Fogisle Manor

Started by Celestial Goblin, November 22, 2005, 03:54:12 PM

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Celestial Goblin

It's not a shame to cry.


Somewhere on the eastern coast of england, where sea is black and deep,
where fog is thick and plentyful, there's a little island.
Gaze trough the fog and notice the shape there, the Fogisle Manor.
Lights are on, it's certainly not abandoned, though whoever lives there
explicitly stated he doesn't want guests in.
The island is very far away from civilization, as between it and the
nearest town there's a woodland sanctuary.
Whoever lives there, must be lonely.


Please help us! We are held captive on a small island somewhere off the coast.
The woman who controls the whole place and her associates are crazy psychopats!
We're being held here and subjected to all kinds of tortures and humilitation,
she makes us wear some crazy fetish clothing and has us participating in her
sick spectacles straight out of some horror movie!
We'd been lured here thinking it's a private school and sanatory retreat, we're
all young adults that wanted to get away from the world a bit, sure,
we've signed waivers that we won't leave the 'retreat' before a year, sure,
few of us had some troubles with drugs and shit...
But this is way outside the law, there are armed goons here keeping us at
gunpoint, and there tortures are not mock ones, one of us got whipped
till he bled, other got dipped in water on a medieval torture machine...
Fucking help, don't know where exactly this is, but it's the eastern coast
of Britain.


Clark hurried back trough the corridor, sighing at the demons and ghosts
carved in the woodwork. He was made to wear a sort of smoking-jacket
made from tight-fitting leather.
Better that what some of the girls got, but still damn hot and stiff.

Jenny appeared on the winding stairs, she still had the awful steel mask
padlocked on her.
The punkette was not in a mood too rock anymore, the mask blocking
her from speaking and a rubber corset keeping her on the edge of suffocation.

Her eyes were filled with fear, as the 'mistress', that crazy woman that held
them in this freakshow would punish them for 'walking around the house
without permission'.

He nodded and whispered:
"I put the message in a bottle and dropped it in the spot where there's no rocks.
This freaky nightmare can't last forever, like a fucking bad trip."
Coming from an 'old money' conservative family, Clark wasn't a man that sweared
often, but he quickly learned to do it.

"Where's Petra and Wesley?"

Her eyes answered with two tears.

"Not again! How long can she do those things to us!?"


Mistress Deidre is an aging, yet ravishingly beautyful woman.
Her body, even if it starts to get wrinkly, has the perfect fit shape
of an hour-glass. A busty hour-glass too boot.
All of her body but the face is covered, she spends over an hour
every morning to put her black dress on, complete with corset,
boots, black ribbons...
She soaks her arm-lenght leather gloves in water to fit better,
then straps them.
He pale, aristocratic face is cruel but restrained.
Mistress Deidre never smiles.
Her raven black hair takes an hour to pin in place alone,
complicated and full of pins.

She has a squad of black-clad thugs and pale faced goth-wenches
at her beck and call.

They keep you here against your will and do horrible things to you.

Okay, this is a mostly free-form rpg i'm willing to run for those interested.
It will without doubt go into the 'exotic' cathegory, as it will be full of
non-consentual situations and torture, though of the non-gory kind
of course.
You will play the role of the mostly innocent modern youth's that were lured
to the Fogisle Manor. You do not have to pay any attention to the
names and stereotypes in my example of course.

It's going to be a dark horror game, there won't be gore or death, though
there will be some death-related paraphenalia, like skeletons in the dungeon
and coffins.

If someone wants to play but is uncomfortable with some particular element,
let me know and i make sure he won't be icked by nothing.

The character sheet is as following:

Nation: (doesn't have to be British)
Age: (at least 18)
Occupation and education:
Personality: (short description will do)

Crunchy stuff:
You have 8 points to divide amongst four stats that range from 1 to 3.

Body:your physical strength and endurance.
Speed:your reflexes and acrobatic agility, also evasion.
Dexterity:your manual aptitude and accuracy in combat.
Will:resistance to fear and pain, ability to concetrate.

You have 20 points to distribute amongst skills, you can have no
more than 5 different skills.
It's up to you to think out the skills you want, they can be described
in broad terms and i won't limit your creativity.

Combat skills aren't important really, but if you want them
then get separate skills for ranged combat and hand to hand.
If you will pick a very specific skill like 'fencing' you will have an
edge over somebody less specialised that for exampe has
the same value in 'fighting with weapons' skill.

You can exchange 1 ability point for 7 skill points.

No magics or psionics, you're just modern world teens,
though you can have occult knowledge and occult elements
will play a part in the game.


Hmmmmmmm..................................ponders lots.............
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


sounds fun. I'll develop a character


It's them numbers again......I'm tabeltopiaphobic I think......
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building

Celestial Goblin

Oh, them scary numbers...
They won't play much role in the game, almost none.
It's only a way to determine who's the strongest,
who'll run away fastest and who will be first to break
under tortures...

