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February 15, 2019, 03:09:11 PM

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Author Topic: Garden of Ideas  (Read 307 times)

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Offline CrimsonbellaTopic starter

Garden of Ideas
« on: August 19, 2018, 01:58:29 PM »
Welcome to my garden. Please feel free to browse. Mind the thorns. While I am including a list of my usual ons/offs/maybes, please note that I usually won't write to satisfy a kink. I prefer stories to happen naturally.


  • Anything under 18. In fact, I typically prefer all characters to be over the age of 21.
  • Do NOT control my character. At all. The only acceptable time would be during any sex scenes.
  • No almighty, one shotting characters. If we're in an adventure style game...I want people to feel struggles. I want them to endure hardships and fear death. The sense of adventure is lost otherwise.
  • Piss/Shit- nope
  • Mutilation/Branding/Scarring/Body modification/etc - also nope
  • Unrealistic scenarios in otherwise realistic games. EX hyper large genitalia, massive amounts of fluids,etc. IF the game is set in a more fantastical theme, details can be discussed.
  • Immature/stupid characters. I don't do bimbos or the male equivalent.
  • Submissive men. Even if my character is dominant, I expect the man to "hit back" so to speak. Applies to replies, as well.
  • Rehashing what I just typed = sorry bye. Move the plot along, or move along xD
  • Harems. Used to play a few both in group games and solo. Found most of the time they were not only boring, but excuses for partners to do nothing but enjoy the attention while I did all the writing. Thanks, no.
  • Anime/Furry/things. I do not like sexualizing animals. So please do not ask.
  • People who do not communicate. If you wish to end a game, please be an adult. Tell me. I do not care. Radio silence will get you blocked so I do not have a runaway partner again. I keep a blacklist of people saved. I do check before playing.


  • Seduction done well. Suggestions. The slightest hint of a touch or look.
  • Cucking. (an on, but currently NOT looking)
           Maybe even some revenge fucking. Couples that probably shouldn't be together but are. 
  • Dubious con.
  • Rough/some force
  • Squirting
  • Mutual Pleasure
  • Voyeurs. Usually in equal parts of ladies watching men and men watching ladies.
  • Multiple Penetrations. Should we do a group with more than one man or toys. All holes filled, all holes filled more than once at a time.


  • Rape -- To be discussed and if the plot calls for it.
  • Incest. A fun trope but so often requested I've been a bit burnt out. IF your idea can dazzle we may talk something out. But chances are...I'm going to decline (sorry)
  • Impregnation. Same as above!
  • Interracial.
  • Threesomes. MMF only UNLESS you can persuade me otherwise.

Major Plot cravings!

    Altered Carbon. I'm fascinated with the idea of our consciousness being saved on a chip and placed in any body.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Above New York City's clouds lived the Panait family.  Wealth obtained over years of arms dealing and political maneuvering. Nicholas, a respectable 230 years old, was the patriarch of his brood. His wife Anastasia gave him only 5 children. All were sons, but the youngest was Nicholas' pride. His daughter. Cezara, or Cez, was only 89. Yet her unaged clones didn't look a day over 23. She'd modified some clones ahead of time. Most would keep her golden hair. Some sleeves however had different shades. Brown, or black. Some with locks of red while others perfectly dyed rainbows. And not just on her head. She'd modified some to be bare around her pubic region, others to reflect the shade of her head at the time. Her eyes were always kept blue.

On the eve of a fellow Meth's extravagant party, Cez goes missing. Is it intentional? Did she long for an escape?
Or did someone abduct her?  Are members of her own family to blame? Or do her father's rivals see an opportunity?
Face claims subject to change.

    Westworld. Again, not necessarily the ACTUAL characters, but being able to interact in a simulated world.
    Game of Thrones. Having to wait until next year is giving me an itch!
    A western setting. A native priestess is taken and forced to convert to Christianity. Years pass. She is shamed but works as a nun in a small gold mining town. Until one day, she learns of war on the horizon. -- Open to many possibilities. Are her people going to war-- would she side with the people she lost or the white men who have created a new life for her? Is a gold baron setting his sights on the town to take over? Bandits? Many outcomes to choose.

    The Tower
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Once she was a kind queen. Then the witch of the desert tower murdered her husband and cursed her people. The queen requires only the strongest warriors to breach the witch's tower- a tower home to fearsome monsters and evil traps.

The queen establishes weekly tournaments. Various warriors compete, some times to the death, for the opportunity to bed the queen. For you see, the curse of her people can only be broken by the one worthy to take the queen.

  Once a night the day's tournament champion receive summons to the palace. The champions, watched by the queen's dutiful shieldmaidens, fuck the insatiable queen. The next day, they set out immediately to the desert, bodies freshly marked by the queen's pheromones. A shield maiden sees the champion to the tower or slays him for cowardice. No champions have returned.

Minor Plots -- not searching for but have dabbled in the past (Not interested in games with these themes either)
    Struggling Artist(Actual art/Musician,Movie star,etc)/Wealthy XX(Patron/Director/etc)
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