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Author Topic: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)  (Read 1822 times)

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Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:01:45 PM »
"Click to view digitally realistic image example."

Rules: Don’t post in the thread. Please read my ons and offs page and everything here, before you send me a pm or reply to mine. F-list is located in the spoiler below and here is the link to my >> Ons and Offs page.<< If you are unsure about something that is or isn’t in the f-list, ask about it. Title your pm with either the name of your own search thread or something else, so I can keep track of it. You will find pairings with settings further down.  If you have any plots and pairings of your own, share them. I may or may not like them, you will never know unless you share them. If you are interested in any of the pairings below, pick a pairing you are interested in and I will present you with the plot that I have for it. I am open to compromise and changes to the plots for the pairings as long as we both agree on them. Don’t steal, copy, claim as your own, distribute or  alter  any of my plots without my permission. I will never do it to you, so please don’t do it to me. I have had it done to me before and I don’t like it. If you need help coming up with a plot for a one on one or group rp, all you need to do is ask, regardless of whether or not I take part in it.

About me: English is not my first or second language. I am twenty-seven and have been role-playing for ten years and prefer original rps to fandom based ones. The characters I play are either asexual, bisexual or heterosexual. They can go from asexual to heterosexual, heterosexual to asexual or bisexual to asexual.  From my experience, women portray female characters better than men and vice versa. I like to include digitally realistic character image representations instead of celebrity or model photographs in my replies, it helps in remembering a character, their features, and prefer all main characters to be aged 27+.  You can use the websites, and to find some for use, both sites contain some explicit images. I like exploring the reverse gender role side of things in rps, instead of your typical male boss and a female secretary, it would be a female boss and male secretary, female led relationships and household, etc. Regarding rps with BDSM(moderate) elements in them, I would like to play character(s) who submit(not your  meek, or whiny, helpless, submissive types either). I can write for both genders with a preference for male main character(s). I don't mind playing more than one character, two is the max for main characters. An even balance(50/50) of story and sex is preferred. Concerning settings and genres; modern, modern fantasy, modern future, action(low, medium or high) romance(low or medium) and comedy(low or medium) is preferred with made up locations, instead of existing ones.  My one on one role-plays are only conducted in private messages for three reasons: one is easier management, it offers privacy, it's just me and my writing partner, with no one butting in or reading our work. I have also been burned a few times in thread rps, unauthorized users posting in them.  Replies are written in third person only, three paragraphs or more, depending on what I am given to work with.

Partner Preferences: An experienced  role-play partner who is courteous, honest, open-minded,  patient, understanding, willing to try new things, regardless of how unsettling they seem at first and doesn’t mind writing in third person. Someone who is open to conducting rps via private messages on this site, can give me a challenge, isn’t afraid to make the first move and has plots or ideas of their own. One who doesn’t play doormat type characters. When it comes to rps with BDSM(moderate) elements in them, I welcome a partner who is willing to teach and explore it with me. A partner who can and doesn't mind playing a dominant female character or  a switch who dominates  as opposed to someone who only plays a submissive, a switch who submits and want me to play the sole dominant role. A partner who proofreads their work, fixing any errors and provides three detailed paragraphs or more of substance that moves the story forward. A partner who likes or doesn’t mind using digitally realistic drawn images instead of celebrity or model photographs to represent their characters and including them in their replies, one who writes in their own style and won’t copy my way of writing in order to make me feel comfortable, etc. I would also like future writing partners to provide me with a link to their F-list( An O/O thread is also fine, it lets me know what is acceptable and off-limits in an rp. Limits can be discussed and is highly encouraged. You may choose any number of things in my own f-list.

