Killing Queens ( fantasy action stories)

Started by Spectre, September 26, 2018, 04:37:38 PM

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 Hey guys, looking for something exciting! Take a look at some of my ideas and if anything strikes your fancy, hit me with a pm! Stories are for any kind of character and plot twists and story elements that you want to see are very welcome!

On the Run: (taken, but willing to play several variations)

Today was the day that the Queen ( or king, or princess etc)  was set to die. Rumors flew but the king was stone silent on that "treason" she had committed, many whisper "assault" or "affair" but no one could truly know. Though the marriage once united two old powerful kingdoms, the execution may throw the two right back into the bloody war that the union once ended. Whatever slight or plot that the Queen fell victim too much be worth it.
During the moments right before the execution, one of the other prisoners breaks loose and frees some of the others, The Queen included. Stealing away on a stolen horse, the Queen now finds herself in new and dangerous company. With a second chance at her life, and a strange new friend by her side what will she do? Start anew? Seek revenge? Something more? ( In my brain, the two royals were elves from two kingdoms, Ice/Dusk withe Ice elves being more magic but reclusive, a fading group, and The Dusk elves being traders and merchants that have made ties with the world and are a growing power. Originally the Queen was an Ice elf and the escaped prisoner was a Dusk elf. Not a big part of the story but interesting angle maybe?)
( Fantasy elements and possibility for larger story)

Court of Poisons:
The flowers have bloomed and it high time that The Royal court takes their spring vacation in a countryside manor. Its an idyllic, luxurious hideaway dubbed " The Manor of Death", because the trip also begins the season where political rivals and personal grudges take the form of spectacular displays of violence via poisons and "accidents."
The young Queen, new to court and nervous, knowing there are eyes on her, and not all kind, cozies up to the owner of the mansion home ( a known poisoner them-self) and together they have to survive the season. As they wine and dine and watch each others backs over the next three months, what obstacles will they have to overcome? and beyond that, can they even truly trust each other?
( Alternative Historical style, some violence and political intrigue)

Being a Queen ( or whatever) is actually super boring. Beyond the luxury and decadence, it's a life of duty and sacrifice and beyond that, very restrictive and suffocating. They cant just go or do what they please and frankly, any break-up of the day, be it new nobles in court, a new dress for and event OR A FULL ON ARMED KIDNAPPING AD RANSOM, the Queen will jump into it wholeheartedly. Which,..confuses, the kidnappers to say the least. But being a hostage will afford the stifled queen so very much excitement and agency, She may never go back!
( Looking for action and a bit of comedy here, the idea amused me very much!)

Actually killing Queens
Not to be obvious, but a game where I or we are tasked with killing a Queen, maybe as assassin's or in some other type of dark plots of a court is always fun. Who wants her dead? A scheming mistress? A jealous and power hungry child? The King? Maybe the Queen even wants to fake her death for various reasons! Let's cause trouble in royal settings!