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August 23, 2019, 03:44:03 PM

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Author Topic: Océane Lazuli, Huntress in training (RWBY OC roleplay, potential spoilers)  (Read 356 times)

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Offline SovelissTopic starter

Océane nervously waited as she was blindfolded in the back of a Bullhead, hooked to parachuting equipment, her doberman ears perked for any sign that she would arrive at the drop zone. She checked her equipment. Her Custom Reinforced Bracer Scroll, Ivory, was working just fine, her electronics interface semblance told her, and her HUD visor was also working fine. All her drones, motion detectors, her 4 turrets and her Dust Mines were ready to be used. Thunderbolt, her Smart Modular Gravity Accelerator, was working just fine, and a quick check indicated she still had her usual Gravity Dust blocks, blocks of steel slugs, and segmented Dust blocks. The Initiation mission at Atlas Academy was simple. They would be airdropped in the frozen tundra at random places, and upon landing, they had to ditch their parachutes and then would be allowed to remove their blindfolds, and the objective was to use the beacons they had been given to locate another student, who would become her partner, and then head to one of several relatively safe spots as indicated by the beacon, safe spots ending up becoming taken if two pairs of students joined up there, thus forming a team, and making the safe zone unavailable. A blizzard was incoming and would be hitting the area during the night, and if they could survive it, they had to make their way to the extraction point. Straightforward. Océane gulped. Her gadgetry was geared towards reconnaissance, breaching positions, and holding positions. Until she reached the safe zone, her low Aura and stamina would leave her very vulnerable, but once there, she could dig in and fortify the position so that no wandering Grimm could ever assault their position without being torn to ribbons, or reach it undetected. A sharp sound indicated the opening of the rear bay. Her keen ears allowed her to count the 9 students that would be dropped before her. About a minute later, she felt a pull, a few seconds of freefall, and a sharp slowdown as her parachute opened, and finally a harsh landing in the snow. Ditching the parachutes and removing the blindfolds was easy. Now, time to find a student and pair up. She put on her visor, for all the good it would do her (though it did reassure her, it was part of her kit after all).

So, who's in the mood for a RWBY roleplay? I've made this OC a while ago, and I've been itching to play her. I've been thinking of setting the RP either a few years before the series began, or in a hypothetical future where WTCH has been defeated at a heavy price, many Huntsman/Huntresses dead, many settlement destroyed, and Salem still at large, bidding her time making another inner circle, and in general preparing for another attempt at recovering... Well, those who have seen enough of the series know what she wants to recover.


First name: Océane

Surname: Lazuli

Species: Doberman Faunus.

Appearance: fair skin, brown ears and hair, kinda like a doberman, always clad in light blue parkour clothes with lots of pockets and adorned with deep blue lines in them, making a pattern that would be reminiscent of a spider's web, and wearing a deep blue heavy bracer on her left arm and a light blue tinted visor on her eyes. She wears a backpack that seems to be stuffed with heavy things.

Semblance: Brain electronic interface, she can connect and control electronic devices by touching them. It doesn't allows her to make them do anything that they are unable to do, but it allows her to connect two electronic devices if she touches them both, and she can use that to reprogram electric devices.


Ivory: Custom Reinforced Bracer Scroll: a custom built high performance scroll designed for hacking and tactical awareness, and covered in armor plates. One of the plates can rotate and holds the screen, a solid tactile screen screen (as opposed to folding scroll screens) that covers all her forearm's length. It contains many custom programs, including an uploadable self-erasing localization ping sender for scrolls, and the outside is decorated with a sea-themed livery.

Thunderbolt: A Smart Modular Gravity Accelerator: A barrel, a folded axe blade, a slot to fit blocks of segmented metal projectiles (or dust projectiles), a slot for blocks of Gravity Dust. Gravity dust accelerates the metal or dust projectiles depending on the need: a high rate of fire barrage of less powerful projectiles against masses or fast but fragile foes, or a slow rate of fire high powered shots for tough yet slow targets. Melee function rotates the Gravity Dust slot until it reaches above the gun, then shifts it at the barrels end, and deploys the axe blade. Gravity Dust then accelerates the blade as needed. It is also decorated with a sea-themed livery.

