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Author Topic: Witchcraft or a bit of Fantasy. F seeking M or F  (Read 552 times)

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Witchcraft or a bit of Fantasy. F seeking M or F
« on: August 28, 2018, 10:08:08 pm »
Hello everyone! I am combining several of my threads as well as posting some new ideas. So everything you may need to know about me is here.

I have been role-playing for about ten years! Been doing erotic role-play for slightly less than that. I love to write new stories and hope that you feel free to reach out to me.

As far as the actual role-playing here are the mains points:

I don't really have very many limits! But the ones I do have are hard limits. So feel free to check out my F-List.

I can double as well.

Also, If you have someone you want in as well I am okay with having multiple people in the same RP!

So without further delay here is my rather long list. Some of these have a lot of story, while some are meant to be more quick smut or just a tidbit to expand on.

Really craving some adult content in the Harry Potter universe right now (Original Characters, not cannon)

Witchcraft and Wizardy

What if the world of Harry Potter was just a tad bit more perverted.

I am looking for a very creative and wicked partner for this game.

The main idea behind this is we will be in a school of wizardry of our creation. Your character will be a student in this school. Through maybe rejected advances, or just a competitive streak your character has found himself a young woman as a rival. After a frustrating year you have decided enough is enough, this bitch needs to be taught a lesson. Especially since you have been coming up with some much more fun uses for magic. Some modifications and humiliation will be a good start, but she will be completely broken by the time you are done with her. But why rush things? There is no hurry. Not when here gorgeous younger sister starts school this year and was just assigned to your house. There is also those friends of hers and a plethora of other female students. On top of this most of the staff has been oddly replaced with very attractive women. There is clearly something going on behind the scenes, but with this many options, this school just became a kingdom.

For this idea I am looking for someone creative. I don't want this to be the same time of non-con or mind breaking scenes over and over. I want to work together to come up with all sorts of fun spells, curses, items, voodoo, all sorts of magical torment and fun.

I have already made a rather large female cast for this and will be playing the world around you. Girls will have schedules, some will be available at times, others won't. Teachers may be able to knowingly or unknowingly help you perfect your perverted magic. Some may have bonuses or items to give you. Some may be on to you and may require some breaking themselves. But with the right plan, there is a potential harem before you.

For the right devious mind, the opportunity is limitless.


This is kind of a quick idea I would love to expand more with the correct player.

I am starting a Pathfinder game with some friends and in my planning for the game I can not help but thing what would happen if things were a bit more, perverted.

I would love to get into a more adult style Pathfinder game and am mostly looking for someone to GM opposite my character.

I would love to discuss further if this sounds exciting to someone.

The Spoiled Princess

A king rules over a nation that includes several kingdoms. (Similar to Westeros). He has more land than one man can rule and it is a bit of a struggle at times but he manages. He does an admiral job and has kept peace in the land for as long as he can. He has a wife and a young daughter. He of course has spoiled his daughter rotten. She didn't inherit the King's kindness and his constant praise of her and gifts to her have only made things worse.

The Princess has grown up to be a very beautiful young woman, but also spoiled beyond belief. She if about as egotistical as they come and considers herself greater than any. She is cruel to those she considers lesser than her, which is almost everyone, and has developed quite a reputation to all as being a complete bitch. Her father ignores this though and keeps spoiling her. But her mother eventually suggested it was time for her to start learning how to rule so they get the idea to send her to one of the far off kingdoms which has had some issues and instability lately. Her father, being the kind naive man he is, thinks that a royal touch will fix this so tells his daughter it will be an easy time for her and she will be taken care of.

Unknown to the king was the border kingdom she was being sent to, which it was smaller, had developed an unsavory reputation. It's leaders were corrupt and the  land had become a safe haven for all sorts of criminals and vile people. Almost anything illegal was legal or allowed there, and the whole land knew the princess was coming. So the Princess will be trapped in a land full of people who hate her and would love to see her on her back screaming. Her advisors will have no issue taking advantage of sheltered and naive knowledge. Assuring her that the revealing outfits they have for her were the cultural norm. They would have no issue drugging her drinks or food, or making sure she had no privacy even while bathing or sleeping. They have no qualms about doing all sorts of vile things to her and making sure she made plenty of public appearances even if she did occasionally "lose" her guard.

And this doesn't even begin to take into account the bordering foreign nations she is expected to negotiate with.

In a land full of people who want to degrade and humiliate her, how long can the spoiled Princess survive?