Pairing list with available plots upon request, asterisk mark(*) means unavailable:

Setting: Modern: Landladies x Tenants (We each play two characters)
Setting: Modern: Older sister x Adopted little brother
Setting:Modern:Neighbor x Loner
Setting:Modern: Roommates x  Roommates
Setting:Modern Fantasy: Demoness x Alien survivor (Not available yet)
Setting: Modern Future:Bodyguard/Maid x Experiment (Not open yet)

"Click to view newly updated f-list. Read carefully. Both sides or both ways means give and receive or both genders"
Cool(things I want to explore in a role-play.)(16)
1. Action female(s) (females who can and aren't afraid of fighting, even going as far as to kill, break or torture their opponents, etc..)
2. Age gap (older experienced, self-assured female against a young, slightly inexperienced male. Five or six years older. Ex: 27m-32f, 30m-36f, etc...)
3. Assertive female(s)(Women who take charge and go after what they want in a non-sexual and sexual sense.)
4. Breast and Nipple play(licking, sucking, etc.. both sides)                         
5. Cunnilingus (giving. Also known as Cunnilinctus, is oral sex performed on a female. Can be used as a way to wake her up from sleep or to help her sleep, etc. Face-sitting included as is forced cunnilingus.)
6. Female ejaculation(also known as squirting. It’s a small watery or sometimes large amount of thick fluid that is released by the female during an orgasm. Ordered or forced to drink it.)                                                                             
7. Female pervert(self explanatory. Openly or secretly. Playing against them.)
8. Femdom( specifically gentle femdom; a compassionate and nurturing dominant  female as well as a strict and rough one when needed.)
9. Finger(s) in mouth(clean. Receiving, licking, sucking, sexual and non-sexual.)
10. Height difference (Female is several inches or a feet and several inches taller than the male.)
11. Intelligent characters(both sides. A nice battle of wits is always welcomed.)
12. Non-penetrative sex (such as fingering, oral stimulation of the nipples, etc..)
13. Obsessive/possessive female(s) (playing against them)                                                         
14. Premature ejaculation (including ejaculating on command)
15. Roughness( sexual and non-sexual. Receiving, includes hair pulling, being dragged by the hair, pinned down or against something. Female being rough with the male in any number of ways.)
16. Woman on top(A woman in a position of power and knows how to use it to her advantage, alpha female(s), etc.)

Check(things I am more than willing to explore in a role-play.) (17)
1. Air play(receiving. Breath control, breast smothering, choking, face-sitting, etc..)                                                                                           
2. Anal virginity(a character who has never been anally fingered or pegged before. Playing as one)
3. Bondage(light, hands tied, receiving)
4. Discipline/reinforcement(receiving)
5. Double penetration(receiving. Pegging and strap-on fellatio or fellatio and pegging)
6. Fingering ( lube required, anal, vaginal, both sides)                                                                                                                   
7. Lactation (the act of a character producing milk from their  breasts due to sexual  stimulation, etc. Induced. Lactating female, minus the pregnancy.)                                                                                                 
8. Nursing(receiving. Also known as suckling, is the act of feeding a character by having them suckle a lactating breast. Can be used as a form of punishment, reward or bonding between the character(s).)
9. Orgasm denial and control(receiving or both ways.)
10. Pegging( receiving. Lube required. Female penetrates a male with a strap-on dildo that has neural connections allowing her to feel sensations and much more. If a woman can take it up the anus, why not a man? It can also be used as a form of  reward or punishment against the man.)
11. Polyamory(The practice or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all involved partners. Two males and one female, two females and one male. Requires doubling.)
12. Reverse Rape(Female has sex with an unwilling male.)
13. Reverse spit roast(face-sitting and cow girl position with the male lying on his back or pegging, strap-on fellatio or giving fellatio.)
14. Sixty-nine position(can be combined with fingering.)                                                                             
15. Strap-on dildo(specifically those with neural connections, allowing the wearer to feel sensations, as well as responses to touches, being able to ejaculate, etc. Functions like a penis. Female using it on a male. Strap-on fellatio, etc.)
16. Undressing/dressing a woman(being asked or ordered to do so.)
17. Whipping/flogging(receiving as a form of punishment, followed by aftercare or not. Your choice.)

