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June 19, 2021, 09:52:32 am

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Author Topic: A place to call home (M looking for F)  (Read 537 times)

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A place to call home (M looking for F)
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:16:31 pm »
A lifetime ago he had left his small hometown with hopes for a better life. Believing the promises made by recruiters, wanting to continue his family's legacy.
His father, his father's father, his... well, mostly every man in his family before his time had been a military man of some sort. Fighting in first world war, second world war, the Vietnam war... The family reunions seemed more like an endless listing of battles and deployment dates than anything else. Where some families remembered fondly when little Bobby had taken his first steps or that time Linda and Sam somehow burned up the stew and everyone had to go out for pizza, his family instead recalled their experiences on the front, the brothers in arms they had lost along the way, the time they had managed to get out of harm's way just in time when someone from the enemy lines had decided to throw a grenade at their outpost.

Now he was back. Back with the jaded outlook he never believed a guy like him could view the world with, back with the realization that he had been lied to. Perhaps sometimes war was fair, perhaps sometimes war was necessary. But he had been forced to see children dying, he had seen mothers grieving children not much older than the kids currently playing on the playground in his hometown. He had killed people he was certain were not trying to harm him, following orders he wasn't certain he agreed with.

So when he had received that darned bullet in his leg, he had been glad. It was a hero's way out. He was not called a coward for trying to drop his duty, he was not court-martialed for trying to dessert, he was a veteran who would never walk without a limp again, with a badge of medal in his bag and a congratulatory letter for his bravery in his record.

What was he supposed to do now? Go back home? Find a new town to call home? Did it even matter? He was not the same man he was when he left a decade ago. Was there truly a place he could call home any longer?

So I'm looking to play a jaded, not-quite-handicapped but certainly still in rehabilitation ex-soldier. He might be suffering from PTSD, that is to be discussed, but what is sure is he is now a far cry from the eager and perhaps even sweet 19-year-old guy he was when he left. His humor will be dry and sarcastic, his view of the world grimmer than perhaps it should.

He will be a troubled young man, but perhaps hide his pain behind a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and a cynical approach to life.

I am looking for this to be a relationship-centered rpg, a romance blooming between this man and a young woman. Is she a girl from his hometown, someone he had a relationship with, someone who moved to his hometown since he moved out, or perhaps she is someone who lives in the new town he moves into instead?
I am picturing this taking place in/near a farm. He would have grown up on one, and though he can't quite ride horses and lift weight as he did when he was a kid, it's the only other life he knows. Of course it could be a small town with farms around it, that's fine as well!

Another option is for him to have been a pilot for some branch of the military and working currently in private charters or something of the sort, just an idea not to dwell in the farm-cliche.

If anyone is interested in this basic concept and wish to discuss it further, please do not post in this thread, but send me a PM!
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