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September 15, 2019, 11:34:54 PM

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Author Topic: Crafting of Imagination!  (Read 857 times)

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Crafting of Imagination!
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:05:49 PM »

Beyond the threshold of this post, you will encounter several interest of mine. I do not mean to brag nor boast, but each is combined between both the naughty and divine. Lift up your glass and let's make a toast, welcome to the shop I am WordSmith your evening's host!
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Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2018, 12:00:11 AM »

Introduction: About the writer


My name is Wordsmith. For those new to this thread, I would like to indulge you just a brief moment about myself, so please, have a seat.  I have been roleplaying for about 15 years now, at a younger age than most. I am 29 now, but my love for writing with other people and short-stories spawned when I was still a tadpole. Most people told me that I had been gifted, including my high school teacher (Gawd, she was hot!) When she asked me to write a story and present it to the class, my teacher would always ask me to write more for extra credit. It wasn’t until the end of the school year, however, that she told me the extra assignments were because she wanted to read more and encouraged me to never stop. I haven’t!

A friend introduced me to the world of roleplaying and DND when I was 14. From there, everything really helped cultivate and craft my style that you see today. Through heartache and pain, I can confidently say that I can create wonderful stories, rich-vibrant characters, and keep my partners craving for me. I love hearing that I made a great post, but I love this community of talented writers to learn from!

What I am looking for

I am glad you’ve made it this far. This is where we discuss my requirements if you desire to roleplay. This is NOT my O/O page, you can find that by clicking on the O/O image in my tag!

1. Grammar: I am by no means a grammar-freak, but I do ask that my partners have some skill in writing. We all make mistakes, I do too, but a quick re-read and edit can polish most of the minor mistakes. Bad grammar, unending punctuation errors, and run-on sentences are the quickest way to make me disconnect from a story. Normally, I will read some of your writing to vet our compatibility; but in the rare case that I don’t and this is you, I will bring it up.

2. Creativity: I love the process of creating a story. A lot of times I find myself in this weird place where I am the only one contributing or coming up with new ideas, and this is a big turn off for me. I do not like to be the only one pushing the story! I take roleplaying as a collaborative work and it takes two to make a great story happen. By all means, if you feel I am not contributing enough to the story, let me know. Expect the same from me if you’re aren’t.

3. Communication: In our plotting process the question will come up about post-rate. I do not mind waiting months for a reply! All I ask is that you tell me in advance, so I can prepare myself mentally. Sure, life happens and we may get caught up; but if you tell me what your gonna post once a week and don’t for two, I will check on you. You’re more than welcome to contact me on that same token. If you do not like something-contact me! I am more than happy to discuss changing it or figuring out a solution. If you’re not into the plot or story, then tell me before we begin! If you lose interest, message me, don’t just ghost me.

4.Post-length: Generally, I like to keep my post above 700 words. I am a firm believer in quality and quantity, but don’t let it deter you. If you have a great personality and can write fairly well, but can only write 2-300 words I will still consider it. I DO NOT DO ONE LINERS! I just want to make that clear! Ultimately, the more you give, the more I give. I can write thousands of words and still be fine, so do not feel like any post-length is too long!

5. Third-Person: I will only write with people I know in any other POV. I have to have an established connection and friendship to do anything other than third, and more than likely, even if I know you I won’t do it. First-person is extremely personal to me and I have very little experience in writing in it. If you do by chance ever see it, then it is likely because we have a deep friendship, so feel lucky!

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Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2018, 12:47:21 AM »

               People Beyond the Pond

            Medieval Fantasy | Romance | World                                 Building

My Character is a retired royal knight, one of the most revered positions in all the twelve realms of Ankaar. He grew up a homeless boy in the slums of Jabesh, an outskirt of the royal capital. The only way he survived was by stealing, working horrific jobs, and fighting. One day, he found himself in a fight with a guard of the city. The fight didn’t last long, my character lost that fight, but for his valor and courage, he was offered a path that would lead him out of that life. He found himself at the lowest rank.

Twenty years later, he’s retired pardoned by the king. He lived with his wife, two kids, along with his smithy apprentice. Everything was going swell until the unusual began to occur. There were stories, ancient tales about their villagers disappearing in the Pond of No Return. No one expected one of them to return, and even more so, no one expected the attack on their village. The attack was swift and brutal. People clothed like they were, equipped like they were, attacked the village. Only these people were more skilled in battle than even he a former royal knight was.