War Hounds: 2 Gatling Gauss turrets, using Gravity Dust to allow themselves to be fixed on any surface, high rate of fire of small caliber rounds, powered with Electric Dust, 2 heavy Gauss Turrets, shooting high velocity projectiles at targets. Both turrets have targeting software that while decent, cannot predict anything more complex than straight line movement. They excel at cutting down Grimm, holding choke points, and harassing a target to keep it on the move. They won't by themselves beat down even a Huntsman/Huntress in training without the element of surprise, but they won't allow them to stay stationary or moving in a straight line for even a second without taking hits. Turrets have no remote controls, and have anti tampering self destruction charges, and have build in aura detector and IFF programs.

Dust breach charges: Dust shaped charges powerful enough to blast a good sized hole into an average wall, and use Earth Dust to kick up a cloud of dirt that blcks line of sight.

Drones: Drones are able to scout a large area, but their ranged communications are send-only. They have a lifespan set at deployment, and if not recovered within it, self-destruct. Should one be disabled, they also self-destruct.

Various deployable sensors.

A deployable mobile Comm Tower, extending Scroll and radio range.

Dust mines, can trigger on proximity with exceptions for friendly IFFs, or set to only detonate for hostile IFFs uploaded to an enemy scroll through hacking.

Mundane skills: Hacking, building electronic devices out of (purpose ordered or improvised) spare parts, tracking.

Fighting skills: above average rifle/axe skills, dodging skills, and speed, but not up to true specialist level.

Weaknesses: below average aura, below average stamina, naive, mischievous prankster.

Well, that was a wall of text. I could use three teammates and a game master to finally play my OC. Thank you.

Offline TheLinguist

Josiah "Lilnight" Onyx quickly ripped off the blindfold blocking his vision and looked around at the surrounding area, fiddling with the beacon he muttered to himself. "How is this supposed to work again? This is what I get for ignoring the introduction thing they did." To avoid standing still in the cold, he brought up his weapon, a vicious looking brass man-catcher, and fired a dust charged fire bolt into the air, the ball of energy spinning in the middle of the claw for a second before violently ripping out, leaving a familiar smell of burning dust in the air for a brief moment. He then turned around, reasoning that they probably wouldn't set them up to be able to walk straight and just find the safe zone, and used the staff part of his weapon to draw a big arrow in the direction he was going, before he started heading off, whilst tinkering with, which mostly involved hitting, his beacon.


First name: Josiah

Surname: Onyx

Species: Human

Appearance:  Joshiah wears a black cloak with a stylized depiction of three heads drawn out in white. He has brown hair and red eyes, under his cloak he normally wears cotton T-shirts and jeans, but for missions like this he swaps that out for cargo pants and a long sleeved T-shirt with pockets. He has skin that hints slightly of a tan and typically has his weapon in hand or strapped to his back, the pockets being used for dust cartridges.

Semblance: Memory Transference - Josiah can move or copy a memory to or from anyone he is touching, including himself taking a memory needs prolonged contact four about 10 seconds, to copy a memory he only needs 5 however, and he can give people memory's from himself instantly.


People-Fisher: Josiah's weapon doesn't actually transform, unlike many, instead his is a simple one form mancatcher. However the reason for this is because the inner working are chock full of dust and gears to allow it to work as a ranged dust weapon. He can, through pressing the right buttons, call a ball of dust to rapidly spin in the center of the man catcher, before blasting out at a high velocity. When he is out of dust, or the foe is close, he just needs to get the jaws of his weapon around them, before he sinks it into them for restraint, or just to use his natural strength to move them around.

Mundane skills: Cooking, Jokes, and has an unexpectedly cool head in stressful situations

Fighting skills: Above average strength, and has a good amount of experience with his weapon.

Weaknesses: Over Confidant, Tends to tune out, doesn't learn very fast.

So, I hope this works? Sorry this is my first real post on here and I can't private message yet, I took your format for the profile and just filled it out with Lilnights stuff. I look forward to hearing from you :D.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

We probably should expect to have to change the names of our characters at some point, to fit a team name, or find a way to have a team name with the names we end up having though that's gonna be harder, but so far this sounds okay. I'll still stick to a blue theme though and I'll only change the last name so I could fit that as a letter. :P

Offline TheLinguist

I have a big chart, and I found that in *reads off list* Creole the word for yellow is jòne, so we could use that?

If you want to use last names, zold in Hungarian is apparently green.

Offline SovelissTopic starter

It will depend on what other people will agree with, but expect to have to make compromise to work with a team name is all I'm saying. :P

Offline TheLinguist

It will depend on what other people will agree with, but expect to have to make compromise to work with a team name is all I'm saying. :P

AH, yeah I understand now, my mistake. I like your semblance alot I tried to make a character like that before but I was applying to a kind of pushy RP place and it was rejected. Glad I found here.