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June 26, 2019, 08:57:50 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking GM for character driven stories (Star Wars, CoC, D&D-esque)  (Read 122 times)

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Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Welcome! Thank you for checking my thread!

I'd like to play a character in a solo adventure again -- as a fan of strong writing, layered characters and solid development I hope to garner some interest from people who like to focus on the same!

I prefer social interaction in games over dungeon-crawling and puzzle solving. They are fine to include, but I like a more narrative approach. It's no fun to me to slowly go through a dungeon map room by room, look for traps in each and try to figure out odd puzzles that no one would actually put in their living space. It's more fun to pick a highlight out of all that and focus on it, rather than actually perform all the legwork of a pen&paper dungeon crawl.

I enjoy detailed yet precise writing the most and respond with the greatest enthusiasm to posts that challenge my ability as a writer, that make me feel like I need to put some thought into writing a comparable response.

That's not to say I want writing to be a competition, I just think it's nice when people click well and challenge each other to be better. I also like communication along with the game -- it's great to talk about where things are, where they could go, potential hooks or aspects that might be fun to explore in greater detail. I'm happy to offer my Discord ID to that purpose.

If you're interested in starting up a game based on any one of these ideas, please send me a PM! I'm perfectly happy to adjust and adapt if you have ideas that are similar but not quite what I've put here.

Let me know what themes you're interested in exploring, specific Ons you'd like to see in the game, and a bit about the world you want to represent.

For a bit of indulgent self-descriptive, please see the o&o thread linked in my signature. It's woefully outdated (unless I finally managed to get around to updating it by the time you read this), but beyond the games listed it's more or less still accurate. I also have my profile preferences set up.

A brief note about Smut: Regardless of any smut levels indicated below, I am always looking and striving for solid character development and a cohesive story. Yes, even for the giant smut-fest one.

Corruption of Champions
Freeform or rules-lite, smut level: very high, the main focus.
Main Themes: Corruption, Demons, Transformation, Futa, Non/Dub-Con
Secondary/optional: Monster Girls, Tentacles, Breeding, mind control/hypnosis and many more.

I always was a big fan of the game 'Corruption of Champions' by Fenoxo, which is primarily based around transformation and corruption. As it was developed a lot of furry content was added, which I don't really enjoy, so the focus here would be on demons, corruption, transformation, futa and monster girls as well as traditional monsters (classic creatures like minotaurs and werewolves are fine provided they maintain monstrous aesthetics and aren't turned cuddly or described as attractive, which along with certain common design choices is my main point of aversion towards furry themes).

I'm happy to play within a version of the canon setting with the same topography but different and more suitable encounters to what's described above in each place, but I'd also love original settings that retain similar themes.

Depending on what my prospective GM/partner prefers, I'd be happy to start with a female character set to get into all kinds of trouble or a male character set for the same (and turn more and more female in the process). A female character should acquire a cock at some point with their transformations, while the male ought to struggle to try and keep it.

 I like for these characters to start out normal and relatively innocent and grow more sexualized, perverted and accepting as they go -- perhaps as they grow more and more frustrated with their circumstances with a heel-turn and an embrace of corruption.

I can also provide a full list of things I like and don't like about CoC with some explanations, but I decided to skip that here to keep things brief.

Dark Lord Rising - Star Wars Old Republic Era
Freeform or rules-lite, smut level: low, a possible byproduct of the story rather than its goal.
Main Themes: The Force, the dark side, dark vs. dark, light vs. dark, rise to power, corruption, philosophy

Unlike the others, this first request has a rather specific beginning that I'd like to keep, but that's only the first act and still allows for a lot of options.

Some knowledge of the Tales of the Jedi comic series is recommended for this one due to the immediate setting background involved. A grasp of the Old Republic era is needed. There are many comics and novels set during that time, though having played KotOR I+II and/or SW:TOR should be more than sufficient. I myself have played all of those games as well as read a good number of comics, but skipped the novels.

Exar Kun once rose to become one of the greatest Sith in history and accomplished many deeds both great and terrible. He was in possession of an artifact - the Sith amulet - that increased his power over the Dark Side manifold.

