The Syndicate [EX] [F/F] [Neon Noir]

Started by Le Immortelle, September 17, 2018, 03:29:37 PM

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Le Immortelle

The Syndicate

Genre: Neon Noir, Thriller
Pairing: F/F
Forum: Bondage or Extreme
Role Sought: The Wife + The Mistress + NPC's
Seeking to Play: Kalika ‘Kal’ Dutta + The Gypsy + NPC's
Themes: Conspiracy Theories, Blackmail, Organized Crime
Inspiration: J. G. Ballard, Don DeLillo, David Fincher

”Greed isn’t my goddess. She’s my servant and my muse.” – Kalika Dutta

Kalika Dutta is a mid level executive for Atticus Corporation in city of Glacier View. A firm specializing in investment consulting with a vast portfolio spread over the globe. A bright mind that has proven her mettle in multiple departments and knows she should be getting ahead. She wants the corner office, the high life and the sheer rush of power that come from it and the promise of excesses involved in the same. That she should be promoted and given broader portfolios but the simple fact that is preventing is that she is not a white man and isn’t interested in sleeping her way to the top.

Thus, making her a woman who is very frustrated in her life. One day when drinking at her regular joint; upon departure of her friends she finds herself being approached by a mysterious figure who simply calls themselves The Gypsy. They offer to give Kalika what she wants in exchange for a simple thing. Kalika will have to make certain calls at certain points.

Drunk and thinking this to be utterly ludicrous, Kalika decides to humor and consents. Within a week or so, she has proof of her boss spending company money on hookers and drugs. That is enough for him to eventually get the sack and for Kalika to get promoted. Kalika gets a taste of the high life and she begins to spread her wings further and gets to showcase her midas touch to the world.

Fast forward couple of years and now she is living the corporate dream. The big house, shiny cars, vacations to exotic locations you name it. That’s when the requests start coming in. Initially they are pretty innocuous. To hire or fire someone on the lower tier, recommend some stock through a report. Then they begin to get more and more prominent to the point that Kalika is compelled to deny some of them.

She attempts to back out, outright refusing to do some of the more questionable requests. But actions have consequences. Kalika finds her car wrecked, hint of potentially her wife being threatened. She looks up The Gypsy himself but is simply reminded of the agreement. That’s when she realizes she has made a deal with the devil and the network that she’s become part of? It’s been weaved throughout the fabric of the city, it has installed the people that it wants in positions of prominence and has largely maintained strong control over what happens and doesn’t happen in the city.

Suddenly her much coveted corporate life has taken one hell of a turn as her dream becomes a nightmare. A ride that you can’t quit because the only way out is death.

Seeking partner to play:

Stella Nelson - The Trophy Wife: The perfect companion in every way imaginable to Kalika. There to hold her hand at the parties, give smiles for photo ops, the diligent and loyal wife to the rising corporate star despite of all the flaws in Kalika. They’ve been married since a while. The relationship has seen its ups and downs but has still sustained because deep down Stella knows she’s the perfect submissive to Kalika’s dominant and vice versa.

Pictures of Stella Nelson

The Mistress: This is a wild card. It can be anyone but what I would want is for her to be connected in some capacity to The Gypsy. Kalika womanizes. A lot. Knowing that, perhaps The Gypsy installed her in Kalika’s life. However, that also means he has some leverage on her as well. I love the prospect of them realizing they’ve both become pawns and trying to find a way out of this maze along with Stella.

I would like to take time to set this world up, starting from general focus on Kalika and Stella’s life, the environment around them and how Gypsy comes into play etc. instead of jumping directly into the mystery. There will be underlying hints of that peppered throughout until the universe of the tale is ‘inverted’ so to speak because I think it makes for better storytelling in general by giving us scope to chart the evolution of all the players involved.

Please note that the gender of the player is irrelevant to me as long as you get the character right.

Pictures of The Gypsy

Le Immortelle

Bump as it has been over two months. Still very much looking for takers!