccentric ways. She would overlook the way in which the other staff beneath him seem quite so loyal to the causes he has laid out before them as his own.
             When a romance of sorts blossoms between the two, they are both to find out the more unusual aspects of one another's personalities and bodies, Joshua discovering his nurse's tragic condition and offering his aid, in return for her companionship. As a Tzimisce, he would demonstrate his talents beyond any established cosmetic surgery or medicine and put hope into her mind through such demonstrations. Also as a Tzimisce, he would prove to be far more inhuman and predatorial than anyone could previously have anticipated, enforcing her love either through blood bonds or through equal parts fear, loathing and twisted affection...perhaps he may even choose to Embrace her, allowing her to solve her own specific problems?

      More plots coming soon...

      In the meantime, please PM me if you are interested in anything mentioned here. Bumps to this thread by well wishers are, however, very welcome.
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      Re: Barding takes to the Masquerade once again...[Vampires][UN][PLOTS ADDED]
      « Reply #3 on: February 05, 2009, 12:29:06 PM »
      I updated the plots in this thread and, well, I'm still looking.

      Offline BardingTopic starter

      *le gasp*

      The craving has returned...

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      Offline playfullchick76

      Not many people seem to want to play out vampire the masquerade.while i havnt played the roleplaying game with all the clans in it, I did follow the tv show, Kindred the Embraced.

      I found it beautiful and multi-faceted.It was cut down to 6 clans to make it easier to follow, and its what ive based my own roleplay ideas on.I identify with the Toreador clan the most,artists one and all.

      I dont roleplay for the sex, and i imagine what im roleplaying, and thus, i feel what my character would feel, that makes it more real to me. If something makes my character uncomfortable, then it makes me uncomfortable as well.

      I dont know if youve found someone for it, but if you want, im willing to play this out with you.

      Offline BardingTopic starter

      I may well like to hear a little more about you, Playfulchick. However, I will not be extending any offers instantly to anyone. Please PM me with your interest and anything that specifically caught your eye in my thread. Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

      In the meantime, bump for an update, a re-formatting and an addition of pictures for the general beautification of this thread.

      I'm still looking O:)

      Offline playfullchick76

      I understand, you want someone skilled, and not some bumpkin who cant roleplay to save their lives, I understand.

      Firstly, i like the images you put in, theyre good, haunting and gothic enough.

      As to my character.Perhaps i was embraced against my will, was nearly sentenced to be killed, but you agreed to mentor me, to take me in and teach me what i needed to learn.A rogue Toreador would have embraced me,so that would be my clan.

      After a while, i would have set out to see the rest of the country.That would have been a few years ago, and i would be returning to the city where you reside.Hows that,if you want to know more, i can PM you with more character details.

      Offline BardingTopic starter

      (insert interest check here. I still want perfection.)

      Offline Nightshade Symphony

      Another VtM person! Oh sweet serendipity! I'm not at leisure to read through your idea yet, but what I was able to skim through has me very interested! I have not roleplayed in the World of Darkness in sometime, but I must say, If you would have a crazy Malkavian, or a refined Toreador, I would be interested in working with you.

      When I am on leave tonight I will come back to your post and read in detail, and update you on what I would be able to bring to the table. 

      Offline BardingTopic starter

      Another VtM person! Oh sweet serendipity! I'm not at leisure to read through your idea yet, but what I was able to skim through has me very interested! I have not roleplayed in the World of Darkness in sometime, but I must say, If you would have a crazy Malkavian, or a refined Toreador, I would be interested in working with you.

      When I am on leave tonight I will come back to your post and read in detail, and update you on what I would be able to bring to the table.

      Well, first off, thank you for posting in my thread. However, I should warn you for now that I've actually come to prefer Vampire: the Requiem to Vampire: the Masquerade for the sake of the added grit and delicious touches of realism and dark humanity. Still, one of my characters does happen to be a Malk, *grins*.

      In brief, yeah, we should talk once you've looked through the whole of the thread ;D

      Offline Nightshade Symphony

      I have looked through the thread, and I am now even more intrigued than I was before. I have always adored the style and abject insanity of the Malkavian, and even now, you have me itching to play with you.

      You will have to forgive me, i have not played more than the computer game in many years, thus when i think "Vampire the Masquerade" I am inundated with the sprawling depravity of Santa Monica, the Over the top grandeur of Hollywood, and the good Malkavian doctors house of puzzles and industrial-fed fledgelings that must be quashed. But I am willing to be updated on the world in which you wish to take them through, as well as work with you on what you would like my character to become.

      Though, I would prefer to start as a Sired Malkavian, I do appreciate the depth of your story so far with your character Alistair, and would be willing to go with the storyline you have wrought for her. I could see my own character being an already slightly schizophrenic young woman, eccentric and bi-polar. Perhaps a musician, up and coming in the underground scene as a performer and singer. Perhaps even a player of an instrument. But, this is just the ideas that form in my mind from reading your introduction, and explanation.

      I am definitely intrigued, and would wish to discuss the idea with you further, if you would have me.