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Author Topic: Beyond the Veil (Fantasy, Evil, Vampire, Mages & Witches) (M seeking F)  (Read 914 times)

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    All future requests for stories will be posted here and if something peaks your interest I request that you pm me and refrain from replying to the thread itself.

    Beyond The Veil



    Setting: Fantasy Time Line
    Characters: Mage Princess and Warrior
    Themes: Fantasy, Vampires, Necromancy, Witches, Struggle For Survival

    A tenuous illusion of peace had come to rest across the continent of Planuffern. The inhabitants of the shattered continent rallied as one to fight the dark forces which came bellowing from the black depths of the Slauchneasy Mountains. Little was known about what laid beyond those smoky peaks which lined the northern most provinces of the Aswyn Empire, ruled by the great Emperor; Manfred II. Decades had passed since a vampire had last tapped the supple neck of the innocent, yet the peace was tenuous at best. At the centre of the Aswyn Empire stood the beacon of civilisation and safety, the city of Grumore. With time the many races and classes that flocked to the safety of the great capitol became more concerned with their feuds and ill-founded prejudices that the memory of what lingers in the dark drifted into the pages of history.

    There were those who did not forget, the last guardians of the empire who stood watch and endured the never ending bitterness of the Provinces. The House of Magantus had vied against the everlasting tide of darkness which rolled down from the mountains every night since humans had come into existence. They ruled themselves independent of the Empire, a subject that is rarely addressed due to the political tension that has existed since The Great Unification that formed Aswyn. The humans hated the Elves, the Dwarves were politically neutral, but all hated the Provinces. A land of dead forests, never ending night, it is said to be the place where wicked souls are bound for eternity as punishment for their crimes. No one knows, or wilfully ignores, the things happening there and spits even the slightest mention of the Provinces. Unbeknown to all; the safety of Aswyn rests entirely on the never-ending watch of the Magantus.

    • The Emperor has promised the hand of his daughter to the son of an incredibly wealthy family that owns the majority of the mechanized industry in Grumore City. Growing up as the youngest of the Emperors children, the Princess has zero interest in being a pawn to be used for political gain. Unbeknown to most, she was born with the gift of Ancient Elven magic 
    • The Princess's gift was a secret known only to her mother and the Elven handler that has taught her how to control her powers, to hide them. Magic has become an increasingly frowned upon practice and Anti-Magic Knighthoods have been established to control and in some instances cull mages.
    • The Elven Handler/Teacher convinces the Princess to escape Grumore and Aswyn all together. Knowing nothing of life beyond the safety of the high walls of Grumore the idea of adventure and escape from her impending marriage was all too convincing.
    • Little is known about the motivation of the Elven mage who helps the Princess escape, especially as she awakens in the Provinces. A dark and grim start to her adventure beyond the royal life.
    • It is in the Provinces that the two characters meet. One a Princess and one a mysterious warrior. A son of the Magantus family that patrols the haunted woods and slay fowl beasts.
    • There are a lot of points that are yet to be ironed out, I have a quite a few ideas in mind I'd like to keep close to my chest for the sake of building tension. I'd like to stress that this is NOT a damsel in distress story. The Princess, though not a fire spitting ass kicking mage at first, will grow to become an incredibly formidable force with time.


    Status: Taken


    Setting: Present day
    Characters: Female Scientist and Male Mercenary
    Themes: Post-apocalyptic, survival, conspiracies

    Plot Points

    • The remnants of human civilization clump together in safe zones as waring nations tear at the broken limbs of their enemies.
    • Global tension had boiled over as nations entered into war, all like toppling dominos following their allies into the abyss. This war happened to be funded by a shadow organization which were set to profit largely from all the chaos as they sold arms to all involved.
    • The use of nuclear weapons was prohibited but did little to limit the immense destruction of cities and the scars cut into the land.
    • Safe zones were formed quickly and walled off with the wealthiest being able to buy a place in the crowded colonies. Everything else beyond those tall walls were simply branded a wasteland filled with savages.
    • People banded together, some in dangerous hordes that seek only to kill and wreak havoc on the helpless trapped out in the vast wasteland.
    • The establishment/governments want to colonise this wasteland once again to exploit what resources remained after the war.
    • There was little regard for those who live beyond the wall, seen as savages and inhuman people in a post-apocalyptic world.
    • This shadow organisation sold large arsenals of chemical weapons that were only harmful to humans, causing their lungs to bleed and victims to suffocate in their blood soon after.
    • A young woman, a brilliant scientist who once worked for a company owned by this organisation (unbeknown to her) was able to formulate an antidote.
    • Fleeing into the wasteland to share her knowledge, to save the lives of as many people as she could. The plans to eradicate humans beyond the walls and safe zones were halted as long as she lived.
    • As such a man with a particular set of talents was hired to hunt her down and to return her to the safe zone. Though having her killed would’ve been ideal, they believed she could still be of use alive.
    • He’ll find a half-broken world, cities still standing but vacant traces of humans as the wildlife creeps in to reclaim its domain.
    • There are unlimited possibilities, but the main gist is that he will attempt to take her back to the safe zone, she’ll turn him as he wrestles with his conscience.

