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September 30, 2020, 05:21:31 PM

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Author Topic: Defeated Heroine/Villainess (F for M)  (Read 392 times)

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Offline alextaylorTopic starter

Defeated Heroine/Villainess (F for M)
« on: August 30, 2018, 11:52:13 PM »
Hey guys!

I'd like to play a scene as a badass heroine who gets defeated. It could be any setting: fantasy, superhero, sci-fi, horror, alien invasion, post-apocalypse, or just a modern cop & robbers type scene. I could even play the villain if you're into that.

My character would be someone so tough that she's rumored to be invincible. Somewhere down the line, she fucks up. Bad things happen to her. She loses even with the odds stacked in her favor. She might get out of trouble, but it gets progressively darker. Maybe she makes more mistakes, tough decisions, and everything compounds against her.

I'd like an ending in there somewhere. It doesn't have to be death or "breaking" the character, but it's nice if it ends once it can't get any darker.

As for content, let's put this in the Extreme section. I have no intentions of ever going that deep, but who knows? ;)

If you're interested, drop me a PM, and we can work out the details!
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Offline alextaylorTopic starter

Re: Defeated Heroine/Villainess (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2018, 02:56:56 AM »


A heroine/villain has the power to put people to sleep. To do this, she goes into their dreams and distracts them, keeping them from waking up. Some are momentarily stunned, and neutralized by the time they wake up. If she tries hard enough, she can even traumatize, put people in a coma, or convince them, Inception-style, to do what they wouldn't.

This ability has made her near invincible - what does it matter if you have super speed, flight, invincible robots, if someone can just stop you from thinking. But your character has found a way around it, a weakness.

Warrior princess

The crown princess to a kingdom that's always beset by monsters. Might makes right in her kingdom, and all the king's children are expected to be able to take down creatures twice their size or worse.

The crown princess wasn't the first born or Chosen by anyone. She earned the title for being the mosr unkillable of her siblings.Rumor has it that she can catch arrows, arm wrestle ogres, even take a direct axe to the skull. But she gets her powers from a magical source, and it comes with side effects...

Demon Slayer

A century long war between demons and humans is at a stalemate. Demons feed off sin, growing more powerful when fighting evil. They had overthrown cities and tyrants in the first few hours of their blitz. But they were vulnerable against the pure.

The story covers a demon slayer who was raised since childhood to do this duty. She grows up in a monastery, with no distractions, away from money and boys, not knowing greed nor lust. It's said that she's so pure and pious that demons seem to slow down in her presence and her smile is enough to banish them.

The Fleshcrafter

A necromancer is one that brings bodies back from the dead. But even necromancers stay away from the darker art of flesh crafting. The fleshcrafter uses bodies as clay, assembling buildings made from the flesh and bones of animals and humans, and monsters that are the hybrid of both.

A group of adventurers set off to destroy the foul creature. They may have some degree of success at first, but you know how these stories go.

Police chief

The new mayor had promised to cut down crime by half within 5 years. The first thing he did was fire the old police chief, replacing him with a younger, more aggressive woman. The new police chief has acted decisively, arresting and destroying two gangs in her first month. One crime lord has attempted to bribe and blackmail her and was arrested the following week.

Worried, the remaining crime lords call for a ceasefire between themselves to focus on cutting off the new head of police. Murder might be easier but it could make things worse. They had to make an example of what happens when law enforcement steps too far.

Crime lord

Similar to the above, but with a crime lord taking charge of the city. Backed to a wall in desperation, law enforcement takes harsh action on this new crime lord. A vigilante might take matters into his own hands. A mutiny could happen or another crime lord might backstab her when she goes too far.

Offline alextaylorTopic starter

Re: Defeated Heroine/Villainess (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2018, 10:52:19 AM »
I got a lot of responses to this one, way more than I normally do. Sorry if I get back to you guys a bit slow, but I only want to do one RP at a time for the moment. Consider this closed for now.