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Author Topic: Short Term Darker Itches (M for F or M in some cases)  (Read 907 times)

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Short Term Darker Itches (M for F or M in some cases)
« on: August 22, 2018, 08:33:04 pm »
Please PM me if you are interested, please don't post in this thread Like everything else on this little post: Everything is open to discussion.
Since I'm new here these are some shorter term, and simpler ideas I have. Everyone is named Jane or Jack until real characters are created.
I am also of course welcome to other ideas entirely, I'm very PM friendly!!

That First summer graduated: Currently Filled
Jane (totally a filler name) is a recent college graduate, upper middle class, normal girl. She's had some boyfriends her own age. Had a few wild nights, maybe played truth or dare and even experimented with a pair of fuzzy hand cuffs. She's never thought much about older men, even finds them a little off putting.
She's staying at her kooky aunts house for the summer working in her aunts weird little tourist trap knickknack store. By the ocean Jane has a relaxed summer, job hunting and shopping in her free time. But one night she goes to buy a new pair of fancy heels she's been saving for and things get strange.

The shoe store clerk is very confident and stately for a middle aged man working in a shoe store. His appearance is strangely off putting, his vibe slightly menacing in a way Jane can't figure. Late at night in the store alone with him she has a strange, sudden, forceful sexual encounter with him. It ends with her in humiliating disarray and an understanding that he'll see her again. That he's going to do more, and whats worse....a part of Jane wants that to happen, even though she suspects strongly his plans will be humiliating and extensive. She even wants to resist, to encourage worse things. She's not at all happy with this development, or well, part of her isn't.   

The Plan:
The story would open with a few posts setting the scene and leading to the first encounter. After that it would probably cover several more encounters, each one maybe happening in each week of in-game time. The focus would be Jane's struggle with herself and perhaps her attempts to "battle back" (not physically , but with little acts of rebellion or resistance) failing each time, which in turn makes his actions more intense/pleasureful...etc. The actions themselves of course need to be discussed. But I imagine them beginning with the mild like being told to not wear underwear all the way up to perhaps events with multiple partners or exhibitionism.

The ending could be her overcoming the strange control over him. Him simply disappearing at the end of summer. Or possible, a darker understanding that she'll never escape the dark shadow and hold he has on her. Maybe they even fall in love....
This story I suspect will live and on die on the creativity of his plans and the details of her reactions.

If I were kink...I mean king:
Kinks in some ways are most important and least important parts of a story. Obviously the mental struggle and humiliation are key to the story. Otherwise everything else is up for discussion.

The Fighters Defeat
Currently Seeking and Craving

To the victor goes the spoils. It's an unwritten agreement among all martial artists. Jane knows that, but she's never fully grasped what it means, or what it might mean to others. She's sort of a hot shot at mixed martial arts, having beaten number of fighters, both men and women. She's overly confident and sore winner though and has more than a few people who would love to see her put in her place. Her confidence in herself and her body even has her no longer wearing underwear so confident she is in her ability to hand out beat downs.

But the truth is: she's really only good at ending fights with quick but powerful kicks. She's relied on that so much she's really below average at grappling and punching. Someones going to figure that out and Jane is going to be in trouble.  It might be during a spar with what she assumes is "playful high stakes", it might be in a unscrupulous league match where anything goes, or it could be out in the streets or clubs.

When she does lose, something else comes loose in a part of her mind. As her opponent begins to do more and more Jane is going to want more and more. When its over, Jane will be a fighter no more.

The Plan:
This story is built to be extremely dark or not. It can involve a lot of different elements and even multiple encounters. But it will start with her accepting a challenge or picking a fight. It ends with her having the night of her life. This has bad ending potential so that's on the table too. But I imagine this being one extremely detailed encounter highlighting her loss of the fights and her self control subsequently. I also have recently had this idea of setting up to do this over IM or Rolpalychat. After careful planning the opponent would find my character on there and the aim would be to create an intense, fast moving story over a session or two. This is in an attempt to create the immediacy to the events and the intensity. Just and idea.

While it's a "fight" this wouldn't include blood or people getting all bruised up. Other writers shouldn't feel the need to know a bunch of martial arts or be able to carry a huge throw down battle. That can be worked around.

So definitely a "dub con" or "non-con to con" story. Definitely a strong physical component, but I don't think it has to be a painful one. So I would like to have the story contain lots of different types of sexual activity and strong manhandling type edge to it. If a partner is feeling it, multiple partners or gang-bang type things could happen.
I understand this is a less subtle RP and not for everyone.

Authority is such an illusion Currently Filled

Jack or Jane is a security guard who should be a real police officer. But the city has budget issues and they aren't hiring. So Jack/Jane is literally rotting as a security guard in a two building high rise. One Building is luxury the other lower income. Jack/Jane deals with pushy rich people and young thugs every day wielding the limited authority with skill.  But one of the rich people, a mean spirited man/woman (or both possible) having been watching the too serious security guard who's always breaking up parties. They've seen where Jack/Jane's eyes linger on attractive people, and what makes them uncomfortable. This rich person is going teach Jack/Jane humiliating lesson. 

It's all down hill from there.

Having a moment of control over Jack/Jane makes them realize they can have more. So they begin to do more. The confidence that Jack/Jane relied on to keep the people in line is eroding. Soon a clutch of gang members in (18-20 years old or so) catch on and things get worse. It's a long slope to slide down and nothing good waits at the bottom.

