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May 21, 2019, 12:26:28 AM

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Author Topic: ~Welcome to my chamber of erotic fantasies~  (Read 387 times)

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Offline GreenMoonKingTopic starter

~Welcome to my chamber of erotic fantasies~
« on: September 19, 2018, 03:05:08 AM »
Welcome to my mansion of lust!

Tred with care, lest your senses take you away from the world, into the darkest recesses of your inner mind.

My name is Green Moon King, and I want to thank you for checking out my current list of stories. You'll find as you look through them that they are not your ordinary tale of lust and envy. No, they just might terrify and entice you the more you read them. You'll become slowly bewitched by my sweet words and ensnared into my trap, before you can think of escape.

Tred safely through these waters ladies and gentlemen. For once you taste of its sweet nectar, you will never return again.

Bordeaux d'Illusion:

There have been some inquiries by the bureau to investigate Lambert Abbey. The locals are saying that the old manor is no longer abandoned. They say that a man dressed in black is roaming the halls with a lit lantern. That he is welcoming young ladies into his home, but that they never return from there. We cannot possibly send our men in there to investigate such a claim. It would make us look like fools. So, instead, we will send you there. Yes! You must!

Investigate the manor, sleep there if you must. Make sure to search each crook and cranny for any signs of life. We must shut this case for good. So do not return without evidence.

What is hiding in the halls of Lambert Abbey?
Is it a friendly gentleman taking in poor maidens?
Or is it something more...sinister?
Will take the case?

The Dance of Desire!

A doctor of hypnotic suggestion and psychology has taken you in for your past trauma. However, this doctor will not be prescribing drugs and talking sessions to cure you. No, he would rather ease your mind into a hypnotic sleep and place into your mind, seeds of lust. Slowly the doctor will turn you from a slightly disturbed individual into a cum slut that only obeys his command. You'll be cured of your ills, but now serve as a slave to his desires.

Strange Marriage:

A young man is told by his father that he is remarrying after 5 years of being alone. A strange woman and her beautiful daughter have wiggled their way into his heart. And now they are "happily married". The day soon arrives when the two families will merge. But, the mother and the daughter are hiding a secret, and a desire that will soon consume the entire family into a fit of carnal lust. What could they be hiding? And whom would you play in such a story?

[For this story I am only looking for the female, thanks]

Attack of the plant girl!

A scientist has finally done it! He has made scientient life. Unfortunately, this creature made of leaves, vines, flowers, and human DNA has turned into a beautiful, sexy plant girl. Even worse than that, she lives on human semen. It doesn't take her long to succumb to her hunger and devour her creator's seed. He runs from the laboratory in terror, as she tries to devour him further. Without thinking she corners him in a nearby alley and sucks the very life out of him. Leaving him a husk of a man. Dried and wrinkled. Now the succubus like plant is hungry again, and is attacking any man she meets. Seducing, milking, then eating their life force.

Now she meets my character and at first he seems like a delicious meal, but she soon finds out that he is no normal mortal. And she might have found her mate.

Forbidden Desire:

While performing a play, James Kellmore is partnered with Emily Gray. He will play the prince and she the princess of the play. There is supposed to be a kissing scene near the end. And do Emily invites him over to her house to "practice". However, James soon finds out that Emily is actually a hermaphrodite and is dying to rape both his member and his ass. It is then that James realizes that Emily has been sexually abused and thinks that rape is love. Will he succumb to her advances and be taped into submission? Or will help her see the love in a true friendship and keep his anal virginity?

Emily could also be a full trap if you want.

The Lost Children:

They say that if you call on the demon Kalleb, he will take you away to a world of carnal lust from which you will never return. They say that all your desires will be fulfilled and life will be nothing but sexual bliss and ecstasy. However, your character doesn't realize the true horror of the demon and psychological break down he will thrust into your mind. Until finally you give way to insanity.

Thanks so much for your time.

The Green Moon King
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Offline GreenMoonKingTopic starter

Re: ~Welcome to my chamber of erotic fantasies~
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 01:14:57 AM »
Monthly Bump! Plus I added a few horror themed stories of lust.


Muhahahahahahaaaaa! >:)