Cancel(things I don't care to partake in a role-play.)(77)
1. Adultery(Married people having sex with other married or non married people.)
2. Adult baby(Also known as infantilism is an adult who acts like a child, to the point of wearing diapers, being fed from a bottle, etc.)
3. Age play(characters who act younger than they really are in a sexual setting.)
4. Amphibians(Frogs, salamanders, etc.. having sex with them and so forth.)
5. Anal sex (giving and receiving. Inserting an erect penis, after applying lube, into the anus of another person and thrusting back and forth.)             
6. Anal to maw (Anal sex immediately followed by oral sex, with or without feces around the penis or dildo.)
7. Anilingus (also known as rimming, the licking or sucking of the anus for sexual pleasure.)
8. Ball busting(kicking, stepping, punching, biting on the male testicles for sexual pleasure.)
9. Barbed cocks
10. Bestiality(humans having sex with animals.)
11. Bimbos(your over sexualized female, has large to overly large breasts, an hourglass figure and below average intelligence.)
12. Blood play(playing with blood as a form of sexual pleasure.)
13. Breast expansion(rapid or sudden growth of the female breasts to unrealistic sizes through magical means or breast implants.)
14. Cock fucking (inserting the penis into another penis and thrusting, as if it was a normal thing.)
15. Cross-dressing (Male wearing female clothes or female wearing male clothes, also known as a trap or transvestite)
16. Cum inflation
17. Cum play
18. Cum swapping (Two people exchanging semen via their mouths.)
19. Daddydom
20. Damsel(s) in distress(My character(s) will either kill yours or leave them to die, if they have to save them from danger all the time.)                                                                                         
21. Dominant males(sick of playing such character(s) in a sexual or non-sexual sense all the time, no more.)
22. Diaper fetishes
23. Electric sex toys
24. Face-fucking                                                                                                                                           
25. Fellatio(oral sex performed on a male. The only exception to this is the sixty-nine position, where both partners are being pleased or the male is forced to receive oral sex by the female. Giving fellatio is okay.)
26. Feminine males (Playing as one or against them. Males who look like females, but aren’t or act like them.)
27. Fisting (inserting one’s fist into the anus or vagina for sexual pleasure, doing it to another person or having it done to them.)
28. Foot play(includes foot fucking.)
29. Frotting (also known as frottage is the act of two males, rubbing their penises together for sexual pleasure.)
30. Futanari (In Japanese, it is character that has a penis, but is female, or one that has both a penis and a vagina, also known as a Hermaphrodite or intersex in English. Playing as one or against them.)
31. Gaping(An irregular sized vaginal or anal hole, made large as a result of too much sex.)
32. Gender bending or transformation (A male or female who is turned into the opposite sex via magical or scientific means)
33. God moding(making your character indestructible. A character that can do anything with little to no injuries or consequences.)
34. Heavy bondage(both ways)
35. Hermaphrodites(Playing as one or against them. Someone who has both a penis, and a vagina  also known as intersex.)                                                                                                                               
36. Himbo (male version of a bimbo. A sexually attractive male with little to no intelligence.)
37. Hot-dogging (Placing the penis in between the posterior of a male or female and rubbing or moving it up and down for sexual pleasure.
38. Human breeding or branding
39. Interracial pairings(ex: Black man x Indian woman, White woman x Asian male, etc.)                         
40. Kingning (Facesitting, performed by a man on a woman or another man. It is known as kinging, when a man does it.)                                                                                                           
41. Knotting cocks
42. Large penises(5-100 inches) and testicles (playing characters with such an endowment, etc..)
43. Living insertions (insects or alien creatures)
44. Macro breasts, penises, testicles, and other body parts(unrealistic and excessively large body parts. Please keep things normal or as close to it as possible.)
45. Macrophilia (unrealistic and excessively tall characters, giants and giantess.)
46. Menstruation (used as a form of sexual pleasure or act, etc)
47. Microphilia(unrealistically and excessively short characters)
48. MommyDomme(same as daddy dom, except mommy is in charge of  the little boy)
49. Necrophilia (sex with dead humans or animals)
50. Obese characters(Playing as or against them as main characters. BBM:Big Beautiful Men and BBW: Big Beautiful Women included.)
51. Ovipostion(laying eggs)
52. Pony play(A character who is treated as a pony or pretends to be one.)
53. Pregnancy (this includes male pregnancy, impregnation and risk of pregnancy)
54. Prolapses(organs falling out of place. Includes anal and vaginal prolapses.)
55. Puppy play( a character who is treated like a puppy or pretends to be one.)                                           
56. Scatophilia(anything to do with animal or human feces, eating or playing with it.)
57. Sex machines
58. Sissy males(Males who act and dress like females or are forced into it. Sissification included.)
59. Soiling (Someone who defecates on themselves, in their underwear, etc.)
60. Smegma (A combination of shedding skins cells, skin oils and moisture. It is a white non moist substance that appears under the foreskin of the male pnis and around the vulva and clitoral hood of a female vagina.)
61. Snowballing(having a mouth filled with semen.)
62. Stomach bulges
63. Submissive female(s)(in a mental, sexual or general sense. Sick of playing against them.)
64. Sucking or licking feet and toes
65. Sudden or rapid breast growth or other body parts 
66. Small Dom/ Big Sub (The submissive character is taller and physically stronger than the dominant character. Playing as or against them.)                                                                         
67. Tall characters(Tired of playing tall characters all the time, especially as a main or secondary main. 5'8-6'6)
68. Transsexual character(s)( playing against or playing as one. A man or woman who undergoes sex reassignment surgery to become the opposite sex, also involves hormone therapy, etc. Known as a newhalf in Japanese for a Male to Female. Transgender included.)
69. Tribadism (Also known as scissoring, is the act of two females rubbing their vulva together for sexual pleasure.)
70. Urethral play (inserting objects into the male urethra.)
71. Urolagnia(anything to do with animal or human urine. Being urinated upon or drinking urine.)
72. Virgin female characters( inexperienced female character(s) included, playing against them)
73. Vomit(eating or playing with it,  etc.)
74. Vore(sexual gratification from being eaten alive)
75. Wax play(cum play included)
76.  Wetting(the act of urinating in one's underwear or clothes)                                                                                                                       
77. Zoophilia(sexual attraction to animals)