Time: Future

Elements: Action, Adventure, Romance, Danger, War

Your Character:The Military Personnel She Meets

My Character:The Reporter

The year is 2437 and mankind has advanced very far from his first days when he marveled at fire and knew nothing of the lights in the sky. He has found ways to prevent eradicate the worst of possible diseases, he has learned to create clean efficient energy for himself, and he has even found a way around of of the limitations placed on him by Einstein. Thus allowing him to reach out and touch the lights in the night sky that he once could only wonder at.

However despite all his progress and all that has changed, there are still many aspects of man that remain the same and may very well never change. There are still men who seek dominion and control over the lives of others, and so to gain this control call themselves leaders and form their tribes, there is still conflict between one tribe and the next. The only things that have changed are that now the tribes are much bigger, and they call themselves governments. At this point the largest such government by far is the United Earth Federation. The U.E.F. was formed by the largest and most powerful nations of Earth at the advent of faster than light travel as a means for humanity to present a united front against whatever lay in the darkness of space. It's laws and morality were based on the consensus of it's founding members. Those who were unwilling to join this new alliance found themselves economically and culturally ostracized from the rest of the world. Over time these so called 'Separatist Nations' found themselves in a position where there was no real hope of maintaining their autonomy.

But that changed with the advent of terraforming technology. Now a sizable percentage of of the worlds man had explored could be colonized. The few remaining 'separatists' petitioned the U.E.F. for rights to colonize some of these worlds in exchange for their holdings on Earth and promises of allegiance and fealty to the U.E.F. In the eyes of the 'separatists' this was a last chance to avoid eventual assimilation by the U.E.F. For it's part the U.E.F. was glad to see the 'separatists' go and was more than happy to to allow them to colonize and control the least viable of the worlds where colonization had been deemed possible... So long as the taxes from said colonies continued to be paid.

For over a hundred years that has been the state of affairs for man's little corner of the universe. Earth has served as the trade center and seat of government for a system of prospering colonies. But for the past several decades a storm has been brewing. The colonies originally founded by the 'separatists' have come to no longer fear the wrath of the U.E.F. ever since their founding these colonies have only loyal in name alone. Now whispers of secession, and even the the possibility of unified rebellion can be heard. The stage is set, all that remains to be seen is which colony is the first to attempt independence, and what will happen after that.

Ok, so with the setting above in mind. This is the story of beginning of a string of rebellions by the several colonies, some individually and some collaboratively, as seen through the eyes of a young female reporter from the U.E.F. Who has now turned into a war correspondent and is imbedded with several different units of the U.E.F. military from conflict to conflict and campaign to campaign.. This game would be highly story driven with action, drama, conflict, suspense, and the opportunity for smut in the form of romance and possibly the occasionally  non-consensual situation.


Setting:'Zombie' Apocalypse

Time: Modern

Elements:  Non-Con, Survival, Zombie(ish) Survival, Action, Combat, Adventure, Drama, Possible Romance

My Characters: The Survivor

Your Character:  The Infected/Possible Other Survivors


August 8th

-Las Angeles reports instances of  "riotous behavior" from their population.

August 9th

-The 'riots' continue in L.A.

-New York City and Chicago also report 'riots'

-Rumors of extremely strange behavior from the rioters begin to surface

August 10th

-Several more cities within the U.S. begin to report similar riots to those taking place in L.A., New York, and Chicago

-France, Spain, Russia, and China all confirm similar events taking place within their own boarders.

August 11th

-Early in the morning reports of an as of yet unknown disease emerge from Dallas, Tx.

-The Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) holds a press conference that afternoon, confirming the discovery of a new disease which has been classified as Rabies Type II

-Reports of Rabies Type II throughout the United States continue to pour in at an ever increasing rate.

August 13th

-There are outbreaks of Rabies Type II in all major U.S. cities

-The C.D.C. holds a press conference in which it admits that very little has been learned about Rabies Type II thus far. The few details they do know are symptoms,  suspected transmission vectors, and that the disease has been proven to only effect males.

-Rabies Type II is reclassified as the Male Specific Aggression Virus(M.S.A.V.)

August 14th

-Early in the morning President addresses the nation from the Oval Office, during his address he declares a State of Emergency and calls for "calm and order during this time of national crisis." he also assures the general public that the situation is "in hand" and that it will "not deteriorate further"

-Attempts by civilian authorities to control the situation are met with failure.

-The President makes a second statement from the Oval Office, this time declaring marshal law.

August 15th

-Attempts to control the tide of infected continue to fall short.