    I want to be flexible with this so if you have any interest in the story then please pm me and we can discuss what we like/want in characters etc.

    Beneath the Black

    Status: Taken


    Setting: Early 18th century Earth (alternative history).
    Characters: See below.
    Themes: Conspiracy, Corruption, Piracy, Betrayal, Redemption, Romance.

    Plot Points

    I understand it's quite the read but it'll be worth it
    • An undiscovered civilization called the Dumree were encountered by explorers from Western Europe as they ventured further towards the continent of North America.
    • Much to their surprise the Dumree were a well developed and civilized people that possessed technology that rivaled theirs. As such, a peaceful approach was preferred especially by the outnumbered explorers. A prosperous trade agreement was signed as a sign of trust and peace much to the delight of both sides.
    • The relationship between the quietly expanding Dumree in the west and the empires of Britain, France and Spain continued for nearly three hundred years. However, war across Europe and their subsequent colonies had began to strain their economies. Resources were rationed especially the vital ones such as specialized machinery and weapons which they traded with the Dumree. Subsequently this diminished the value of what the Europeans had to trade and the Dumree had begun to slow shipments across the Atlantic.
    • A dwindling trade with the Dumree was bad news for a handful of bureaucrats that obtained their power through generations of amassing wealth by manipulating industries which relied on the trade with Dumree. Families of wealth and power knew that if trade with Dumree collapsed not only would their own empires be at risk but so would their riches.
    • The thought of trade collapsing had been especially concerned three advisors who administrated their families vast fortunes. It was aparrant what had to be done to maintain the status quo. A plan convince the world they had just cause to invade and conquer Dumree was starting to take shape.
    • The three officials were: Miquel Bergé from Spain, Sir. Charles Henry Baldwin from Britain and Marie-Paule Bonnel from France. More importantly, each held a high ranking position within their respective empires, enough power to sway officials and even monarchs.
    • In the late 17th century the trio set in action their plan which included ships and sailors from all three empires who would sail with intentions to trade in Dumree. Unbeknown to the sailors a trap was set by well paid mercenaries funded by the conspirators to sink their ships and murder all but a handful of sailors to ensure they saw the false flag of Dumree flying over the masked men sinking their fleet and murdering their comrades. Thus these survivors could lay truth to the claims that Dumree had started a war.
    • Outraged the monarchs demanded the Dumree be reprimanded for their blatant act of war. The Dumree denied any knowledge and having been offended as a nation cancelled all trade which only soaked the imminent fire in gasoline.
    • A large-scale treaty was signed between the three empires to unite under a single flag: The Pillars. A large singular military force took formation, only the finest troops and sailors from the three empires had to offer would represent his new force. Like master puppeteers the conspirators controlled the strings of the majority of officers and officials who were leading this new force.
    • Two warriors; one from Britain and the other from France became particularly great friends during their time in service. Nathan Callahan was a decorated soldier from England and had spent his early twenties as the head of an experimental unit that specialized in subterfuge and counterintelligence.
    • [Your Character] hailed from a prominent noble family in France and worked twice as hard as anyone to prove she was there on the merit of her tremendous skill as a sailor and not just because her family bought her a place in the service.
    • The two friends grew closer and quickly became secret lovers as they served as part of an elite unit under the command of Commodore William Charles Baldwin of Britain.
    • Over the years Nathan had begun to gather information that shook his believe in the validity of the invasion of the Dumree lands. The longer he spent behind enemy lines the clearer it became that the Dumree had never attacked anyone and that he was the tool of a conquest. 
    • Nathan had to be sure and as such he spent months accruing enough evidence to at least support his suspicion. He knew beyond his own men that there is one other who would believe him, at least his heart believed in her. The Commodore, who was a nephew to one of the conspirators, became suspicious of Nathans reports and begun to formulate plans to eliminate him. Nathan confessed all he discovered to [your character] but her principles refused to allow her to accept they might have been in the wrong. She couldn't believe him, no matter how badly her heart wanted to. 
    • Both Nathan and [Your Character] had the loyalty of large groups of troops and the chain of command knew they’d have to separate the two before dealing with Nathan. Cornering [Your character] with acquisitions of treason and conspiring with Nathan to undermine the war effort they managed to turn her with promises of excusing her role in his schemes if she testified that he was a traitor..
    • Betraying her friend and lover out of fear of her future and the honor of her family. [Your character] watched as The Pillars went to capture and execute Nathan who’d already slipped away into the vast continent.
    • Nearly ten years later, the war still raging with a long line being drawn along the east coast as a both forces failed to eliminate the other. Nathan had formed a renegade force that haunted the seas and attempted to disrupt The Pillars war effort as best he could.
    • A small fleet of under the command of [Your character] had been dispatched to deal with this renegade force which unbeknown to the world that it was led by Nathan. With her forces crushed against the rocky outcrops and bloodied beaches of his stronghold, she’d come to face the demon she’d help create.

