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Started by pdragon, September 19, 2018, 09:12:58 PM

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Hello, I already have a regular request thread, but I'm currently seeking a very specific ideas in particular. A romance between a boy and his childhood friend...who just happens to be a total slut for futanari cocks.

But first, the usual basics.

Experience/Writing Style: I've been RPing more or less constantly for about 10 years now. I consider myself to be a proficient writer, though I would say I excel more at concept and ideas than at technique, so a few spelling/grammatical errors may slip through from time to time. Typically I find the 2-5 paragraph range to be the most comfortable for posts, though mostly it depends on what I have to work with.

RP location: I pretty much stick to just forum rping. I tend to be in a lot of games at any given time, so its easier to keep it all contained within the site and in my bookmarks so I can keep them all organized. Rping via pms can sometimes just be too hard to follow and keep straight, and games off site are just a no in general. 

Post Frequency: On a good week I tend to post every 2 or 3 days, though depending on how busy things become IRL I may resort to checking in once a week instead. I try not go a full week without posting something, but sometimes things come up or motivation becomes low, apologies in advance for any inconveniences.

Pictures: I tend to prefer using anime/drawn pictures when rping, or just none at all is fine as well. I don't do real life pictures at all, because I find it weird to use an actual person's face when rping, especially in a more sexual context.

Quick O/O

Ons: Oral of all kinds (including rimming), Anal, group, gang-bang, rough, outdoor, light bondage (no pain emphasis), pet-play, food play (particularly using cum as/on food), cum play, large cocks, unsafe sex, breeding/threat of impregnation, non-con, curvy/well endowed characters, thighs, moderate corruption/degradation.

Offs: heavy bondage, excessively mean doms (unless part of a larger character-arc), orgasm denial, my character being forced to drink their own cum, feet, blood, guro, scat.

The Story

A young man (referred to hereafter as "MC") has just transferred back to his home town during his final year of highschool. The school in question, Black Rose Academy, was originally an "all girls" school, that has just recently shifted to allowing in male students. MC is excited to be attending school back in his home town, not just for the nostalgic memories, but because his old childhood friend ("FC" for short) just so happens to be attending Black Rose, and after years apart they're finally able to reconnect again. It doesn't take long after they start hanging out for old, unrequited feelings to start bubbling to the surface, and within just a few weeks of transferring the two confess their love for one another and start dating.

Of course not everything is as perfect as it seems, as two big secrets mar what appears to be the ideal highschool romance. The first pertains to the school, for while it had labeled itself as an "all girls" school for all these years, in truth they also accepted a high ratio of futanari students as well, about 40% of the girls at the academy coming equipped with a little...extra. The second concerns FC herself, though closely ties to the first. Because of the high population of futa among the student body, and the notoriously high libido a herm faces during puberty, promiscuity and casual sex is quite common throughout the school, and making oneself..."easily available", is one of the easiest ways for a girl to gain popularity quick. There are entire cliques dedicated to appealing to and servicing the futanari students, though even amongst them FC is considered a massive slut. While she carries herself as a laid back yet proper student, in truth FC has actually slept with almost every futa in the school, and is even popular enough to charge for her services. Beyond even that she actually works for a brothel/dating service part-time that specifically caters to futanari clientele, and is constantly in high demand due to her young age, beautiful body, and willingness to do just about anything, no matter how raunchy or degrading.

Obviously if MC knew about any of this it could cause quite a problem for their blossoming relationship, which is why FC isn't keen on letting him know. Despite this, FC makes no attempt to actually end her extra curricular activities. After all she makes good money doing it, and to say she enjoys it would be a massive understatement. As such she finds herself trying to juggle her pure, loving relationship with her new boyfriend, with her depraved, slutty job servicing strange, horny women. It leaves her feeling a bit conflicted. She really does love her childhood friend, and appreciates just how much he treasures her, yet that "cleanness" of their relationship is what she enjoys about it the most, knowing that he really does love her for her and not just her body. Thus she doesn't want to show him her more slutty side, instead keeping their relationship mostly chaste. Not to mention she worries that after years of sleeping with well hung futa...well her male lover just might not compare.

Of course she'd be lying if she said the situation didn't also really turn her on, the added knowledge that she was betraying her boyfriend's trust making each sultry act that much more thrilling, the fact that she was letting random strangers use her body like a cheap piece of meat, yet he would blush and get excited just from holding hands or getting a kiss on the cheek, not letting him see and touch the parts of her body she so eagerly gave away to others...it triggered some strange mix of sadism and masochism deep inside her. And while she knew it was absolutely horrible, she couldn't deny how much she got off on it.

So for this story one player would be taking control of the female childhood friend, and the other would be playing both the MC and the various futas the FC finds herself involved with. I'm willing to take on either role(s), with a slight preference towards playing the FC. This game would be pretty heavy in smut and kinks, focusing mostly on the FC's escapades, and her dates with MC, both their normal and straight foward ones (which will have room for character/relationship building), as well as the ones that get interrupted/perverted by FC's clients. There would be a lot of situations where FC will be answering clients and have to find a way to both service them while also keeping things a secret from MC. Examples could include MC calling her on the phone while she's in the middle of having sex with someone else, a client calling her for a quickie while they're in the middle of a date and her having to excuse herself to go handle it, a client fucking her right before a date and making her attend with a vibrator stuffed in her pants, or even having FC kiss MC after just giving a client(s) a blowjob, the taste of their cum still lingering on her tongue as they make out. And it wouldn't just be limited to her adult clients either, as fellow students could get involved as well. She could be hired to be the "reward party" for the school's sports team, disappear during lunch period to attend to some needy classmates, and even have some of the nastier students threaten to tell MC about her secret to force her to give them a discount for her services.

As you can imagine some light cuckholding themes are a must for this game, though it's more focused on the MC being oblivious and not realizing just how slutty his girlfriend is, rather than actively taunting him or trying to actually steal her away from him. Otherwise the kind of kinks/scenes for this are wide open for all sorts of stuff (see the ons/offs above for a general range).

Variant- Office Lady

A similar set up to the base idea, but instead of a student transferring to a new school, MC is a young officer worker transferring to a new branch of the company he works for. There he discovers he works in the same office as FC, an old colleague/friend that he used to be close with. Day by day they reconnect, and they start up their own little office romance, though they're forced to keep it a secret from everyone due to the policy of inter-office dating. Of course FC is also keeping another relationship a secret, a lot of other relationships actually, as she turns out to be quite popular among all the other office ladies in the building. Like the base concept FC is the office bicycle, and also sluts around on the side (most likely though some kind of hook up app instead of a brothel for this one) to supplement her income and relieve all her workday stress. Figured this would be a fun variant for those who'd prefer older characters and a slightly more unique setting.
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