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March 02, 2021, 08:09:37 pm

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Author Topic: Canon characters looking for a good story (M looking for F)  (Read 761 times)

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Canon characters looking for a good story (M looking for F)
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:44:36 pm »
Thanks for peeking into my request thread :)

Here I will be posting a list (and possibly a few story/plot ideas) for canon characters from unrelated book/tv show universes I'd be interested in playing. Most of them will be male and I am looking for a female character to play alongside them.

In certain settings, I do tend to have a preference for my partners playing non-canon characters, yet that's certainly up for debate!
If anyone is interested in the ASOIF universe, I have a special thread for that setting, and you can find it here.

So, without further ado, I'll begin with the list, which I hope will grow in time:

Dr. Spencer Reid

Geeky, awkward and impossibly adorable (adorkable?), Spencer Reid is the youngest member of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. I would very much fancy playing him alongside either a new member of the BAU, or a character similar to Lila or Maeve.
For this one, I would very much prefer for my partner's character to be an original one, without any connections to the show, although I'm more than open to her being loosely based on one of Spencer's love interests during the show.
I'd lean toward playing a younger Spencer during his first years in the unit, rather than the older agent, but I'm open to discussing this fact.

This is because I find the idea of playing the more socially awkward and still green young man in his early 20s more interesting than the more confident and perhaps jaded Spencer, especially after Maeve's death and his stay in prison.

Tate Langdon

I know this one is a controversial one, since the young teenager is basically a mass killer. That particular side of his background can be altered to be less gruesome and unforgivable, or rather be a story about him trying to corrupt the newest teenage girl to live in the house he died in, or/and him trying to find redemption after falling in love for the first time in his life... or non-life, rather.

This is not an excuse for this kind of horrible act of violence, but this is a twisted and dark character I find quite fascinating and compelling and would very much enjoy playing him against a young and confused girl who can either help him see the kinder side of life, or who can fall in the clutches of a monster, depending on what my potential partners are looking for.

I'm open to having her be either the daughter of a new family moving into the house or perhaps the youngest member of a group of friends who move into the house, perhaps her being the sibling of one of them, being a teenager or in her early 20s as opposed for the older bunch of housemates.

Dr. Gregory House

I've always been fascinated by the sarcastic, brilliant, egomaniacal genius doctor who worried more about the puzzle than the actual patients, being so jaded by the lies of the world around him and his own emotional baggage that he came to believe everyone around him lies. Emotionally crippled, he finds a way of ruining each and every relationship he enters, no matter how much he seems to love that particular woman.

Deep down, though, there are emotions which are far easier to be stirred inside him than he'd care admit, perhaps more so in the earlier seasons and during his relationship with Lisa.
I am not interested in playing him along any canon characters -though I could make an exception for an early-in-the-show Cameron-, as I would prefer to play the brilliant doctor along some new woman in his life. That being said, I would not be opposed to my partner creating a character based around Cameron or Cuddy... or perhaps a female Wilson?

A particular idea I had a while back was inspired by a chapter in which House tricks Wilson into believing he had been a father and the kid only now shows into his life. What if it had been true, but instead of it being a child or a manipulation House created to show a point, it was real: a young woman in her early 20s shows up, the daughter of a fling Wilson had during his college years?

What if her mother passed away or finally revealed the identity of her father, and she wants to get to know the man who was not there through her entire childhood? What if she has to learn to deal with House at first to be able to have a relationship with her dad, but as time goes by, she begins to develop feelings for her father's best friend?
Just a thought, I'm open to other ideas. She could be a new member of his team, a former patient returning for some reason or another, or even a new patient who simply does not leave his side after she's been treated.

She could also, though, be a character inspired by, or a new version of, Dominika, a relationship being born out of complete convenience on both parts, but quickly growing into something more real, intense and confusing to the usually emotionally unreachable doctor.

If anyone is interested in any of these ideas, please do not post in this thread, send me a PM!

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Offline BeccaTopic starter

Re: Canon characters within (M looking for F - canon or original)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 04:50:35 pm »
Sherlock Holmes

He is a  complex, moody, brilliant, eccentric character who has enjoyed a wide array of adaptations in plenty of different media: books, short stories, movies, tv shows. There is a reason why writers, studios and actors keep going back to him over and over again in an attempt to awe an audience. Sherlock Holmes is an impossibly fascinating man, and I would very much enjoy creating my very own version of him.

I am willing to play Sherlock Holmes both in a more modern setting (similar to BBC's Sherlock), or in the time period he originated in, this remains to be determined depending on my partner's preferences. My adaptation of him will not be entirely like the Sherlock introduced to the world by Arthur Connan Doyle since it would leave no room for romantic entanglements, which I am interested in exploring, nor will he be a perfect copy of the BBC version since, as much as I adore Benedict Cumberbatch's interpretation, there are certain traits I do not fully agree with.

Physically, however, I would very much prefer him looking pretty much precisely like he looks in BBC'S Sherlock, though perhaps a bit younger.

What I am looking for is a Lady to play a female version of Watson. I am not interested in a M-M pairing, so a male Watson would not work in this particular setting. I would very much enjoy begining the story when they meet, and though it's not necessary they live together as housemates, it would make the story easier. I'm open to her moving in downstairs instead, that could certainly work as well.

I would prefer him being in his late 20s or early 30s, as he is supposed to be around that age when he and Watson meet. Though it is not mentioned exactly how old he is at that time, Holmes is supposed to have been born around 1854 based on his being "a man of sixty" in His Last Bow, which is set in 1914. Since they meet in 1881, in a Study in Scarlet, he would have been 27 years old then and not a middle-aged man like many depictions show him as.

Anyhow, I'm rambling about inane details. What is important is that I'm looking for a Lady interesting on playing her own version of Watson or another kind of non-canon character which would fill the bill as his companion in adventures.

Offline BeccaTopic starter

Re: Canon characters within (M looking for F - canon or original)
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2018, 05:03:39 pm »
Doctor... who?

What truly fascinates me about the Doctor is how utterly different each incarnation turns out to be, and how each of them still hold the very essence of what the character is, the basic traits which make him the savior, the healer, the messy and eccentric man (or woman now!) the public has come to adore.

I would be interested in playing only two of his many incarnations, yet could be talked into going for a third one instead, depending on my potential partner's preferences. Tennant and Smith would be my favorite ones, the ones I feel I could more compellingly write as, yet I am not opposed to trying my hand as Capaldi if anyone was interested in an older doctor.

That being said, I am also deeply interested in playing a new incarnation, and it could very well be both a he or a she, I have no preferences on that regards, so could adapt to my partner's preferences when it comes to my character's sex, if they were to be an OC.

As for the companion, I'd really prefer an original character, though I could go for Amy or perhaps Clara if my partner was truly set on playing them.

I would be assuming a bit of a GM-style role for this particular rpg, given that the companions are more often than not let in the dark of what truly is going on during each adventure, having to rely on their wits, charisma and sometimes dumb luck in order to keep up with the Doctor and survive.