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May 16, 2022, 01:59:42 pm

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Author Topic: F wanted for Threeway mff Game of Thrones rp (non-con to extr.)  (Read 688 times)

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F wanted for Threeway mff Game of Thrones rp (non-con to extr.)
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:13:33 am »

Hello E, just a small search thread looking for one more writer to help me and a male partner of mine to indulge in a Three-way MFF rp.

We don't really have many rules.

The only things required are literarcy and a tolerance for dark stuff, since both me and my partner are writers leaning more towards the non-con to extreme section. Though this is not mandatory and can be discussed.

Of course a familiarity with the tv show Game of Thrones would help as well and PM's would be our preferred medium.

Currently there are two general plot ideas we have been hoping to try, both likely more on the short to mid-term length as far as overarching plot goes. Although both of them on the rather dark side of the spectrum.

- Dany/Arya/Faceless Man

The concept here would be set near the start of s7 when Jon goes to Dragonstone to treat with Dany. What if Dany actually decided to execute Jon after he repeatedly refused to bend the knee.

She did the same with everybody else who openly disobeyed her, and strategically it would make sense to destabilize the North so she can more easily take the country. This actually was a genuine worry of Jon's camp prior to his departure to meet Dany, and we'd enjoy playing out this "what if" twist.

Hearing of her brother's execution at the hands of the Dragonqueen, Arya makes for Dragonstone to infiltrate the castle and avenge her favorite brother.

Except, as she reaches Dany's quarters, she get intercepted by one of Dany's private bodyguard and possibly DanyƄs current intimate outlet like Daario has been. A Faceless Man in hiding who was planted in Dany's inner circle to keep an eye on her movements. Given how influential the Faceless Men are as both spies and executioners, it would make sense for them to have an agent close to Dany, to keep an eye on the conquerer queen with her nuclear dragon weapons and see where it leaves themselves as the world changes.

And since Dany dieing would ruin his mission, the faceless man in hiding has to intervene. Especially given Arya's desertion from the Faceless Men for her own selfish reasons, he might want to make an example of what happens to deserting traitors, while at the same time tieing up any loose ends to ensure their Faceless Men secrets not being leaked.

Here I would prefer playing Arya, but can play Dany as well. Though I likely would see a bad end for this story at some point, and am also more than happy to hear suggestions or tweak.

- Hound/Arya/Prostitute

This plot would require us to age up Arya by two or so years as it is based around/right after this scene.

The concept we had in mind was that, after the Hound failed to ransom Arya to her aunt Lysa (after already having failed to ransom her to Robb/Catelyn prior to the Red Wedding) Arya loses all monetary means to him, so he just doesn't care anymore. Rather than saving any more of his money for the upcoming journey anymore, he just visits the closest brothel to vent after arduous months of travel with nothing but disappointment.

Whereas Arya might hate him for having dragged him along all the way for nothing, and lose faith in him and possibly preferring to continue on her own. Yet since she doesn't really have anywhere else to go either and just sticks with him a bit longer until a better opportunity to go elsewhere arrives.

The relationship between the two of them is pretty platonic and entirely non-sexual, and we don't actually want to steer away from that portrayal for the Hound.

So the idea we had was our third writer playing an original prostitute whom is bought by the Hound for a night while Arya just watches or sleep in the same room. The prostitute brings a fresh wind into their dynamic by sparking passion and intimacy between herself and the Hound, with Arya watching on and learning a completely new side of the Hound, and what the term "sex as a weapon" can actually mean, prompting her to want to try herself and force herself in between the Hound and the prostitute, once her curiosity, jealousy or competitiveness is sparked. Because really, the more weapons at her disposal, the better.

This might go all the way to the Hound refusing Arya and her actually threatening to kill the prostitute and escape, to frame the Hound for murder in the brothel unless she gets what she wants.

Here I would again be mostly interested in playing Arya, though happy to take the role of the prostitute as well.

So yes, for any interested parties, feel free to pm me and we can set up a threeway discussion pm string to get the finer details out of the way. =)