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June 29, 2022, 05:09:26 pm

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Author Topic: NC/Extreme Experiments (( Sylar/Heroes, Anthro, Supernatural, Incest, Romance ))  (Read 768 times)

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These are ideas that I want to experiment with that are more on the extreme end of things. (( Probably more due to violence than anything else. )) Please keep in mind that I don't have full knowledge or experience in these types of stories. I'm hoping to find someone out there who knows more than I do and is willing to be patient enough to share that knowledge while working with me. That being said, thank you in advance for baring with me. If you have any interest please contact me via PM.

Sylar/Gabriel Gray x Original Character - Extreme//Heroes//Romance - Need help creating a story in the Heroes universe

This would take place somewhere after Sylar/Gabriel has the Shanti Virus and is weakened by his wound given to him by Hiro Nakamura. The situation would be similar to when he happened upon Maya. With him finding a girl with powers. However this female is much different from the rest. (( We might even say she is the catalyst later on. )) She has advanced much more than the others. (( Whether because of scientists messing with genetics or the luck of the draw. Maybe having two parents who could absorb powers. )) She has three powers: fire, electricity, and the ability to manipulate shadows into malleable objects. Sylar would want to manipulate/romance her into staying with him until he finds a cure for his virus. However before they would find a cure, they'd be caught by the company. (( Primatech. )) They'd separate the two of them and chaos would ensue as they help Sylar heal. Both she and sylar would have to work to both help each other out, as well as help Sylar fight his hunger. That would be even stronger because of how she has more powers.

This would be a long term roleplay that I would want to develop from one point to another over time. I'm re-watching the series at present, but I have watched up through Season 3 episode 10. I know giving my character the amount of powers is a lot, but I feel she will be all right with Sylar being as powerful as he is. I'd want someone who can pull off the character beyond just his violent side.

(( I'd play the OC in this story. ))

Bastet x Anubis - Extreme//Mythology//Anthromorphic//Shapeshifting//Romance - Need someone to help me write something based on mythology along with Anthromorphic/Shapeshifting characters

In this story I would be manipulating some of the mythology I've seen to better fit the story. Sekhmet being as violent as she is, it was only natural that she wanted Anubis as her own. She would constantly be trying to force herself on him, perhaps they are even betrothed because of Ra. As cold and unmoved as Anubis is by Sekhmet, he finds himself drawn to her sister Bastet. The goddess Bastet much more timid and mild in comparison, likely abused by her older sister. Sekhmet likely kills all of her offspring she has with Anubis which drives him further away from her. The two would have to find a way around her sister, Anubis wooing Bastet romantically. In the future they would likely face Apep as an enemy.

It is possible that they might be shapeshifters, depending on whether we want to include human interaction or not. They would be mostly human in design with their heads that of the aligning animals to the gods/goddesses. They'd probably have talons but I am undecided on tails/fur. I would likely want Anubis not to have fur, but Bastet and Sekhmet might. They might also shapeshift into truer animal forms. (( Cat, Lioness, Jackal, so forth. ))

(( I'd play Bastet in this story, so I'm looking for Anubis. Others would be NPC. ))

Artist Brother x Sister - NC//Incest//Romance - Need a person dedicated to actually romancing and seducing a sister rather than just jumping straight into intercourse

This story is going to be full of romance and subtle seduction. It is for someone who enjoys pleasing women, knowing they aren't going to get an immediate reward other than seeing the woman aroused or happy. The basis of this story is that there is a brother who loves doing erotic art. He's very hands on with his art. He loves seducing woman after woman and driving them to complete and total ecstasy. Painting their bodies in his release. Taking Polaroid photos during the process to make sure he can carry on every moment of lust into his real paintings. He makes masterpieces that sell for millions. Living most of his life in a large studio with his erotic photos hanging off of strings everywhere and paint splattered across the walls with a bed that was just as stained.

One day he invests in a villa, inviting his sister to come live with him. Knowing that all she had ever known was a very quiet and reserved life, where she lived from paycheck to paycheck. He'd always kept his life and wealth a secret from her, but now that he had saved up enough he felt that he could finally indulge in what he wanted. Taking care of her. Giving her the life she deserved, rather than what life had given her. He would take her on dates, out on boat rides, more than he had ever done for any of his previous lovers. He had never kept a girlfriend, because he never could really fall in love with them. He admired all of their beauty but... they didn't have the heart he wanted. The heart he sought was bound inside of his sister. Which is why he wanted her to be his final Masterpiece.

There would be a lot molestation and easing into physical things. Growing into fingering her and using toys on her, but always when she was awake. Never under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I want him to really love and care about her. There would be exhibitionism, filming, voyeurism and other similar things included in this.

(( Looking for a brother for this. ))

Vampire x Wolpertinger Woman (( Mad Scientist's experiment )) - Extreme//Supernatural//Romance - Need help getting comfortable writing a creature in a supernatural world

The Wolpertinger was a beast of no solid form for how the truth of it's body changed from person to person when tales were told. However, one man decided to make what was merely word of mouth into a reality. Kidnapping an innocent woman from the local village, he was determined not only to modify her into a unique creature but also find a way to give her eternal life. Mixing up samples from vampires that he had gotten from vampire hunters along with the essence of a seraphim he had ripped apart. He soon had his monster. An elegant woman as the base with antlers, along with functioning rabbit ears and wings. She was much more sensitive to noise than he expected, and as a result when she was brought out of her sedated state she was frightened. Tearing her creator to pieces with the fangs he had given her from a vampire, she ran away into the woods.

Learning of this abomination that the mad scientist had created, the vampire clans sought to hunt her down and kill her. They tried for years, even centuries to find her until she became just like her predecessor. Not but a legend. She lived deep within the woods, becoming more savage the longer she lived on her own. There were very few who still tried to theorize as to how to catch her or even locate her. Those few wrote books that were left behind for their heirs, with pages saying that it might be possible... that were they to stain lenses with the essence of a seraphim and the blood of a vampire, they might be able to look through them to find her. Ages after, a decedent discovered this passage and decided to put it to the test. Wanting to prove their friends wrong in a bet and defend their ancestor's name. When the vampire looked through the lenses however, they found that it wasn't the creature they could see but violet luminescent markings where the creature had stepped or touched. Deciding to go on a hunt for the creature with his friends in want to finally do what others could not and have the creature's head on a pike, he finds that the creature is more than just a monster.

This would deal with very violent bloody gorey type vampires with sharp nails/talons, but of course their home life would be in fancy mansions hidden away from humans. (( Well they might have a harem of humans they feed off of. )) It would be a world where in general supernatural things are meant to be kept secret, which is all the more reason they want to kill the Wolpertinger. He'd have to hide her, but he would end up trying to romance her. I'm not sure what era I might put this in, it might be in the past or the future.

(( Looking for the vampire in this. ))
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