Wanna Play? (MetaAugustus' Story Ideas, Cravings and Stuff) [MxWhatever works]

Started by MetaAugustus, August 29, 2018, 05:02:38 PM

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                                                                                                                                  Why hello there! ^.^

Wow, what brings a fantastic person like you down in this here thread?  Well whatever turn you may have taken to get here, I hope what lies inside matches what you've been searching for.  No promises, though.  ;D

Anyway!  Name's MetaAugustus and it is an honor to have you check out my request thread for all things story related.  Check back every so often an I will be updating and amending this as things go along.  I'mma start off with a few rules and requests before I get to the juicy bit.

- Check my On's and Off's found in my signature

- PM me with any ideas or requests you have, I won't be answering anyone commenting on this thread.

- Keep in mind any and all story ideas you see here are simply off-the-cuff ideas.  Any input or editing you have in mind are all open to me.

Now, I'll start with fandom's I'm curious in, then list some other ideas as they come.  Always be sure to check back for more updates!


- Danganronpa  Current Craving, will take almost any idea in this fandom

- Doki Doki Literature Club

- Mass Effect

- Star Wars

- Darkest Dungeon

- The Wire

- Overwatch

- Warcraft


- Fantasy

- Cyberpunk

- Sci-fantasy

- Modern realism

- Historic

- Wartime

With that, I currently don't have any specific pairings at the time.  If anything listed above floats your boat, shoot me a PM and we can see what happens.  Happy hunting, fellow Elliquians!