-The President and his family are seen boarding Marine One, his personal helicopter, from the lawn of the White House. The general public does not see or hear from him again.

August 16th

-Efforts to contain or control the spread of M.S.A.V. have completely failed.

-It has become evident that anyone still surviving is going to have to continue to do so on their own.


The Male Specific Aggression Virus (M.S.A.V.) is a viral infection that is most similar, in it's overall effects, to the Rabies virus. For unknown reasons only males are susceptible to infection. The symptoms of M.S.A.V. are as follows:

Loss of Higher Brain Function: Due to changes in brain and body chemistry those infected with M.S.A.V. suffer from degradation in the neural pathways governing much of the brain's higher level functions. This means that the infected tend to lose most if not all memories, the ability to understand the concepts of right and wrong, as well as much of their self control.

Highly Increased Aggression: The infected also become much more aggressive towards uninfected. This aggression manifests primarily in the urge to violently attack anyone they perceive as not also being infected. But can also cause infected to fight amongst each other, attack inanimate objects, and display other unusual behaviors

Increased Muscle Growth: Muscle growth within the infected is increased markedly, with many of them displaying abilities well outside the norms for someone of their size.

Sterility: All those infected with M.S.A.V. lose the ability to procreate, their sperm cells being unable to fertilize a female's egg cell

Near Pathological Desire to Mate: Perhaps as an instinctual response to their sterility, the infected are possessed with an alarmingly powerful desire to mate.

It's 'Attack of The Sex Zombies!' which actually sums up this idea decently well. I tried to come up with a situation where the idea of mixing a zombie apocalypse with large non-con scenes didn't involve actual dead bodies (or parts of said dead bodies) and this is what I came up with. Basically for this idea I'm seeing the game play out as one (or more) woman's tale of survival in a world overrun with crazed men who above all else seek to force themselves upon her and any other still breathing females. It would chronicle her successes, failures, meeting other survivors, etc. If this interests you please let me know and we can get to planning things out.

Riding Bitch!

Setting:Real World

Time: Modern


My Characters: The Captive

Your Character: The Gang

The Wanderers, were considered by most law enforcement officials to be little more than a myth, and urban legend, a boogie man that other criminals used as a scape goat in order to deflect blame from themselves and also waste the time of police investigators....But she knew better, she knew that they were not only real, but that they also had their hands in nearly every area of criminal enterprise imaginable. She'd figured out that they lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from one area to the next as they ran guns, drugs, women, and anything else that they could sell. Always managing to stay off the radar and making sure that there was always someone else to take the fall when the law came calling. For years they had duped everyone, but now it was time for that to end. All her hours of research had finally paid off, she was set to intercept The Wanderers as they conducted a drug deal in the small town of Ridgewood. By the end of the night she would have proof of their existence and a reputation making bust under her belt. Everything was going as planned.

Unfortunately she hadn't planned on being sold out by a crooked co-worker, nor had she planned on The Wanderers having set up the entire situation as an elaborate trap to capture her and make sure that she would never bring them to the light....

So the basic premise of this idea is that a dedicated police officer (or reporter or private investigator etc.) finds themselves taken captive by a ruthless group of bikers, only to discover that her captors aren't interested in money or a ransoms but instead in using and abusing their new toy. I see this game going into quite a few kinks as the bike gang passes around, humiliates, and dehumanizes our poor captive. If you're interested please feel free to let me know and we can get started.

Big City Dreams

Setting:Real World

Time: Modern

Elements: Economic Survival, Hard Choices, Exhibition, Prostitution

My Characters: The Actress

Your Character: Those she comes into contact with

Anyone who tells you that it doesn't take more than talent to make it in this city is either lying, or selling you something. The truth is that even more than skill, knowledge, a pretty face, or even friends in the right places, it takes luck. A whole lot of blind, dumb luck. Some people who come here have it, others don't. Its the big difference here, it's what really separates the movie star or the hit singer from the men and women forced into 'less reputable' careers. It's what makes your dreams, or your nightmares, come true.

Sadly, she had been blessed by very little luck as of late. It had taken nearly all her money to get here and try to pursue her dream. But despite her talent, and the immense effort she had already put in she had yet to be noticed. Now, with her savings quickly running out, her options were becoming very limited. She would need to find a way to start making money, before she found herself totally destitute.