Note: I like bad ends pertaining to my main character(s), death, emotionally, mentally and physically scarred. It can and will be discussed.

Note: In the past I have had people approach me, stating that they were cool with this and that in an rp, only to have them bail without a word, due to the fact that they weren’t cool with X in an rp or complained excessively about it. This helps in avoiding all of that  and other things as much as possible. Please include your answers to the below questions in your pm to me, regardless of whether I or you approach me for a role-play. If you have any questions about anything in this thread, include them as well.

1. How old are you? (I  prefer to rp with those in their late twenties and up(28-51) for comfort sake and  too many bad experiences from role-playing with teenagers. With age comes experience.)

2. Do you mind chapter titles and splitting events into chapters? ( Example of chapter titles. Instead of chapter 1: Meeting, it becomes Revenge 1: Meeting.)

3. Do you mind if we each present five or six pictures of our character(s) for the other to choose from and including the image in our replies? (I have a few optional images, in case you are having trouble finding some. If you would like to see them, let me know.)

4. Are you comfortable with violence in rps, sex, reverse rape(female has sex with an unwilling male), playing two main characters, incest(adopted sibling?)

5. Are you open to  playing a tall and older main character(s) (5'11, 6’0-6’5, 29-42)?

6. Are you comfortable playing main character(s) who dominate or  switch and dominate in a story with BDSM(moderate) elements in it?

Note: I am not my character(s), what they like or despise, etc.., is not a reflection of me.  If you don’t want to rp with me or think we won’t be a good match as writing partners in the long run, let me know. If for any reason you want to put the rp on hold or quit altogether as a result of family, work, school, etc.., let me know. It's not fun waiting and hoping for something that will never come in the end. I will send three PMs if I haven’t heard anything from you at all, the first will arrive in a week, a month for the second and the third in a year. If I have received no responses from any of the three PMs, I will assume you no longer wish to rp with me or are too busy and  move on, however if you wish to start a new one or continue, let me know. I will send you a pm of when to expect a reply from me or if I no longer wish to continue the rp.  If you haven’t heard anything from me in three days, a week, a month or a year, send a pm.  Some people prefer to rp with the same or opposite gender due to bad experiences, for comfort sake, etc..
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Re: Crimson Dreams
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Plan 1
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Re: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
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Plan 2

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Re: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
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Plan 3

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Re: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
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Plan 4

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Re: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
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Plan 5

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Re: Crimson Dreams(Modern, Modern Fantasy, Modern Future, etc..)
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Plan 6