The Plan:
It'll start with a enough posts to establish the control of Jack/Jane over the buildings, then the initial scene with the evil person(s). From there more and more things happen. The ending can be bad, or Jack/Jane can quit and get a new job. All negotiable.

Again humiliation is front center of the piece. But it can be kept more private, or made increasingly more public. The acts themselves can be an area of great creativity and I'm very excited to work with someone on those.
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Offline Curious ItchTopic starter

Re: Short Term Darker Itches (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2018, 12:17:45 pm »
Night of the Lotus Eaters Not currently an interest

The Inspiration
So I was listening to one of my all time favorite singers: Nick Cave and "Night of the Lotus Eaters" came up. A really great and moody song. But then my recent arrival on E here sparked a new thought about the song. IN particular these lines:

I hear they're gonna eat our guts
If I had the strength I might pick up my sword
And make some attempt to resist

Get ready to shield yourself
Grab your sap and your heaters
Get ready to shield yourself
On the night of the lotus eaters

There was tremendous screeching as the rusted cogs that reside in my head bone began creaking back to life. My "dirty", "Action-adventure", and "weird tales" synapses began to back fire and create sparks, and now I'm here to try and sell one of you this sketch of an idea:

The Premise:
One of those awful men's groups have gone to far. They've eaten the lotus, or more specifically a genetically engineered lotus plant. They've all become sex crazed, killing machines. Not quite zombies, but single minded, fast, tough, and while not intelligent, cunning. The small, remote town of "Booker's Hallow" has become besieged. Though its always been weird due to that "black site" research facility nearby. All the right thinking, normal men you would want to know have been killed, now they're hunting down the women and rounding them up and its for nothing good. Now the Lotus Eaters are after the women. Other experiments have appeared as well: Maybe working with the lotus eaters, or taking advantage of the chaos.

My gut wants this to be stylized: Sexy outfits (but not absurdly so, you definitely sexy but still a little realistic), good fun action...etc...etc...think maybe a grind house or old sexplotation film that's more adult. 

Your character is the one to save the town (if good endings are your thing), or face defeat trying (if bad endings are your thing). Maybe you're a tough woman back from the wars who became a private eye. Maybe you're a bright eyed sheriffs deputy. Perhaps a plucky yoga instructor about to find her inner bad ass. OR whatever you'd like, that is totally rad. The bottom line is: You're ready to shield yourself, you have your sap and your heater and it is the NIGHT OF THE LOTUS EATERS.

The Plan:

So you would play the main heroine, I would play maybe a sidekick partner (maybe male or female, we can discuss.) I would also take on the GMing style duties. From there, you're character will have to figure what the heck is happening and how to rescue the other women, and hopefully put an end to it. I don't know who or what the big bad is, so that would be something we could discuss or maybe wait for inspiration as the story goes.

With any story there should be escalating difficulties, increasingly greater peril and more totally awesome action scenes. I envision this as either smut heavy or more pure action adventure with suggestive scenes.


Tons of options here. I can see this being super smut heavy where she falls prey to the lotus eaters through out the story, though always finding a way to extricate herself. This would be the typical style of "Non-con/dub con" described in my O/O's. Or it could be less smut, but still have lots of peril and distress moments. Or it could be somewhere in between.

There could be interludes of lust/romance between the two characters, or not.

The good girls could win the day, or they could be defeated deliciously at the very end.  It's all up for discussion.
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Re: Short Term Darker Itches (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2018, 10:04:24 pm »
Super Heroine Defeat Craving

The Premise:

A super heroine, be it a street style Vigilante/Detective or a flying powered variety is about to meet her match. OR It could be the stumbling and humiliating missteps of a Super Heroine starting out.

Either way it could be the chronicling of one encounter or an entire arc. It could be a much weaker villain who figures out an underhanded way to bring down the heroine. Or it could be a common thug who lucks into his victory. On the other hand it could be the heroine running up against an enemy who is just massively more powerful and she doesn't stand a chance. It could be very public, or in a dark alley. It could involve multiple baddies, or just one. The villain could be male or female.

I can play the heroine or you can. We can figure it out and make a comic book inspired role-play that's so dirty they bring back the Comic Code.

But the bottom line is this Super Heroine is going to go down, in more ways than one, and it's going to be humiliating.

The Plan:

Very open. But (for me) what makes this fun is consistent resistance from the heroine until the very end.

Original Characters. Though they can be very clearly a knock off of an established heroine or villain.

So clearly this is more smut heavy, but it could be a character driven exploration of defeat, humiliation and submission and ones unwelcome love of it.  A lot of directions can be taken with this and I'm always happy to hear ideas about it.
If the combat writing is a concern, talk to me. I can offer tips or we can create a way to keep it to a minimum

Non-con to Con kind of deal here once again (you may be noticing a trend by now). Humiliation. It could go in the direction of forced clothes wearing. I would certainly like include edging into it. Plus lots of super heroine specific things are possible: "de-powering" "unmasking". Bad ends....the sky's the limit...provided it isn't one of my major offs.

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Re: Short Term Darker Itches (M for F or M in some cases)
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2018, 12:38:56 pm »
bump with some new information added to  "The Fighters Defeat"