Luckily, or unluckily, there are always ways for a beautiful woman to make money in this town. If she's willing to swallow her pride....and her self respect.The premise is pretty simple. A woman leaves her home town in search of fame and fortune in Hollywood as America’s next big starlet. But soon finds that making it in ‘The Biz’ isn’t easy. In fact she has yet to land any kind of job despite her so called agent assuring her that things will turn around. Now her money is running out and she has many hard choices ahead of her, from how to literally keep food on the table, (as well as how to keep a place to keep the table in), to how to get noticed in a city where everyone thinks that they’re star material.

This story would be more focused around the female character and her ‘saga’ to become a star, with me playing the main character and you   playing most of the characters with whom she interacts/the world around her.

A Word On A Possible System

At this point I've got a very basic system figured out as a way to create a more 'natural/random' feel for the game rather than making it a 100% per-scripted chain of events. It can be used to keep track of

1. How much money she has

2. How much positive recognition/reputation she has

3. How much negative recognition/reputation she has

These three things can then be used to determine where the story goes. For instance when she begins to really run low on money she will find herself forced to make money any way she can and her decisions/interactions with the game's characters will influence how many good (or bad) opportunities open up for her. If you're interested in it (and want to have a look at what it consists of) then please click the spoiler below.

IF such a system interests you I'd be very eager to play a game using it. If not I'm still quite eager to play this game so please don't feel like it is a requirement.

The System


The money portion of the system is very simple. She will start the game with a certain amount of cash, depending on how quickly we want her to start encountering desperate situations this can be a moderate amount or a very low amount, or somewhere in between. Once we have her amount of money decided we will set the amount of money she needs in order to survive the week. This amount can (and often will) change from week to week. To represent having to pay bills, rent, etc. As far as how long a week in game is in the real world we can set a time scale that fits our posting patterns. For instance if settle into a rate of 2-3 or more posts a day a week could be as short as a few days real time. This element of the system would add a believalbe and tangible drive behind her slowly entering more and more questionable situations in pursuit of money.


This element of the system would help to dictate just what sort of opportunities are presented to her over the course of the game. It would be dictated by her decisions and interactions with other characters and consists of four simple values, one representing the amount of good will another representing the amount positive reputation that she has garnered amongst the people in the business, and the others representing the amount of ill will and negative reputation she has garnered respectively. This would give her actions and choices some weight. For instance working a night at a strip club would probably cause her to gain more of a negative reputation but also could cause her to gain good will if she does a good job/impresses someone important in the crowd. Or refusing to take her turn on the 'casting couch' could gain her positive reputation but negative will. etc.

The Maze

Setting:Real World With A Fantasy Twist

Time: Modern

Elements:Horror, Survival, Monsters, Non-Con, Action, Desperation, Creeping Madness

My Characters: Victim

Your Character: The Monsters, Traps, and Other 'Goodies' That Populate The Maze

Ever since mankind was first granted the secret of fire, he has almost constantly sought more. More experiences, more knowledge, more understanding of his the realm within he exists. Scientists, explorers, philosophers, and many more have made it their life's work to push the boundaries of humanity's understanding ever further, to reveal the next secret, to encounter the next creature, and to catalog the next facet of reality. But, there are things that mankind was not meant to know, things that the human mind simply cannot understand. In the grand scope of all that exists there are sights better left in the shadows, there are sensations that are best never felt, there are ideas that should never be thought, there are corners which should remain unexplored. For in such corners monsters await.

It had taken years of dedicated research, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in field work to finally reveal the location of to what the ancient Mayans had called 'The Door of Souls' but it in the end it had finally been done. The legends spoke of the door as being able to open the way to "The Gods" which was believed to be some form of ancient religious complex. A holy place of ancient culture sure to be rich with priceless artifacts and great insight into the beliefs of a long dead culture. Needless to say the opportunity to be among the first researches to ever set foot in such a place was a prospect that had many within the archeological community practically salivating at the mouth. It was a chance to really discover something new, to be the first set of eyes to gaze unknown wonders. It was something so important that anyone asked to join the expedition would have to be a utter fool, or total coward, not to accept.

It had taken the team several weeks to finally reach the area where the abandoned temple that housed The Door of Souls was located. It had taken a full day to climb the temple, enter it, and descend to the site of the door. In part due to the need to document all the vague descriptions of what could be found behind the door, many seeming to warn against entering it for fear of "The Gods' Wrath." that were spread all long the temple. But now it was a new day and the door stood before the team, ready to be opened, ready to be explored, ready for each excited member of the expedition to finally see what they had traveled all this way for.

....But what if the warnings were more than just myths? What if the warnings that had been written off as simple Mayan religion in fact had a core of truth? What if what lay beyond the door was something that would make all who passed through it regret their decision for the rest of their, possibly short, lives?