I am interested in playing a Jedi archeologist who is dangerously close to the dark side (a Zeltron by species, strong emotions and racial empathy don't lend themselves to serenity). He is plagued by visions of Exar Kun. They drive him to abandon his regular duties and he follow them to Yavin IV, where he finds the Sith amulet as well as the Dark Lord's specter who seeks to teach and thereby convert him (with the intention to ultimately take over his body once he is fully immersed in the Dark Side).

This would be the prologue, possibly with time skips as my character learns from Exar Kun, becames powerful in the Dark Side and ultimately thwarts the takeover attempt before declaring himself the new Dark Lord.

From there, he'd quest for greater power and knowledge, perhaps allies to recruit/convert, more Sith artifacts, perhaps take over a planet or two. My character wouldn't fully internalize Sith ideology for a long time and act more as a Dark Jedi, but perhaps a confrontation with the order once his activities are discovered could drive him to fully embrace those lessons.

What Price Power - Pathfinder Planescape
Pathfinder System or Freeform/Rules-lite 'emulating' Pathfinder, Mid to High Character Level. Variable Smut levels.
Main Themes: Deception, Manipulation, quest for power and recognition.

A previous character of mine named Shirvan is quite the manipulative cad who tries to pass himself off as a hero to gain power, wealth, fame and everything his black heart desires whilst taking just about every shortcut imaginable and happily stabbing others in the back when given the opportunity. It sure helps that he's an Aasimar with strikingly handsome features and a flair for panache!
This is his write-up.

I'm looking for a game in which he gets to play to his strengths as a highly social but amoral allrounder -- a Bard by class, so he's skilled in swashbuckling as well as arcane matters -- who is hungry for power and recognition.

His background allows for him to be dropped into most D&D settings. I have some knowledge of both Forgotten Realms and Golarion, which are my preference for official settings (custom settings are fine though!) with a nice dash of Planescape on top. Planar travel and hijinks should be part of the game even if it centers around a particular Prime Material Plane.

Experience-wise, he should be well in the upper ranges for adventuring types in the world he lands in. A comfortably superior position to most of the Clueless (to sprinkle in some planar cant) but not without its challenges.

If a prospective GM wants to try using Pathfinder rules with Mythic or even Gestalt, I'd be up for that as well. Please don't ask about doing this in 3.5 or with 3.5 material -- the main thing I like about Pathfinder is that it's a bit less convoluted, so putting in old 3.5 feats, spells and classes is counterproductive. Using monsters that Pathfinder wasn't allowed to port over like Illithid and Beholders (and maintaining alternate names for various Outsiders like Tanar'ri or Baatezu) is fine and preferred.

Regarding smut levels and them being 'variable', it depends on where he's at, what methods are open to him and what you're interested in. His sexual orientation may largely be a hedonistic sort of hetero, but there's a strong dash of 'whatever gives me more of an advantage' to everything he does. He'll seduce or let himself be seduced by whatever he judges might provide that - that said, having to play the submissive will usually end up getting the other party betrayed sooner rather than later.

I'm also open to trying weirder oddball things with him -- he was in a Corruption of Champions/Dungeon Keeper crossover game once where he gained control of a Dungeon Heart, for example. Unlike my CoC offering above, however, he's not up for being transformed or corrupted. He'd be the instigator for such things, molding NPCs to his purpose and pleasure.

The Summoner
Pathfinder System
Many people keep talking about the Summoner class as a blight upon Golarion, its 'brokenness' and such. It's true, the Summoner is a powerful class, though there are some misconceptions about it that I'll gladly discuss if prompted.

At the end of the day, it's a fun class with a lot of options. There is one Archetype which stands out as the most inconvenient one to use in a group: the Master Summoner. Their Eidolon is only half as strong, but they can have both the Eidolon active and continue to use their Summon Monster ability to its full extent -- even have more than one Summon Monster spell going at the same time.

In a regular group, any other concerns of balance aside,  this really hurts the flow of combat since their turns take much longer.

For a solo game played by post, extra time spent on a combat turn wouldn't be much of an issue, though. Assuming the character could have a few signature summons with actual personalities that they call up again and again, this could be an interesting party dynamic.

I want to try that class and have some fun adventures with it! No specific details beyond that, though if someone is interested I am happy to give it further thought and hash something out!

And that's it for now! Thank you for reading! Drop me a line if you're interested - or if you have some ideas of your own sparked by what I wrote.
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