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Author Topic: Brand new story ideas: fantasy, modern and sci-fi! (M and F roles needed)  (Read 544 times)

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Hello, E! :)

I've decided to, once again, present some new story ideas to you. I hope one of them will be to your liking :)

I've split the ideas into sections according to genre. At this moment, the sections are: Fantasy, Modern and Sci-Fi. I also have a General section for those ideas that could be developed into stories from various genres. Finally, there's also a special Indulge Me! section, with broad or not-well-developed story seeds I'd just like to RP, even in a quickie, one-shot RP.

One note: as always, your real-life gender isn't important to me :) What matters is if want to take on one of the roles in my stories. Similarly, in some of my story ideas I'd like to play as a guy, and as a woman in others. There are also cases where I could take on either role!

And now - the ideas! :)

~ General Ideas ~

You Have Been Chosen For The Army of Evil!

This story was inspired by a cover to an old Phantom Stranger comic book.

This is a bit of a strange story seed, as I don't have a very specific plot in mind - heck, I'm not even sure of the genre! :) Basically, I love the quote from the cover - as well as a general idea of a young woman being abducted by dark forces and press-ganged into the Army of Evil. What is the Army of Evil? Actually, I don't know... yet :) I'd love to do some brainstorming here and hear your interpretations!

Maybe it's a fantasy story about a young warrior being dragged to serve some Dark Lord? Or, maybe, it's something like the Hellraiser movies, with a modern girl being abducted into some hellish dimension and made into a minion of some evil god? Or an post-apocalypse tale of a young woman forced into an army of cyborg scavengers? Or something else? As I said: I'd love to brainstorm this matter! :)

In any case, I'd be looking to play the abducted young woman, with my writing partner playing whatever other role(s) they wish :)

~ Fantasy Ideas ~

Facing the Dark Lord

In a dark fantasy setting, a kingdom is overrun by the armies of a Dark Lord - a powerful wizard / demon / evil demi-god. Eventually, the capital is stormed - and taken. Now, the Dark Lord rides into the city - and the last remaining heir to the throne, a princess, is brought before him. What will happen? What will the Dark Lord do to her - enslave her, enchant her, send her off to be tortured..? And what will the princess do - will she beg for mercy, or will she remain courageous?

In this idea, I'm looking for a partner of either gender to play the Dark Lord - while I'd be playing the princess. This idea is quite flexible, depending on what my writing partner would like their Dark Lord to be. Yes, the Dark Lord is most probably evil - or, at least, very dark (duh). Nevertheless, there are various possibilities as to his exact personality and his plans for the princess. For example, he could be a bloodthirsty monster whom the princess needs to beg for her life - or he could actually be planning to corrupt her, turn her into his queen / consort / priestess. Or he might be on the cruel side and just warp her into a lowliest of his demons. Or something else.

As I said, various possibilities. Heck, I'm not even saying that the Dark Lord needs to be a male...

Welcome to Minas Morgul!

An idea bit similar to the previous one - this time around, though, it'd feature a definitely female Dark Lord (so... a Dark Lady). Also, my character doesn't have to be a literal princess - she might be a cousin of the king or some other noble woman. Finally... there'd be no conquest.

The idea is this: the Dark Lady, who lives in her scary and eldritch fortress, demands that a king of one of the neighbouring nations send an envoy to her court - an ambassador nominally, but a hostage in practive. The Dark Lady's wishes aren't to be taken lightly - with her mystic and military power, she could easily destroy any offending kingdom. And so, a high-born young woman travels to Dark Lady's fortress... What happens next?

Basically, a story where my character would get to know a mysterious, scary and, quite possibly, a very dangerous sorceress / demon queen / demi-goddess. As with the previous story, it's open-ended: would the Dark Lady end up corrupting my character somehow? Or, maybe, she'd turn out to be not as evil as though off? Or... something else?

She Has No Business Being A Queen!

A fantasy story of less-epic type. In this story, a king decides to marry - and, eventually, sets for an arranged marriage with a seemingly-suitable young noblewoman. All seems fine in the beginning - but, quite soon, it turns out that the newly-minted queen is just... quite eccentric, even messed-up. Volatile emotions, scandalous sexual behaviour... basically, it turns out that this new wife is far from the image of an ideal spouse. What will the king do with her, then..?

Sort of psychological story, really - a kind of fantasy drama about somewhat unhinged woman ending up in a really elevated political position... and her royal husband for whom such a wife might be really problematic. In this story, I can play either the queen, or the king - with my writing partner taking the other role.

~ Modern Ideas ~

The Punishment

A near-future / alternate reality story. In this setting, the world is mostly the same as ours - with the difference that, recently, harsh new laws against crimes have been introduced. Being found guilty of, say, burglary doesn't just give you prison time - a criminal would be subjected to a more awful punishment that would ensure they never break the law again.

What is this punishment, exactly? This is something to be brainstormed between me and my writing partner. Maybe the punishment would involve pilloring? Harsh physical labour? Being subjected to crazy scientific procedures? Or some forced reeducation, so intensive that even a hardened criminal would leave the prison as a meek, weak-willed individual?