My character is part of an expedition to The Door of Souls. They are there to document the mysteries of an ancient civilization, but once they pass through the doorway they don't find an abandoned temple, or a burial ground, or anything at all like what they had been expecting. Instead they find themselves suddenly trapped in a mist filled maze. With no way of knowing how large the maze is or what the correct path out is. Even more troubling is that the maze isn't empty, it is stalked by monstrous creatures and filled with bizarre traps that will do unspeakable things to any who enter their realm in the effort of slowly driving those within the maze utterly insane.

The game would follow my character as she tries to escape the maze with her mind intact. I'm toying with the idea of using a VERY simple system to help determine just how long our character can last before her mind finally shatters and how well she can survive the elements within the maze, though I'm also open to playing this out entirely free form.

Female Warrior
Being a warrior is not easy, especially as a woman! One wrong move and you could be dead, but as a woman it is worse. One wrong move and you could be enslaved, turned into a breeding cow for the demons and hordes of perverted men!

Fall of an Actress
She got her big break, her one chance to prove to the audiences that she was a leading lady! The problem is, the contract she signed was not what she thought it was. It was a gag, a joke by a porn director to celebrate her birthday. He never expected her to sign it and mail it back. Now the actress is locked into a contract, and she can't get out of it … filming a XXX parody, that will ruin her career via a lot of big hard cock.

Secret Agent
I am interested in following the story of a young woman. A fresh (or veteran) agent. She gets a big mission. Perhaps it's invading some corrupt corporate world. Or some sick twisted underground. Whatever the mission, it is bound to hold danger for our young heroine. 

A young woman trapped by a sick perverted mage. With endless spells under his control, who knows what terror awaits her.

A Jedi's Path
A young Jedi receives her first mission and learns the galaxy is a far crueler place than she could have ever imagined.

A new medicine
A young woman, seeking treatment for her headaches agrees to a new program. Only she figures out far too late they have no intention to fix her headaches. But to pervert her mind and body completely and turn the sweet naïve girl into their helpless bimbo

Fall of Samus
After helping humanity so many times, she has been betrayed by the people she protected. It seemed that a member of the government has other plans for the beauty, and they don't involve her every leaving their facility without their permission

The Elevator
She thought she would take a simple elevator ride, but of course, this time, she was destined for ride that was anything but simple and nothing like she would of wanted

Last Train Home
She has gotten on the train to head home, she is in a part of town you normally don't go to. So the train ride is longer then normal, now also it seems that someone unknowingly has targeted her to have some fun with on the train, approaching her while she can't move. 

Turning the tables
She recently arrested a man for a series of crimes, and was going to put him away. As she walks with him though the station the power goes out. The whole thing was a setup by the criminal as he takes her captive and escapes with her, deciding himself and his fellow criminals could use some revenge

The Humiliated Traitor
She is a knight of a kingdom, she spent most of your time out in the country. She just made her first visit to the city, after which the king caught set his eyes on her. The next day she was charged and convicted for treason, with the harsh punishment that goes with it. After the punishment things don't get better as the king gets to decide what to do with her

Unlucky Heroine
She thought she were tough stuff, and that she would put criminals in their place as a new super heroine. Yet, when she goes out, she quickly finds that she is not cut out or good enough for the role of the heroine and she pays for it harshly

Corporate Punishment
She has worked for a important business for a long time, she has managed during her time to raise her way though the ranks. So when she is told of a important overtime meeting she thinks nothing of it, thinking nothing about it being a possible setup for her


She is a new nurse who just started in a new hospital, she notices things seem rather off, but she can't figure it out. That is until one day when she is asked to go to a room only to find it empty except for one doctor who wants to show her the real ways of the hospital

Superpower Scenario

Okay, this one people always seem confused about. There are plenty of scenarios we can do, doesn't just need to be straight up generic. For an example, it can be something as normal as someone just learning their abilities, and using them to molest their next door neighbor/baby sitter. Such can be applied to most any normal setting. Below are by no means all I am open to, just a few examples.

Scenario 1: Only in high school, this teenager is just beginning to realize his potential to use his powers which only started showing up recently. Now, he uses them to get revenge on those that bullied him, especially the annoying girl next door, who had been bullying him for ages, and even lets the entire school know, that his parents have him baby sat by her, even at his age, because they believe they can trust her. (This can go in any direction, multiple characters isn't likely, unless this focuses more about him getting revenge at school.)

