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Started by NoraVonElliquiy, September 16, 2018, 07:07:26 PM

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"So What Is This About?" says you.

So maybe this is a Victorian-esque or Steampunk-esque setting,  some sort of setting where we can let some fantasy mingle. There are gender roles in play, but most women are equal and can hold down some jobs as men can in the country where my character is from. Class issues are a different thing entirely, though. One of those places where class issues are a big deal in this country is within the Navy!
Anyway, gender issues may be different from country to country in this universe. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

About My Character

My character is a woman who just got out of Navy school with her best friend, a man who is the son of her father's best friend. The woman is a top-of-the-class navigator, so she'd be a pretty big asset to any ship she'd get on. The man just gets a higher rank immediately because, well, both woman and man are from different classes. The dude in particular but they've grown close. Somehow strings get pulled that they're on the same deployment so they can be together, and they're both on the same ship when it gets sabotaged by pirates.

Anyway, the woman, while trying to go under deck to tack care of something during the raid when she gets stabby-stabbed in the shadows. She passes out as her attacker flees, and she wakes up on the boat of the pirates that sabotaged them.

About The Pirate Captain (Your Character)
After my Navy Navigator Lady is stabbed and left for dead during the pirate sabotage, she wakes up on the pirate boat. Turns out she was found and taken as a hostage/not-hostage of the pirates that attacked them in the first place.

The captain (that's your character!) is the one who is next to her as she wakes up, and he's like "LOL, I noticed you were a navigator! And I saw that you were a really good fencer. So, you work for us now." Obviously, my gal is going to resist, but too bad, she doesn't have a choice.

Really the captain saw that the person who stabbed her was someone on her crew who betrayed her, and he knows what betrayal like that feels like. Maybe he gets a fondness for her since she is both really intelligent and he knows what it's like to be a lower class and have to work up? I'm sure you'll have an amazing idea that will make it work.

Okay, So Here's The Actual Plot...
The Navy and the Pirates are all after the same thing. Maybe it's treasure, maybe it's a destination. Either way, this makes this all complicated for my Navy Navigator lady because she now has to work against the team she originally signed up for. Along the line, however, she realizes that the pirates aren't so bad after all, so she resists a little less. Then, being the new right-hand man of the captain, she probably grows close to him and fond for him, as well. And, you know, romance.

BUT not only is the Navy now after the pirates in question, the man who is the woman's best friend is looking to avenge her because he thinks she was killed and thrown overboard. Then maybe he realizes that she's with them and tries to rescue them. I'm not sure.

Other Stuff
-I write anywhere between 200-500 words per post, sometimes longer, especially if it's a starter.
-I don't care what gender my partner is, but I will have to play the female character.
-I don't write sex scenes with my partner, but my characters won't be lacking in sexuality. Seriously, romantic tension and sexual tension are my favorite.
-I'm pretty damn chatty and friendly. Come say hi.

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