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Author Topic: Under construction! Nothing inside as of yet.  (Read 513 times)

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Offline flasscheTopic starter

Under construction! Nothing inside as of yet.
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:25:08 am »

Please refrain from replying directly to this thread, Pm me if you are interested.

Title:The Quadrumvirate

We follow the tale of how a individual or small group investigate, track and finally locate a four people so unique and strange that they defy nature.
The story would revolve around a soul that is split four ways, allowing a single mind to exist withing four bodies.
Will the investigation be due to curiosity? A need for assistance or something more nefarious and demanding?

-Group play
-Multiple penetration


My Character(s):
A single soul inhabiting four bodies. They share more than just cognitive abilities. The closer they are to one another the stronger their bond is and in turn their ability to defy what is considered natural.
Beyond those four I will do my best in playing side characters to further the plot.

Your Character(s):
The story was written with both males and females in mind.
Their genders, ages, personalities, physical traits would be up to you to decide.
I’d love for you to play multiples, but can be convinced to play with just one, provided the match is there and you can add to the story.
Open for suggestions/alterations if you have a good idea.

Inspiration for the scene:
A deck of cards
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Offline flasscheTopic starter

Re: Under construction! Nothing inside as of yet.
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 11:25:35 am »


Warm smoke filled his lungs as the cold air caressed his skin, forming goosebumps wherever they intertwined. He exhaled slowly as he glanced over to his side, seeing the rise and fall of his partner’s chest as her sleeping from slightly shook due to the cold air. He knew there would be words when she’d caught him smoking, yet there was nothing else that could clear his mind as quickly as this.

He had received a text message forty minutes ago, followed by several dozen more and five missed calls until he finally picked up and listened to the mad ramblings that usually occurred at this time of the night. He had listened only barely, muttering that he needed proof of any kind before he’d even want to pick up the phone again. Now, forty minutes later he was standing there in his boxers, wearing one of his own socks and one of his partner’s slippers, smoking near the window as he watched on his smartphone the pdf document being downloaded.

‘I need to block his number after this’

He figured as the download was finished and he opened it. At first he was simply scanning the document hastily, his eyes still somewhat fatigued, yet the more he read the wider his eyes became.
A few minutes later the cigarette had started to burn his hand from the lack of use. He flicked it away as he tried answered his phone again, his voice shaking from shock and excitement.

“Has this been verified? Who knows about this?”

The man demanded, unbothered by the fact that he was raising his voice. His partner slowly woke up to find him in that ridicules state and was about to comment about it when she noticed his expression. There was excitement in those eyes and a hint of fear. She knew better than to interfere when he got like that.

“How many sightings? How many of them are there? Who do we know in that area?”

He asked as he went over the document once more, seeing vague camera footage of a street camera, copies of older police reports and more recent eyewitness statements that had been made before they had been redacted. The latter part worried him, seeing as it hinted at other parties might be involved, or at the very least be monitoring the situation.
The reports spoke of unnatural things, about a person staying underwater for hours before resurfacing, or another suddenly producing a key from his mouth and escaping custody. The most absurd one was the one about a morgue listing a John Doe as being deceased, yet having camera footage of him walking out of the morgue a few days later with three other individuals. The weird part was that there were only one set of fingerprints found.

“We need to get on this before anyone else!”

He barked as he hung up call and immediately began going through his contact list to see who he might be able to reach out to.

Attached folder
The sketched made by professionals based on the descriptions from the witnesses.
Unclear what their affiliation would be or what organisation that is currently employing them or working with them.
Witness testimony gives us a possible hint at their names, although it might be more reasonably to see this as a codename or nickname.

Each name seems to link towards the same name; Lance. Each name being a variation from it, either dirived from a different culture or reshapen. Last names seem to indicate they are linked to playing cards.
the information broker that procured the information for us nicknamed them the; Four kings.

Lancke Diamond
Lancie Clover
Lancé Spade
Lance Heart

Witness reports seem to indicate that the four individuals share more than senses with one another.
-What one of them sees or hears, the others do as well. Isolating them would increase the chances of trapping them.
-An item swallowed by one, might be produced once again by another, making detainment quite difficult, should be go with this route.
-It is hinted that one can draw strength or agility from the others, seeing as there have been reports about a car door having been pulled off its hinges.
-Age and current facial features are hard to pinpoint. Reports go back as far as 1902. Subjects appear Late twenties to mid thirties at the latest. Unclear what might be at play here.
-See the footage for the morgue beforehand. Possibility of shared regeneration when all four are near one another?
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