Scenario 2: Someone recently moved in next door to my character, and ever since, my characters always get the feeling their being watched inside their house. Truth is, the neighbor is a villain, who recently unmasked my characters identity, whether it was from reading their mind, or something else. Killing the heroine isn't what the villain has in mind however, not when the heroine is as attractive as she is, and there is plenty of fooling around to be had, as well as black mail.

Laura's final tomb
Laura Croft, famous and brave explorer. She heard some rumors about a tomb, supposedly it had fortune like she had never seen before. But what she didn't know is about the evil within the tomb. Once she finds the tomb, there is no escaping it. What is inside the tomb? Monsters that take her and ravish her? Maybe it was a trap set for her? Maybe it's an evil spirit that takes control of her and leads her from humiliating situation to humiliating situation. Options are limitless.

GM/World Scenarios
I am also looking a GM to run a dirty, dangerous world for my character to explore and work her way through. The options are endless for this. I already  have ideas for several types of worlds from Fantasy to Sci Fi. I just need someone to help run the world and see what king of mayhem they can try and inflict on my character.

Or alternately we can maybe do both of our characters in the world together adventuring. ((FxF is preferred for this option though!)

Here is an example of a couple worlds or systems we can run something similar to.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Star Wars: The Old Republic RPG-style (Domination, humiliation, plot options)


This is from a friend I was going to this RP with and he never responded to get it going. It needs a lot of editing work. I will be fixing it up over the next couple days


Star Wars.  Can be either in the Empire or the Republic.

This system is mostly for a female character. I can make a male version.


There are a lot of races in Star Wars - but I really want to focus on a few.  At least for the main female character.  If you want something more here include that in your message.

Here are three races for the Submissive female role I can think of now, (again, message me if you have another idea):


Twi’lek (“hair” is called lekku)

Miraluka (largely humans, but without eyes, see through the force and always cover their eyes)

Possible Kinks:

Various kinks that can be included either as a focus or as an occasional instance.

+Bondage  -  Light to medium.  No total restriction of movement please, but restriction of the arms, chained to an object with one limb, all good.  Some exceptions, but briefly.

+Torture  -  no broken bones, no severe wounds.  I'm thinking more clean torture, stretching, choking, striking... blood only used lightly, something like whipping or spitting blood

+Sex games  -  Toying with someone sexually, having someone participate in a game that sexual stimulates either as desired or punishment

+Sex toys  -  Some device or object used in a sexual way.  Collars, leashes, vibrators, strap-ons for female dominators... more imaginitive devices.

+Sex torture  -  Torture based on sex instead of pain or fear.  Not only rape.  More - triangle horses and the like.

+Slave breaking  -  The act or "training" someone who is desired to become a slave.  Involves breaking the spirit and often various kinds of abuse.

+Verbal abuse  -  fairly obvious.  Insistently insulting someone, harsh tones, coupled with more direct domination is common.

+Kidnapping  -  more of a plot element.  The act of kidnapping someone and imprisoning them for your own purpose.  You want them, you take them.  There is no choice.

+Cages/Chains  -  a method of keeping her where you want her.  To inflict fear or to simply trap them.


An optional kink that deserves it's own section.  Involves abuse that is humiliating, often because others are witnessing it.  Some plot ideas come with this.

+Cage fighting - slaves dress in Hutt slave outfits and battle for the amusement of others.  Wrestling is how it starts.  The winner humiliates the loser in the middle of the ring.

+Slave sports - sports other than the one previously mentioned.  Perhaps a survivalist game, or throwing a slave in a pit with a horny or hungry monster.

+Public sex torture - Sex torture, but in public.  Maybe people pay to see it, maybe it is simply to humiliate her.  Can be slave, revenge, or simply lust oriented.

+"Pay to abuse" - She is placed in a room where people who pay can have their way with her however they see fit.  Can be public or private.

+Blackmail - A less specific plot element, something is done to her and then used to blackmail against her.

Extra Assorted elements:

+Orgasm controller: A device that uses electrical impulses to force an orgasm with the push of a button.  Works like a slave collar, but more of an implant.  May be various settings if desired to force orgasms, hold them back, or to only instill a certain amount of stimulation.

+Hymen regenerator: A device that reverses the effects of sex essentially restoring virginity in females.  Removes the pain of sex, but also makes each time hurt as much as the first.


RPG style rules

As I said - these rules can be followed loosely or strictly.  At minimum - I will require a character sheet with stats.  We may never look at them again, but they will help me (or you) decide when a player is successful at a certain action, and how much to reveal to them through the RP.

