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Author Topic: Were-Wolf game from Anita Blake's World *mul m/m*  (Read 1978 times)

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Offline AragemTopic starter

Were-Wolf game from Anita Blake's World *mul m/m*
« on: February 01, 2009, 01:54:37 pm »
Been reading a whole load of Anita Blake and I truly adore the world that she comes from, that I want to play an E game based off that world.

For starters, this game will take place outside of New Orleans and NONE of the Anita Blake characters will make an appearance.  The characters are people who live in the same world, universe as Anita Blake, but don't interact with her or others from the books.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, its the modern world where vampires, were-wolves, witches, demons, and other supernatural are real, but are accepted by society.  Vampires are legal cititzens in the USA, and people who are were-wolves (were-anything, from wolves, panthers, bears, hyenas, and even foxes), are treated like people with a disease like AIDs.  They could loose their jobs for being outed as a lycanthrope.  And for the right price, you can have a love one raise from the dead as a zombie by an animator.

PLEASE be familiar with the novels before applying.  There are rules and things about lycanthropes and other supernatural creatures in Anita Blake World that are different from general rules. 

The Game

The game takes place in the small town of Sweet Paradise, a town with dark secrets of its own.  Dan Brooks was on his way to Sweet Paradise to find work, however, his journey was halted when his tire blew and he ended up on the side of the road.  While replacing the tire, he gets attacked by a rogue were-wolf.  He is bitten several times and clawed pretty badily.  Fortunately, the local police arrived in time, killing the wolf with silver ammo, saving Dan Brooks' life, however, Dan was diagnosis with lycanthrope disease when he recovered from his injuries. 

A devestated Dan Brooks is approached by the local were-wolf pack of Sweet Paradise to join them or at least let them teach him about life as a were-wolf.  The pack is an all male group those who survived were-wolf attacks.  They welcome Don as one of them with open arms.

Another new arrival is Maron, a young man who had been a were-wolf since he was ten.  He comes from a large city, where his pack was brutally killed by the Master of the City's vampires.  He comes to Sweet Paradise for a new home and a new start.

This game is centered toward yaoi or m/m sex.  If that makes you uncomfortable, then please don't apply.  We will welcome both male and female players.  We want to keep this game small, so we'll be accept 2 to 3 players.

And please, be prepared to play more than one character.

We want decent writers.  We'll be checking ons and offs and previous posts to see if you meet our standard. 

Offline JMadame

Re: Were-Wolf game from Anita Blake's World *mul m/m*
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2009, 05:12:17 am »
Mmmmmm. I would love to paly a game set in Anita's wonderful world.
Although I am not quite sure what you are looking for in a "Decent writer". But hey, you'll let me know, I guess. ;) So do you want this game to be all male then?

Offline AragemTopic starter

Re: Were-Wolf game from Anita Blake's World *mul m/m*
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2009, 06:10:13 pm »
Sorry, just check out my ons and offs list to see what I mean.

Offline JMadame

Re: Were-Wolf game from Anita Blake's World *mul m/m*
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2009, 07:39:30 pm »
Well if you might consider me for this game, if it gets going, I would love to try.
That's what I am here for. To make my writing better, and actually use my imagination. ;)