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Author Topic: Crafting of Imagination!  (Read 305 times)

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Offline WordSmithTopic starter

Crafting of Imagination!
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:05:49 PM »


Beyond the threshold of this portal, you shall encounter your wildest dreams. A vivid imagination comes to life an extension of my heart. So as you venture, do not be swayed, because I, WordSmith, greet you with open arms and a mug full of ale. Come on a journey with me, because I've got a story to tell. Some will leave you breathless, others will have you hoping the characters are well. Oh, but you believe that these stories are just tales. Well, young one, these words come into existence beyond the shining veil... WELCOME!! 
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Offline WordSmithTopic starter

Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2018, 12:00:11 AM »

Introduction: About the writer

For those who don't know me, my name is WordSmith! While I am new to this wonderful new forum called E, I am not new to roleplaying. I started my journey out around 15 years ago! Woo, been a long time. My love for writing spawned since I was a wee little tadpole swimming in the pond of my imaginations. It all began from the assignments my English teacher would give me when I was in grade school. I'd take the task on of writing a small story and then presenting it to the class and my teacher and they were always so intrigued by the dynamic things I would write. So, I guess what really got me hooked was the adrenaline rush of invoking emotions from not only my peers but from the teacher. (Sidenote: The teacher told me I did so well in writing, that she had me write a small series to elaborate on a story that I had written a few days prior, she was so interested she couldn't handle not having more!)

Through some of my friends, they introduced me to the wonderful world of roleplaying and DND when I was 14 years old (I am 29 now.) From there, everything really cultivated and took off. My thrill of writing stories and character developing, along with writing with partners was enough of a high to keep me interested in writing. Since then, I've never really put down the pen. I've kept a firm grasp on it and often put pen to paper or keys to a word document to quench my thirst for storytelling. My hopes in this are that you will see my passion and it's always good to know a little bit of backstory with the person you're writing with!

What I am looking for

If you wish to write to me, there are a few things that I do require here are the following:
1.) Grammar: While I am not a grammar nazi by any means and I understand that we all make mistakes, I do ask that you re-read and make sure that your post is slightly polished. Bad grammar, constant punctuation errors, and run-on sentences(They are the worst!), are the quickest way for me to disconnect from the story and if the case arises, I will politely bring it up.

2.) 3rd person only, please: I tend to like 3rd person the best because it isn't too personal and most of the books that I read are in this setting. However, this can be negotiated, but more than likely if we haven't ever roleplayed before, the request will be denied.

3.) Creativity: One thing that is a MUST is the need for my partners to also bring some chips to the table. I do not like being the only one pushing the story together. I take roleplaying as a collaborative work and because of that, we both have things that we want to see take place in the story. I'd love to hear your ideas about what you wanna do in the story, even if it is my idea because I don't want to be the only one having fun nor do I want to be the one doing all the work. So, by all means, have some freedom!

4.) Communication: If you're not able to respond after a week, please let me know if it hasn't been previously established. If you have lost interest or just simply don't wish to be around long, then please make that known to me so that way I can begin to look for a new partner. I understand that not everyone is meant to write with each other, so it won't hurt my feelings if you let me know and you're upfront about it!

5.) Post-length: While I do not mind shorter replies at all, I would like to have something to work with. I am not too keen with only a couple lines of reply and a line or two of dialogue. I love to see active world-building, character development, and interaction. Basically, I want to be drawn into your post and I can't do that if every single post is short-winded. I also can't reply to my fullest capabilities with a short response either, so with that said, the more given the better.

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Offline WordSmithTopic starter

Re: Crafting of Imagination!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2018, 12:47:21 AM »

               People Beyond the Pond
              (in plotting.)

            Medieval Fantasy | Romance | World                                 Building

My Character is a retired royal knight, one of the most revered positions in all the twelve realms of Ankaar. He grew up a homeless boy in the slums of Jabesh, an outskirt of the royal capital. The only way he survived was by stealing, working horrific jobs, and fighting. One day, he found himself in a fight with a guard of the city. The fight didn’t last long, my character lost that fight, but for his valor and courage, he was offered a path that would lead him out of that life. He found himself at the lowest rank.

Twenty years later, he’s retired pardoned by the king. He lived with his wife, two kids, along with his smithy apprentice. Everything was going swell until the unusual began to occur. There were stories, ancient tales about their villagers disappearing in the Pond of No Return. No one expected one of them to return, and even more so, no one expected the attack on their village. The attack was swift and brutal. People clothed like they were, equipped like they were, attacked the village. Only these people were more skilled in battle than even he a former royal knight was.

That day, their city was left burning. Children screaming, men groaning as they die from their wounds. My character wakes up in his house. He’s covered in blood, but quickly realizes it isn’t his own blood. He’s somehow uninjured and finds himself surrounded by all of his loved ones… dead.

Poised to revenge the life he so rightfully earned. He dawns his clothes and equips himself with the ancient sword buried beneath his house, the one he swore to never uncover again. The villagers watch in awe as a few days later he marches alone, they try and stop him, but he’s determined to kill the bastards that took his family. He disappears into the fog never to be seen by his village again.

He makes his way to the pond and dives in disregarding the threats posted upon the water's edge. When my character awakens… he’s in another world. A stone strikes his back as he comes to realize he’s being dragged across a dirt path with his arms over his head and chains rattling against the ground. The hunter has become imprisoned now he must try and navigate this new world and find a way to free himself from the chains and find out who murdered his family.

Your character has free reign on how they meet, your city, and we can build the world together! I think that it would be good if she has some skill of a warrior, but again, up to you! I’m excited about this story. If you’re interested, please message me!
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