Stats are grouped in three types.  Body, Mind, and Allure.

Body Stats affect physical prowess and fitness.   They affect kinetic skills.

Mind Stats affect awareness and intuition.  They affect observation and instinctive skills.

Allure Stats affect how appealing the character is.  These scores are reversed in the sense that higher scores are less desirable.

Body Stats:

Strength: How strong she is and how much force she can put into an action.  Affects melee damage, struggling, and wrestling.

Vitality: How tough she is and how much damage she can take.  Affects how much HP she has and how much a single strike stuns her.

Stamina: How fit she is  Stamina lets her fight longer and harder without weakening.  Affects how much Endurance she has and how quickly she recovers.

*HP = 50 x Vitality score

*Endurance = 10 x Stamina score

Mind Stats:

Perception: How alert and vigilant she is  Helps her make observations, perceive reality, and detect traps and ambushes.

Instinct: How intuitive she is.  Helps her see through lies and bluffs, sense danger, and perceive someone's pure or ill intent.

Willpower: How determined she is.  Helps her resist negative effects and torture.  Also resists "Force" abilities (if applicable).

Allure Stats:

Vulnerability: How vulnerable she appears.  A high stat here encourages others to take advantage of her.

Pheromones: How lustful she makes others.  A high stat here makes more people want to abuse her body and affects how much they want to abuse it.

Desire: How much her body craves pleasure.  A high stat here makes her body more easily react to pleasure.  She may not want it, but her body wants to give in.

Stat Recap:











You allocate numbers by selecting a spread and placing those numbers in the stats you desire.  Some spreads are more balanced than others.

You select 2 spreads.  A Body/Mind spread, which can be used in the Body/Mind stats.  And an Allure spread, which is for the Allure stats exclusively.  Spreads run horizontally.

Body/Mind Spreads

8    8    8    8   6    4

10  10  10  6   4    2

14  14  8    8   4    4

16  12  10  6   2    2

18  14  8    4   2    2

18  12  10  4   2    2

16  16  6    4   2    2

12  12  10  4   2    2

10  8    6    4   4    2

Allure Spreads       

12  12  12

14  12  10

16  10  8

18  8    6

20  6    4

14  14  4

16  14  2

20  16  14

40  2    2


Affect our characters and potentially the plot.  Logically should probably have mentioned this first - but there are stat bonuses and requirements that wouldn't make sense without the explanation of stats.  Requirements always are a single stat value of 8.  If a stat bonus is +2 Body, it affects all three Body Stats.  Same goes for Mind and Allure.  There is a natural stat bonus, and a choice of stats for each character class.

Dancer - Dancing is her life, either as a slave or as a freelance dancer.  Dancing is a dangerous world, hopefully her friends outweigh her enemies.

Dancers can dance for a long time and can be very... persuasive, but her body is very desirable to all who see her.  It makes others want to protect her (usually for their own profit), abuse her, or own her.  Either try to survive as a slave, or struggle for freedom as a freelance danger.

Requirement: 8 Stamina

Stat bonuses: +4 Stamina, +4 Allure

Choice of Stat bonus: + 4 Pheromones, or +4 Vulnerability

Perk: She is more likely to charm someone to do what she wants

Gladiator - She is a warrior who battles for fun or because she is a slave.  She is very physically capable, but lives in constant danger.

Gladiators are trained to fight, either for survival or for sport.  She may try to escape her predicament, or she may fight to be champion.

Requirement: 8 Vitality

Stat bonus: +2 Body, +2 Allure

Stat choice: +2 Strength, or +2 Stamina

Perk: She does more physical damage with melee attacks.

Slave - She is the property of another.  A Hutt, a sith lord, a mercenary.  She is not her own master, will she give in or fight back?

Slaves are born or captured by slavers early.  Who bought or purchased her and why?  Is she behaving to receive bonuses or thought only as an object?

Requirement: None

Stat Bonus: -1 Mind, +8 Desire

Choose Stat: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones

Perk: Her master may abuse her, but they protect her too.  It may be enough to discourage others from abusing her.

Princess - She is well known and has some power.  That power can be a gift and a curse.

She might want to change something politically.  She might be the target to be ransomed or simply kidnapped.  Others might see her as a prize.  Imagine a slave who was once a princess but broken.  Such slaves are highly desirable.

Requirement: None.

