Supernatural Smut

Started by LaPieta, October 05, 2018, 12:33:59 AM

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Hello, thank you for checking this out. I would like someone to RP with me a romantic plot, with eventual smut. Specifically, I would like to play a human woman who finds herself being courted and wooed by a supernatural gentleman of some variety because of some inexplicable pull or inexorable force of sorts. I could play the gentleman, but would very much prefer to play lady. I would enjoy a historical late medieval setting, or Regency era, but I'll take any time period. I would also very much like the gentleman to have some sort of power imbalance over the lady, whether it be political power, wealth, social status, ect. I would also quite like the gentleman to be somewhat dark, have a hint of mania/obsession with the lady.

Top Supernatural Choices: Vampire, Demon
Second Choices: Werewolf, Alien, Shape of the Water style Fishman.

Overly specific things I'd like to see but am fine without: Castles, lovers in a past life sorta thing

I hope I'm not being overly specific, I'm just saying what I hope for in a best case scenario, but honestly I'll take what I can get, haha. I have a couple plots in mind already, but we can work to make one that you'd enjoy more, please reply or PM me if you're interested.
Shoot me a message if you're down to RP with me, we can discuss ons/offs there.