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August 19, 2019, 05:22:04 AM

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Author Topic: Figment’s Fantasy Fix (Looking for a casual Fantasy sort of group)  (Read 268 times)

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Offline FigmentTopic starter

Hello! I’m fairly new here on E, so forgive and correct me if I’m doing anything unusual or out of order. While I have done some one on one roleplays, I’m definitely more of a group type- or multiple characters played at the least. That said, I’m really seeking to join or I suppose start up a fairly casual fantasy or supernatural kind of roleplay to do on the side of my more regulated/structured roleplay.

As far as things go, I’m basically looking for anything without heavy guidelines and rules (no dice, simple character sheets, etc.) That isn’t to say I want a total free for all with anything goes powers and doing whatever with 0 communication, I just want it to be fairly free form. That said, I’m not super picky in regards to what kind of plot and can give anyone interested their pick for what OC(s) of mine I would use.

I would prefer something more long term and open ended- probably something where plotlines can be done in arcs and we can start up a new one once the current story finishes. I’m open to all kinds of ideas, but I can list a few here to give an idea of what kind of stuff I’m looking to do:

1. Supernatural Hunters/Slayers Guild or Agency- A group of people who take down bad supernatural beings. This would likely be a modern setting and the groups background and details would be discussed and determined before starting or along the way.  They would likely be one special branch off of a larger agency or else if it is a guild we could come up with why they are doing it/what brought them all together.

2. Magical Girls- A major passion of mine, this one is pretty straightforward. We would play a magical girl team and fight the monster of the week and recurring baddies while going through the troubles of balancing mundane life with our magical egos. Tons of room for character arcs and group dynamics drama in this. I’m also open to some less classic/traditional aspects or even borrowing a canon universe to base ourselves in- However, I would not want to play canon characters as I am definitely an OC type of person.

3. Travelling Party in a Fantasy Universe- A party of people in a magical world who all wind up travelling together and sharing adventures. Pretty simple and generic, but theres lots of freedoms and different directions to go with it.

Those are the sort of thing I’d love to do, but I’m definitely open to other ideas and suggestions! :) I look forward to writing with anyone who may be interested.