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April 10, 2021, 08:43:40 pm

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Author Topic: in which Pokemon is starting to consume my life. [lf all genders, canon & OCs!]  (Read 284 times)

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Offline paradoxicalreactionTopic starter

I just recently got around to starting Pokemon Ultra Moon.

That may have been a mistake.

My Pokemon knowledge is largely game-based: there's a huge gap in my anime knowledge between Johto and Alola, and I've never read Pokemon Adventures/Pokemon Special. However, I have absolutely no problem mixing anime and game canon, or playing against characters from the anime or PokeSpe I'm not familiar with. (I'm not interested in playing with Jessie and James, though. I love them as comic relief, but they don't really suit the tone I like in roleplay.)

The portion of canon I'm interested in playing in is even smaller. I love Kanto/Johto Team Rocket and Team Skull. (I should probably mention at this point that I haven't reached the Rainbow Rocket stuff in Ultra Moon yet, though it sounds beautifully ridiculous.)

I'm also a big fan of the And The World Will Turn To Ash Pokemon Go fancomic, and the team leaders, as portrayed in Ash, are one of the exceptions to my BAD GUYS ONLY rule. (The other is Moon/Lillie, but we'll get there in a second.)

I roleplay over the forums, PMs, email, and Google Docs. Here's my O/O for all the other basics.

Still with me? Here's the characters I play, the pairings I'm looking for, and a brief description of my OCs (and... one of someone else's OCs). Aside from the listed pairings, I'm willing to give just about anything a shot, as long as you have a compelling reason for the characters to interact! I'm fine playing canon characters against OCs, too.

Domino, a one-off Team Rocket member from the Mewtwo Returns special.
  • I adore Giovanni/Domino and would basically sell my soul to have someone to play it with.
  • Domino/Cassidy is good too!
  • Domino/Noire (see below), mostly because I think they'd hate each other's guts and that's always fun.

Hun, a one-off Team Rocket member from the The Legend of Thunder! special. I prefer to play Hun as nonbinary, but will play them as male on request.
  • Hun/Attila.
  • I pretty much ship everyone in Team Rocket with Giovanni, let's be honest here.

Moon, the female protagonist of Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. I would be playing her aged up to 17.
  • Moon/Lillie. They're so cute together! Lillie so obviously has a crush on Moon! I love them!

Lillie. I would be playing her aged up to 17.
  • Moon/Lillie.

  • No particular pairing ideas here - I just think she's cool, and I'd be happy to play her for you if you like her too.

Candela, the leader of Team Valor, as portrayed in And The World Will Turn To Ash. The most significant aspect of her portrayal in Ash is that she is bonded with Moltres.
  • Candela/Blanche.
  • Articuno and/or Zapdos (in Blanche and/or Spark's bodies)/Candela.

Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic, as portrayed in And The World Will Turn To Ash. Aside from the bonded-with-Articuno thing, the most important part of Blanche's portrayal in Ash is that they are nonbinary.
  • Candela/Blanche.
  • Moltres and/or Zapdos (in Candela and/or Spark's bodies)/Blanche.

Noire, a Team Rocket Executive from And The World Will Turn To Ash. Noire is Blanche's twin sibling; the two of them were experimented on by Cipher as children, but were rescued by Team Rocket. Noire is also bonded with a Legendary Pokemon, and has certain powers from Cipher's experiments that Blanche lacks. They are also nonbinary.
  • Giovanni/Noire.
  • Amelie (Noire's assistant)/Noire.
  • Domino/Noire.
  • Spark/Noire.

Carmen, a fairly high-ranking member of Team Rocket. She and her partner are in charge of the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. Somewhat maternal, at least towards people she considers allies, and she occasionally seems to regret her actions when younger trainers get involved.
  • The whole "shipping Giovanni with basically all of Team Rocket" thing still applies. I'm going to stop repeating myself - just take that as a given for the next two.
Isabella, Carmen's partner. A Nurse Joy gone rogue, she's ended up with her own miniature Pokemon Center at the Game Corner - as much as she hates to admit it, she does have the knack for Pokemon care that is her birthright. The brawn to Carmen's brains, and usually the one reminding Carmen whose side she's on when Carmen starts getting all soft.

Ari, Carmen and Isabella's assistant. Born to two Rockets who later defected, Team Rocket is all she's ever known. That doesn't mean she's entirely happy there, though... I can play Ari as male or female.

Alyxia, a Team Skull Admin - but Plumeria's still her big sis, and won't let her forget it. After struggling with her Island Challenge and finding nobody willing to help her, she turned to Team Skull, where she's been ever since. I can play Alyx as male or female.
  • I'd love to pair her with Plumeria!
  • Or Guzma. I guess I have a think for villainous team leader/team member in general...

And finally, a few pairing ideas that have a trigger warning for incest.

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