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August 18, 2022, 08:55:48 pm

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Author Topic: Three New Hairbrain Ideas  (Read 849 times)

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Three New Hairbrain Ideas
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:43:49 am »
OK here a Three more Hair Brain Story Ideas from the Mistress of "Hair Brained Story"

The Naked City

Ms. Lilith Whites (my character) day stated out perfect, she was the CEO of a fortune five hundred company. She had just closed the biggest deal of her life. She had a loving and handsome husband two beautiful teenage daughters, and she was still in her late 30’s, not that she looked it.
That’s was when it happened, at first it seem like a local disturbance down town, near the “underprivileged area” then within an hour it had spread to most of down town. She had ignored it at first, then as it grew I decided “discretion is the better part of valor. She ordered the driver to head for the airport, and called to get the jet ready for a speedy departure.
She sat in the back of the limo sipping gin and complaining. The Limo crawled thru the gridlocked traffic. Finally she fell asleep.
Lilith awoke to find the sun coming up and the limo still on the highway. Her driver was gone, his door open. She looked out across the city, pillars of smoke and large fires were visiable everywhere. She switched on the radio to hear the city had been “quarantined” to contain the violence. Her Smartphone had no signal and the radio warned “people in the city might be on their own for a while”. Then the door opened and a gang of young black women pulled Lilith from the car and began to strip her. The slapped and pulled her hair, finally sending her running naked into the ruined city.
So what will happen to Lilith? Will she be captured and auctioned my a gang and raped, perhaps forced to live on the street, maybe taken in by a perverted bum, forced to please him just for food. Maybe a rival might find her and make her his/her pet in this new city?

Crime and Punishments

The Justice system wasn’t working anymore, the prisons were filled to over flowing with minor and white collar crime, and there simply was no room in the courts or the prisons to hold “Real Criminals”. That’s when it came to the politicians to bring back good old “humiliation” as a punishments. The local progressives of course objected to the idea, but soon they were overridden by the masses.
The community would put “Stocks” in the center of local parks. The criminal was placed into the stocks for three days. Neck, wrist, and Ankles secured. Over view thru the internet on a pay-per-view system ( to help pay for it) They would be left to the tender mercies of the community until released.

Of course there were still complaints about it being “inhuman”  and “savage” so to quiet the naysayers they would run a test case. District Attorney Angela White ( my character) would stand in for the “criminal” for the three days. She of course unbeknownst to the public be in one of the cities safest neighborhood and well guarded. That was the plan anyway.

Someone had other ideas, She arrive to find herself in a decidedly non-white neighborhood. She is quickly dragged from the limo and attached to the stocks by the locals and hooked in. The local decide to give her the real treatment by tearing off her clothes and leaving her naked in the stocks.
So what will happen to our young DA? Raped, Humiliated, Tattooed, haircut ( maybe a Mohawk) or anything they can think of, what will this experience do to the prim and proper DA?

Fair Punishment

Dr. Barbara Black ( my character) a brilliant politician, tried to lead a “Martensitic” uprising with a few hundred followers. The Government destroyed her up rising and put her on trial for treason. After she was found guilty she was shocked to find she was pardoned and released.
Unknown to her she has been infected with a virus that will change the brilliant and strong willed woman into a pathetically stupid and sex starved Bimbo in a short time. The court has arranged for her transformation to be televised as warning to others.

As Barbara is dropped off in the center of a very rough neighborhood, what will happen as she changes from Brilliant woman to craven bimbo??

I know all are pretty bare bones but there they are, Please don't post here, just send me a Private Message
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