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January 22, 2021, 10:20:38 PM

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Author Topic: Submission Chronicles || Dame's FxF/NB D/s Search Thread  (Read 400 times)

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Offline la dame en noirTopic starter

Submission Chronicles || Dame's FxF/NB D/s Search Thread
« on: August 29, 2018, 01:26:54 AM »

Welcome to my small blurb thread dedicated to stories about dominance and submission. I only have a few stories going on right now and I’ve been looking to write a few more long term stories that not only have great plot, but also smut. The focus (or dynamic) of these stories are D/s relationships. Another thing I would also like to point out is that the gender dynamic is restricted to FxF - or FxNB pairings. Unfortunately, FxCis-Male pairings are not something that does it for me anymore. Those are pairings that are the majority on E and also what I’ve written 90% of the time a few years back. Now, I’m strictly on the Queer side of things and much prefer it that way.

What to expect

Game Pace: I will try post everyday if I can - basically, as much as you(the writer) does. So, honestly, there is absolutely no pressure. I’m a pretty busy person and will try my damn best to keep you updated via PM, Discord, or A&A.

Post Length: I’m all about quality over quantity. I’m involved with my writing partners - planning, character growth, etc. I want the stories to be as interactive as possible.

Communication: Discord is my go to for communication, but if that does not work for you - PMs are fine. Some might find me a bit paranoid, but I like to know the bits and pieces of our characters and some of the plot before we dive in. If you are passionate and involved, I feel a bit better when we get started.

Characters: Depending on the genre we’re going for - I will absolutely expect that you use something you’re comfortable with. My restrictions are very few - Pornstars(no) & Anime(no). If you use Charlize Theron as a faceclaim, I swear to you I will give you anything you want. But honestly, descriptions are fine too. But just be as free and creative with your character’s appearances & personalities as you want.


Victoria and Abigail are different peas of the same pod - but wouldn’t know it. The two attend Ashton University for the same goal, their college degree. Victoria, the ambitious young woman with a steady 4.0, good-looks, and spot as Class president - everyone seems to know who she is - yet, she doesn’t seem to mingle much. Abigail, on the other hand, is far different. The girl is smart - steady in grades, and not bad to look at either. And nothing could make them more different. Some might say the whole thing that they have in common is their shared involvement in the BDSM community. Abigail is an out and proud Lesbian, while Victoria is rather quiet about sexuality. However, the both of them share something far more intimate, something they don’t even know they did -

Not yet, at least.

  • College Students
  • Lesbians, Victoria isn’t necessarily closeted - but not out either
  • Victoria, while ambitious - beautiful - and outgoing, is rather uptight and too into her work.
  • Abigail, a hardworking student(major is your choice) who can still manage her social life.
  • The two of them cross paths online, not realizing that it’s, well - them. To make the connection better, they could share a class or club together.
  • Online site is a popular BDSM social media website(like fetlife)


It’s a game - a game that doesn’t end with just you getting away. The game begins and ends with you becoming completely and utterly subservient to me. Your fears, your insecurities, and your darkest desires - I know them all. Whether or not you tell me is only a matter of time. You signed this contract when you let me in. You gave up your restrictive, routine, and vanilla life when the signature touched the contract. The game starts now. I’m your predator and you are my prey, little lamb. Please, please - put up a fight.

  • A woman signs up into an extreme Predator & Prey game that has very few restrictions. This means, that the prey can set those restrictions, if she pleases.
  • She signs up looking for something different and with a rather mediocre life, doesn’t realize what she gets herself into.
  • Her limits were: no snuff, death, cutting, toilet play, animals, or deep cutting.
  • She signed up to not only find herself in an adrenaline rush of a chase - but to find herself a 24/7 Master & Slave relationship(or in this case Mistress & Slave).
  • The Predator is up to you, but I would prefer that she is played in the most ruthless way possible.
  • This game will require a lot of communication & plotting before(but not too much, so don’t worry)

Generic Pairings that need a Plot

Warlord & Daughter of Rival Gang
Queen & Servant
Detective & Rookie Cop (Cyberpunk)

Genres I love Writing In

Cyberpunk <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Fantasy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Modern <3 <3 <3 <3
Sci-Fi <3 <3 <3