That day, their city was left burning. Children screaming, men groaning as they die from their wounds. My character wakes up in his house. He’s covered in blood, but quickly realizes it isn’t his own blood. He’s somehow uninjured and finds himself surrounded by all of his loved ones… dead.

Poised to revenge the life he so rightfully earned. He dawns his clothes and equips himself with the ancient sword buried beneath his house, the one he swore to never uncover again. The villagers watch in awe as a few days later he marches alone, they try and stop him, but he’s determined to kill the bastards that took his family. He disappears into the fog never to be seen by his village again.

He makes his way to the pond and dives in disregarding the threats posted upon the water's edge. When my character awakens… he’s in another world. A stone strikes his back as he comes to realize he’s being dragged across a dirt path with his arms over his head and chains rattling against the ground. The hunter has become imprisoned now he must try and navigate this new world and find a way to free himself from the chains and find out who murdered his family.

Your character has free reign on how they meet, your city, and we can build the world together! I think that it would be good if she has some skill of a warrior, but again, up to you! I’m excited about this story. If you’re interested, please message me!
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Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2019, 02:25:29 AM »
Beyond the Horizon

Category: Fantasy, World Building, Adventure

Plot: Told that he would die in Seven months to an incurable disease, Mark Zamons is allowed one wish through a local community organization. Of course, his wish is something that they can't fulfill- to live! One late night, as he takes a stroll through the rain he bumps into a mans shoulder who appears to be homeless. Mark strikes up a conversation, and the man tells him a story that turns awkward: The man states that he's been watching him for some time, and feels that he is a chosen one. Through his paraphrasing and riddles, he said, "If you cross the horizon in time you'll live, but you only have three days. Find a way to be free." And in the blink of an eye the man disappears. (Backstory.)

Skipping forward, he finds himself aboard the first ticket of the unveiling supersonic aircraft. As he boards the plane and sits down, he realizes he's the only one on board. He found it weird, but nonetheless, this was the only way he could find himself catching the only horizon that he knew of. After several hours of flying, the mysterious man appears at his side and informs him that he's about to cross. Before he could say anything, the man disappeared again... He enters into a new world one of magic, chaos, and landscapes beyond his own imagination... landing a couple miles from your territory, your character stumbles across his unconscious body.

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Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2019, 01:01:17 PM »
Returning Nightmare (Taken)

Grit is a wanted warrior for the unexplained murder of a brother in arms. Framed, he’s been on the run and doing his own investigation, not only to bring forth his own justice but to be the one to strike the lasting blow. However, things are growing further complicated as the royal guards have been dispatched to search him out and time is running out to find the man who committed the crime.

   Your character is from the future. She had been having dreams of my character and life of the past. I was thinking she might be a historian, maybe my character had been written in the history books. Through a certain circumstance, she’s brought back to the past where she finds herself in a tavern. Men surround her, and she just happens to be sitting in my characters seat. Of course, he confronts her, and by the end, the whole tavern is in dismay. He protects her and now he is charged with not only his care but the care of a complete stranger in strange clothes and a weird dialect he’s never heard before!

   Possibilities: I kind of like the idea of a language barrier, but if that’s too complicated we can scrap it. Maybe she has a few weapons on her being like a knife and some pepper spray, which would make them think she’s a witch. She could have a gun. Just a few suggestions!!
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Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2019, 10:39:12 PM »

The Man of the Mountains
(Fantasy, Romance, Action, Magic)


Back in the days before technology erupted, lived a great city- a magical city. Once said to be home to wizards, dragons, and even otherworldly races history took place and it is said that a great terror fell upon them from the gods, a judgment. Thousands of years later, only one building remains and your village leaders have forbidden entry into the place for thousands of years.

I was hoping that your character could be a hunter or a warrior of some kind. In recent years, there have been reports of torches being lit and even a small dot seen moving about the mountain. The village has become spooked, and the king has ordered a that there be nightly watches conducted on the last structure. If the man comes down, the king has ordered his instantaneous death and for his head to be brought to him at once for rebellion.

You can decide the motive, but your character decides to ascend the mountain and explore and put everyone's worries of superstition to rest. Everything moves quickly, but then you're suddenly confronted inside by the Man of the Mountain!

This is just a very loose plot, germination of an idea that I want to further discuss and grow. There are still some holes and things that I believe could strengthen it! If you're interested, shoot me a message!
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