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August 21, 2019, 02:47:34 AM

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Author Topic: Star Wars Rebels (Star Wars Saga Ed, Seeking GM)  (Read 239 times)

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Star Wars Rebels (Star Wars Saga Ed, Seeking GM)
« on: August 13, 2018, 04:54:52 PM »
Having been on a Star Wars Rebels binge recently, I'm wondering if there are any prospective GMs out there who might be interested in chairing such a game.  I'd rather like to do a something in the vein of the series, namely, chronicling the rise of a rebel cell and undertaking various missions that go with it, starting from humble beginnings to becoming a major threat to the empire.  If possible, I'd like to delve into the mystical side of the force, perhaps having to face down darkside entities that are lurking behind the scenes during the course of the Rise of the Empire.

Of course, I'm also up for just about anything else that Star Wars, and whilst I'm a fan of most eras, I'm mostly in the most for a game set during the Rise of the Empire or after the fall of the Empire, though I won't discount other eras out of hand.  The sole exception to all of this is having anything set, leading up to, or hinting towards the new trilogy (The Force Awakens, Last Jedit, etc...) since I'm not much of a fan.

I have the vague concept of a character that I'd really like to use:

Trisskana Sulimo
Race: Human, Class: Jedi 5, Noble 1
Age: 34, Height: 5' 8"

As a young girl, Triss always saw herself among the political elite of the galaxy, attending functions at the side of her parents, but when her sensitivity with the Force manifested, it set her upon a different path.  Never wanting to follow the path of a Jedi, Triss nevertheless applied herself to the Jedi teachings, for, as a nobleman's daughter, she was expected to excel at whatever task she was given.  Even so, the ways of the Jedi remained a vocation to her rather than a calling, allowing her to maintain a worldly view of matters regarding Jedi affairs.

In the early lead up to the Separatist Wars (that would lead into the Clone Wars), Triss decided that the Jedi were going to be dragged into something bigger than they could handle and parted ways with the Order to return to her family.  By doing so, she was largely overlooked when Palpatine issued Order 66.  Though Triss initially had no real grudge against the emergence of the Empire, her family, who were known to have associated with the Jedi in their heyday, suffered as a consequence when assets were seized over the course of never ending investigations.  Over time, the Sulimos made do by becoming directly involved in the mercantile side of the business they had formerly been content to leave in the hands of others, whilst occasionally making smuggling runs.  Ironically, Triss weathered this by contemplating better days during her time among the Jedi, practicing forms with the lightsaber she had kept.

The complete downfall of her family came when an unexpected search of the family premises turned up the incriminating lightsaber.  Afraid that there was a real Jedi in their midst, the commander immediately ordered the execution of everyone.  Desperate and seeing no other way out, Triss ignited the lightsaber and killed the stormtroopers before making her escape with whatever she could take.

Whether one spends a few moments or a few months in the company of Triss, it is very unlikely that anyone would ever think she once trained as a Jedi or walked the high places of society with stately grace.  Though her manner is a bit more proper than the average vagrant, her devil-may-care manner is every bit that of someone who has no higher aspirations and lives only for the moment.  Even whilst a member of the Jedi order, Triss was never hesitant to subtly use appearance and seduction as part of her diplomatic repertoire, and now, freed from the order's constraints, sexuality is something she exercises freely.

Triss is never one to fight if words can get the job done, and never one to pull a weapon if allies can do it on her behalf.  When she does engage in battle, she exhibits a cold fervor that some find unsettling.

I see Triss as something of person who masks her hurt behind a vibrant mask, living large and carelessly to help her forget about the things she's lost.  I'd like to follow road that leads her to rise up to true heroism, though it be one that is narrow and rocky.  I don't see her as one who will ever accept the Jedi teachings, but during the course of adventures will come to realize that there was more to it that she was willing to acknowledge.  Eventually, I'd like her to wholeheartedly throw her efforts behind the rebellion, after initial skepticism.

I don't consider any of the above absolutely concrete, so I'm more than happy to rework things to fit a campaign, so long as the general gist of the character remains the same.