I pick the stats for you, based on your description.
An example char would be:

21 years old male
Arts student from US

Strength 1
Speed 2
Dexterity 2
Will 3

Painting 10
Swimming 5
Computers 5
Brawling 3
Occult lore 2

Or something like that...

Just post your concept if you're willing...


I'm always willing for you my angelic greenskin......

I'm sorting something out as we're talking.....can you hear it..the ticking of a litle tiny time bomb?   
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building

strangely made

Hmmmm I might have to give this ago . :)


Love the sound of it so far, lemme dig something up.

By the way, about how many points is a novice, average, strong, or exceptional level of a skill?  I'm guessing 10 is awful good, but not sure...

Celestial Goblin

Yeah, 10 is the best a human can do.
Don't pay to much too much attention to the stats, really.

I'll ask a god/dess for a thread today.


How about this for a character?  Your concept sounds great.  *eg*  I personally volunteer to have as many horrid, painful, and bizarre things happen to my character as possible.  *evil chuckle*

Name:  Tara McClendon
Nation: USA (Arkansas)
Age: 19
Occupation and Education:  high school, chef school.  Was caught dealing drugs (pot) in the kitchen, which is why she got sent to the retreat.
Looks:  Red hair to her waist, porcelain pale skin, vivid green eyes, curvaceous with small waist, 5'6", heart-shaped face with full pouty lips. 
Personality:  Very high strung, nervous, especially with people she doesn't know.  Tends to babble under pressure.  But otherwise very sweet at her core, very caring and compassionate.  She was molested as a child and had been pretty much anti-sex after that, so the manor is her worst nightmare.

Crunchy Stuff:
Body: 1
Speed: 3
Dexterity: 3
Will: 1

Cooking (gourmet level)- 5
Embroidery- 4
Computers- 3
Literary Knowledge (all sorts of books, but especially science fiction and fantasy) - 5
Dancing (belly dancing, learned it for fun and exercise) -3
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Celestial Goblin

Great to have you aboard, i'll have a lot in store for you.

Your character is very good, though the concept of being
molested when still a kid is not something we should play out,
let's just stick with Tara being afraid of sex and not explore why.

You can repost your char in the forums and then use
the introduction thread for rp-ing.

It's nice to see my scary concept attracted so many people
willing to have *things* done to them, do you, or anyobdy
else, have special preferences?
Specific kinks you would fancy to appear?


*eg*  I have *lots* of kinks as far as fantasy roleplay goes.  Long term stringent bondage, especially with things like corsets, maid uniforms and the like, and impossibly high-heeled shoes.  You know, like the classic 40s bondage art? (Which I have *loads* of- I can post pics of nasty things being done to her as we go along.  *eg*)  Nipple torture is big for me, and anal.  Whipping, of course, with various implements.  Having to do household tasks while in near-impossible bondage.  That should do for a start.  *giggle*
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Celestial Goblin

God, you finally answered my prayers and sent Gwendoline to me:D

I'll like that things a lot, most of the things you mentioned is straight
out of my imagination...


*squirms, blushes, and moans softly*  Ohhhh I'm so glad.  *licks lips* 
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*sighs and looks sadly at her angelic greenskin as she turns to walk away.....a single tear rolling down her cheek*
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building

Celestial Goblin

Elveeee.... Don't you even think about such a thing, you are
always in my heart and in my mind.
*holds tightly*

You just want to be reminded how much angelic greenskin
cares for you...

Tell me you are not jealous or i'll be the one to cry

Markira, while i go completely nuts at the mention of the word
'corset', sweet little Elvi was first, so you'll have to queue...


Not a jealous bone in my body my dear angelic greenskin.......
*kisses him gently on the cheek*
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building

strangely made

Posted up my character  :)
as for Kinks .....well I'll give anything ( apart from the obvious) ago once at least ...after all you dont know if you dont try  :) .yeah I like to think I'm pretty liberal with regards to sex .....I think  :-\

( And corsets......................cold shower please Elvi , * passes out at the thought of school girl uniforms and corsets ( on adults) *)

Celestial Goblin

You are pulling my strings, i'll have to keep an eye on you, lest
i'll find myself controlled, rather than controlling.

*looks at slavemarkira eyeing the scene from her bondage*

I love you too, don't be jealous, either of you...

*walks up and gives her a kiss too*

strangely made

what about me ????????????  :'(

Celestial Goblin

How stupid of me, i forgot to kiss the satyr.
*gives a long, manly kiss and looks for the girl's reactions.*

strangely made

Manly ? Manly ?......I want tongues !!!!!


*Smiles and shakes her head*

Well the girls are at it all over the place.........whats sauce for the gander.......
It's been fun, but Elvi has now left the building


*moans softly at the kiss*  I'm not the jealous type.  *smiles*
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