Stat Bonus: -Body, +4 Pheromones

Stat Choice: +8 Vulnerability, or +8 Pheromones, or +6 Vulnerability and +6 Pheromones

Perk: More people want to please her, and more people want to see her on her back screaming.

Jedi Knight/Master/Padawan or Sith Apprentice/Warrior/Lord - She is a powerful wielder of the force with the intimidating lightsaber.  Her power is great, but so are her enemies.

Her destiny greatly depends on her rank.  Either way, she will have a mission or goal but others will be working against her.

Requirement: 8 Willpower

Stat Boost Jedi: +2 Mind, +2 Instinct, +2 Allure

Stat Boost Sith: +2 Mind, +2 Willpower, +1 Allure, +6 Desire

Stat Choice: +4 Will, or +4 Instinct

Perk: She can use the force.

Scoundrel - A smuggler or thief, she works outside the law.

She might work on her own, or have close allies.  She may have become caught, either to be punished by the Sith or made a deal to work with Republic or Empire.

Requirement: 8 Instinct

Stat Bonus: +4 Instinct, +2 Allure

Stat Choice: +4 Perception, or +1 Mind

Perk: Can avoid detection more easily, better at picking pockets or moving silently

Soldier - She fights on the front lines or in tactical missions.  She is powerful, but always in danger.

She can be on a mission, or captured and punished by the enemy.  Perhaps her own allies betrayed her, or a spy captured her for themselves.  She could be kidnapped by slavers, or kidnapped by a sect of warriors to bend her to their own missions or games.  She would make prime slave sport material...

Requirements: 8 Strength

Stat Bonus: +2 Body, +8 Pheromones

Stat Choice: +4 Vitality, or +4 Strength

Perk: Recovers HP and from stun at a faster rate.

Bounty Hunter - She works for the Empire and is equipped with various weapons.  She works on her own, or closely with the Empire.

She captures, kills, and punishes.  Others want to capture, kill, and punish her.  Will she be triumphant?  Will one missions failure cost her her freedom?  Will the Empire forgive failure even if she walks away?

Requirement: 8 Stamina

Stat Bonus: +4 Body, +2 Mind, +2 Allure

Stat Choice: +12 Pheromones, or +12 Desire

Perk: She can handle all sorts of weaponry and hack all sorts of devices.

Bonus Perks:

These Perks will further help customize your character.  Select as many as you want, or none.

Hot bod           +2 Body, +4 Allure

Sex Appeal       +10 Pheromones

Intellectual       +2 Mind, -2 Body, +4 Vulnerability, +4 Pheromones

Experienced     +2 Mind, +10 Desire

Kinky                +10 Desire

Timid                +4 Vulnerability, -4 Pheromones

Resistant           -4 Desire, -4 Vulnerability, +10 Pheromones

Submissive      +4 Vulnerability, +4 Desire

Virgin               +4 Allure

Preference kinks:

Affect how the game works.  Further customizes the character and affects the game.

Secretly Wants It       Sweats and hot temperature more easily

Sensitive                      Discharges more easily

Puddles of Pleasure   You produce excessive fluids

Spirited                      Struggling doesn’t cost endurance

Masochist                  0 HP results in a massive orgasm and not a game over (system game only)

Body Mods:

Physical attributes with real stat changes.  If you want to be tall or have small breasts, look here.  Stat changes based on race are also here.

Large Breasts          +4 Pheromones

Small Breasts           +4 Pheromones

Sensitive Skin           +4 Desire

Sensitive Nipples      +4 Desire

Long Legged            +2 Stamina, +6 Phermones

Tall                           +4 Pheromones

Short                        +4 Vulnerability

Fast Metabolism       +4 Stamina, +2 Allure

Twi’lek                      +4 Stamina, +10 Pheromones, +6 Vulnerability, +4 Desire, -2 Vitality

Miraluka                    +10 Perception, +2 Instinct, +4 Pheromones, -4 Strength

Status Effects:

Not sure how much I'll get into these, but they are here in case someone wants to use a more system-like game.

Whipped           -4 Mind, +10 Vulnerability

Sweating            +2 Pheromones

Discharged       +5 Pheromones

Wet                  +8 Pheromones, +8 Vulnerability

Hot                   +2 Allure

Just Pleasured  -10 Desire, +10 Vulnerability

Exhausted        Body=0, Mind /2

Orgasming        +25 Desire

Oversensitive   +10 Desire

Broken             +10 Allure

Choose Class

Assign Stats (remember prerequisite stat has to be at least 8)

Choose Perks and Body Mods

If a stat is negative or zero, set that stat to 1.

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