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May 06, 2021, 08:52:06 pm

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Author Topic: Fun in Faerûn - Adventures of a Mercenary or Hero Band! [Closed]  (Read 516 times)

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Online FoxgirlJayTopic starter

Fun in Faerûn - Adventures of a Mercenary or Hero Band

Hello! I'm Foxgirl Jay, and I'm in search of a motivated partner, who wishes to share in an adventure with me!

For those perhaps unfamiliar, Faerûn is a rather popular setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and such books within! It's a continent on the world of Abeir-Toril. To keep things down to earth, and comfortable for what I know, the focus will be around the continent's Northwestern region, The Sword Coast. Beside this handy little text, is a map of that region. It blows up to quite a massive size, with lovely detail and locations. However, and most importantly, I don't expect the partner to be intimately familiar with the region! I aim to be quite accommodating and helpful for character creation and backstories, and not too strict on the lore and whatnot. This is after all, meant for fun!

What I intend for this roleplay, is not to run it as a game system, like others who make it more like dungeons and dragons. Aiming for a more casual sort of thing, using the setting mostly. The theme, or overarching idea behind it, is to have both of us, myself and my soon-to-be-partner, playing as one or more characters who are part of a Mercenary Band, working in the Sword Coast region. Bounty hunters, adventuring heroes, pirate-hunters or even perhaps raiders, those details are largely up to discussion!

Why not a Group Roleplay? Great question Mr/Ms. Strawman! While I am looking to have a group of characters, I would much prefer if it was played by just two people. This comes down to personal preference, and issues with group roleplays in the past making me tentative.

What you can expect from me: I hope to be compassionate and understanding about difficulties one might be experiencing. If you're unable to reply for a time, let me know. If you're stuck with trying to reply, I hope to help with that writers block. You can expect me to communicate clearly my intentions, and if I'm unable to reply at least once every other day, and if I am stuck. To include my partner in discussing adventuring ideas, and what's to come next!

And what do I expect?The same in return. Alas, life must come before fantasy however much I wish it weren't so. Communication, understanding, effort and English literacy are important.

Effort is a big one, effort in replying in fun and interesting ways, ways that give me something to work with in my replies, and my aim is to do just the same.

The Characters...
Mercenaries, heroes or something along those lines. Men, women, anything inbetween, willing to risk life and limb to perform a task under the promise of that sweet, sweet loot and gold. There are plenty of reasons that someone other than those with a strong arm and hunger for coin would join a hero or mercenary band. Redemption, a quest for knowledge, fleeing from the authorities, a sense of companionship, or just something to stave off boredom.
I expect characters to be capable in a fight, in some form or another. What form that is, well there are many possibilities. As for faceclaims/character images, I would greatly prefer using drawn/painted art or anime pictures.

The smut. Oh, ever important smut! I'm a fan of indecency and lewd goings-on, yet! For the sake of story, I shall abstain from those desires, for the most part. I shan't turn Faerûn in to an indeceny land of indulgence, however! I hope to find a partner who doesn't shy away from lewd themes, and lewd scenes.

If you're interested in a roleplay like this, please, send me a private message! Include your idea, of what sort of adventuring band the roleplay could revolve around, and your character ideas you had! I would prefer one or two, to begin with, and more may be added later on! I'll bump this thread if a partner drops this roleplay completely. If the title says [CLOSED] in it, please do not request to join!
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