In any case, in this story, I'd play a young female criminal. A reluctant criminal, actually - a novice thief who got involved in crime to escape poverty. Unfortunately, in the course of a burglary went wrong, she gets arrested. Quickly, she is found guilty and sent off to face her punishment...

In this story, I'd play the female thief. I'd be looking for a writing partner interested in playing the people my character meets while being punished.

Among The Wholesome People

In this story, I'd be looking to play a female vagabond: a travelling small-time shoplifter, a drug addict, or maybe even a prostitute. In any case, this young woman travels around the country (the States, most probably), living on the edge and committing misdemeanors and small crimes. Eventually, at one small town, she gets arrested. But, instead of being shipping off to the court, something else happens...

The town's sheriff, a conservative man with his own brand of compassion, takes pity on the girl and decides that prison time would do her no good. He doesn't think it'd do her any good just to be let go free, though... Instead, the sheriff ships the girl off to a strict and traditionalist religious community / cult located not far away from the town. There, the girl is to become a housemaid for one of the families. The sheriff hopes that spending some time living among these religious people will help the girl go straight. He promises her that if she behaves - she might be let go... eventually. If she tries to run - prison awaits, though.

And so, my character is stuck in this deeply religious, quite controlling and, frankly, at least a little oppresive community. And the people leaving there will definitely be trying to convert this "sinner" to their ways - or, at least, to put her in her place. What will happen to her, then..?

This story could be various things - from a subtle "fish out of water" drama up to something akin to A Handmaid's Tale. As I mentioned, I'd like to play the young woman that is sent of the community / cult. I'd like my writing partner to play some of the characters she meets there - i.e. her employers / overseers, maybe some love interest..?

Serving The Regime

This is a story set in some fictional country, an alternate-history version of an existing country, or in the near future. In any case, the story would take place in a country where some sort of unpleasant, oppressive regime took the power (the regime might be a military junta, a fascist government, religious fundamentalists - take your pick). In this story, my character would be a young woman who committed some sort of light crime or misdemeanor. She's taken before the court and is given a choice - she could get a prison sentence, or join government service as a member of their new, very politicized, law enforcement agency. My character chooses the latter.

Soon, she is sent to the government training center and is put through both physical training and political indoctrination. Then, she's sent to serve as an uniformed enforcer for the government. The nature of the assignment is up for discussion: she could become a prison guard, or a government cop sent to deal with opposition members, or an administrative worker in some government office... or maybe even a member of some religious police enforcing moral behaviour? In any case, she'd be this basically-nice person lost within an oppressive organisation... Would this organisation manage to corrupt her?

For this story, I'm looking for a writing partner interested in playing various people my character encounters in her new career: her superiors, co-workers, opposition members she'd have to deal with etc.

~ Sci-Fi Ideas ~

Joining A Megacorp

A story set in some sort of cyberpunkish future, where a really big gap between the rich and the poor exists, and where the world is mostly run by powerful megacorporations. In this story, my character would a young woman, an orphan, who definitely counts among the poor: she lives in a slum, she survives by doing shady odd jobs and she really hates these awful megacorps that are exploiting the likes like her.

One day, though, it all changes - she is approached by a stranger, an influential employee of one of the megacorps. This man (or woman) claims that he knew her father - and that her father was, actually, an important megacorp employee, too! He died recently - and, following on his last wish, his close associate tracked down his lost daughter, my character. Now, my character is offered (or even pressured) to leave her life of poverty behind and be employed by the megacorp...

Basically, this would be a story of a lower class woman being thrusted into a world of wealth and class... but also of corporate morality, office politcs, dress codes and, maybe, even business intrigue. In the cyberpunk fiction, the megacorps are seen as not-very-pleasant institutions, with the corporate people being amoral and corrupted. So, I'd like to explore what it'd be like for a lower class woman to be put into an enviroment like that, to become one of the people she hated all her life?

For this story, I'm looking for a writing partner interested in playing all the various people my character encounters on her journey through the megacorp world.

~ Indulge Me! ~

Embrace of A Beautiful Woman

The title says it's all, really: I'd like to RP a story (even a short one), where my male character has sex with a classy, beautiful woman. It could be a case of casual sex or a passionate romance... The details are, in big extent, up to my writing partner. The key parameter is the presence of a beautiful woman, my character being male and sex happening at some point :)

The Woman In White

Here's a possibly weird one... See, since like forever, I've had enormous crush on these white-clad, white-capped women from David Bowie's Jump They Say video:

Click to watch video

I find them beautiful and mysterious... And I've always wanted to see a story that would feature them. Hence, my request!

Basically, I'd like to play a male character that meets a female character patterned after these women. I don't have a background for these women ready - my writing partner could make them whatever he / she wanted - assuming the women in the story would look and, more or less, behave like the women in the video. In a way, I'm inviting you to explain these women to me, enlighten me as to their mystery!

I see the potential story going somewhat along the romance lines... but, of course, the details are all open!

That's all ideas for now! If any of these ideas are to your interest, please PM me! Let's discuss things :)
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