    What I'd like from my writing partner

    • I require a partner who can bring a scene to life with enough detail to bring a scene to life. Descriptive language is underrepresented.
    • This will be a story driven roleplay so I'd like to write with someone that can reply with a minimum of four paragraphs. I'm flexible depending on the measure of detail because quality is more important than quantity. Blow me away in two sentences and we'll forget about the rest.
    • There will obviously be smut involved but given the nature of the story it won't be the happening in the first few posts so expect a healthy balance.


    I would like their relationship to be something fierce. It's been ten years since they've seen each other so you can only imagine the guilt she's carried around and the animosity Nathan has accrued. However, deep down there's an undeniable love for one another that's like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.


    • Character traits: Cynical, Stubborn, Witty, Cunning, Ruthless

    Your character
    Inspiration: Dallas Bryce Howard

    • The concept behind this character is that she's extremely self motivated, passionate,stubborn and intelligent. She's not a naturally submissive person which creates potential for amazing conflict in many areas.
    • The only known weakness of either characters is their affection for one another.
    • Some of this is flexible and I'm happy to entertain alterations to the character. There's quite a lot left undecided to allow you to construct her with the small points I've listed above.

    Status: Taken

    A Rose in the Tempest

    Brief Summary

    • Universe:Runeterra
    • Characters:Yasuo and Fiora
    • Roleplay Focus:A developing love story (65% story 35% smut)
    • Themes:Internal Struggle, Trust, Love, Passion, War, Exploring
    • On's and Off's:O/O *still in progress

      Plot Points
      • The world of Runeterra is broken by the unrelenting plague of war brought upon the people by the Noxian Empire, only a handful still resist. The Demacians have entered into an alliance with Freljord in an effort to stem the bleeding of troops to the superior Noxians. Fiora enlisted into the high command of Demacia and formed an elite unit of covert troops to strike at the heart of Noxian operations. Her great success made her a sought after individual and bounties racked up massively in attempts by the Noxians to slow her.
      • Yasuo the exile wanders the world with no direction in search of redemption. Stories of his talents are well spoken of at the tents of generals on all sides of the battlefield. Demacia offered to make him a triumphant hero of the people with gold to build a palace but he declined. The Noxians offered him the rule of his conquered homeland yet there was no honor and any of those as he doesn't want redemption from others but wants to forgive himself, which he is yet to discover.
      • The roleplay will be mostly about survival and Fiora attempting to return to Demacia whilst Yasuo is still searching for purpose in the world. Throughout their perilous journey Yasuo discovers that Fiora could be that purpose and the two become vulnerable as they influence each-others suborn core beliefs.
      • Some idea for an initial encounter would be a scenario where Fiora's squad was slain and she became the captive of a renegade band of Noxians set out to claim vengeance on her body. Yasuo, collecting a bounty on the heads of these renegades or potentially even her intercepts them on the way to their camp and liberates Fiora.
      • I'm open to discussion as to how the relationship will be played given that they are both slightly arrogant and proud characters. It can either being a dominant Yasuo and submissive Fiora due to her being at his mercy from being liberated from a certain death but also because the war might've taken a mental toll on her. Over time they open up to one another and grow trusting, influence each other as they grow on the journey to find purpose together. The other potential is their fiery souls constantly clashing, almost fighting constantly only as an act to disguise the prominent influence they have on one another and how they're changing, falling in love for one another.
      • Ultimately I'd like it to be a deep love story between the two, filled with all sorts of wild, dangerous and passionate things along the way.
      • For those who are unfamiliar with League of Legends have nothing to fret as it's not lore intensive, all that's needed is a minor understanding of the characters whose biographies I'll link below

      Yasuos Dossier

      Fioras Dossier

      Interactive Map of Runeterra

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