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September 27, 2021, 09:15:38 pm

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Author Topic: Unmasked (Canceled)  (Read 466 times)

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Unmasked (Canceled)
« on: August 22, 2018, 06:12:25 pm »
Canceled due to lack of interest.

Note: This is a system game that uses the Cypher/Unmasked system, however any of the Cypher systems (Numenera, the Strange, Cypher, etc) should work if you have them.  Unmasked itself is not required, and I can probably walk people through character creation.  There is even a random generator at though it lacks Unmasked.

Top Gun is in theaters. “Papa Don’t Preach” is on the radio. Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and Iran-Contra is in the news. The Soviets are in Afghanistan, and the Doomsday Clock is at 3 minutes until midnight. But there’s something else going on—something even bigger. At school, at the mall, down by the 7-Eleven, you’ve started noticing things. Is that troll doll really glowing? Is that cassette tape calling to you? Why doesn’t anyone else seem to notice?

And when you follow that strange compulsion to create a mask from these items, you become . . . someone else. Someone with capabilities the world has never seen and goals that may not be your own. The mask gives you unimaginable power, but can you resist its agenda? And there are others starting to show up, too, who may have embraced their masks’ dark sides. Maybe that Doomsday Clock matters after all . . .

General Game Information

The game is built around a group of teenage characters who have to balance life with what are basically super-powers, however I am going to shift that to early college.  So I am looking for characters that are 17 to 20 years of age and in their first year or two of college/university (or maybe are in their last year of high school). 

Creation, for those who lack the book, is divided into the teen (who just has a non-supernatural descriptor) and the mask (which has a descriptor, type, and focus.  The descriptor does NOT need to be the same as the teen’s, and it is even suggested to go with one that is basically opposite.  I will also allow types from other books.). 

The setting will be, on the surface, normal 1986.  That said there is probably a lot going on that the characters were never aware of, and overall I am aiming for a theme of light horror.


I am divided on how to handle the smut.  It is a big part of why I am on this site, and I do want to include it, but I also don’t want it to be the focus.  My desire is to include non-consensual exotic (and lighter) smut, that said I will require each player to include a basic list of what they are comfortable with happening to their character and that doesn’t have to include non-con.  My current thought is to have it happen when the character(s) are defeated (the fun of a system in my opinion, and the goal won’t be to defeat them every battle or anything), when it is plot relevant (certain villains), and when the character(s) instigate it (such as seduction).  I should also note that my preference, as GM, is to play male villains with female characters.  I will accept male characters, but unless someone else volunteers to temporarily play the villain don’t expect M/M content (and even dom F, sub M would be rare).  This probably isn’t fair, but some content just doesn’t interest me. 

Player Expectations

I generally try to log in every day or two, though I may or may not post that often.  If I get busy my posting can slide to once a week, but I aim for that at a minimum. 

I would like to find players who can and will post at least once a week, and preferably can manage a couple of posts weekly.
I would like to find players who will let me know if they won't be posting (either because they feel there is nothing to post, or because they will be away). 
I would like to find players who will communicate any issues they might have to me.
I would like to find players who will attempt to move the story forward, and not let things get caught in a circle of paralysis. 


I am looking for 2-5 players, if there is even that much interest.  I don't want to run it solo but I am not opposed to running it for a duo if the players were willing.  That said, I am not doing first come first served even if the game isn't full. 

To apply please fill out the below.  You can do a full sheet if you like (though be sure to include at least the bit about Sexual Content below), but it isn't a guarantee you will be added to the game. 

You can delete the stuff in italics, it was just notes to refer to.
Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name: [/b]
[b]Teen Description: [/b]
[i]You don’t have to do a descriptor at this point, just give me an idea of who you want to play.[/i]
[b]Mask Description: [/b]
[i]You don’t have to do a descriptor/type/focus, just a brief outline.  Mask forms do not have to look anything like their teenage form, they can be alien, monstrous, strange, or most anything else as long as they are ‘people’[/i]
[b]Sexual Content: [/b]
[i]Please don’t just link your on/off page.  I am mainly looking for answers to:
Are you comfortable with your character being involved in non-con scenes?
If yes, purely by chance only, or should it be a ‘goal’ to get there at some point?
If no, what sort of content are you interested in (if any)?
Is there anything in particular you want to happen to your character?
Is there anything you absolutely don’t want to happen to your character?[/i]
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Re: Unmasked
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2018, 10:29:42 pm »
I'm interested even if I havne't played the system. I can figure out systems pretty easily though.