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Author Topic: Magicals Writing Prompts (M for F)  (Read 690 times)

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Magicals Writing Prompts (M for F)
« on: August 10, 2018, 03:35:01 pm »
Writing Prompts

As always, pairings and kinks and other ideas can be viewed in my ON/OFFS

Idea 1

Richard was not happy. He was constantly fighting with his wife. Both sides accused the other of cheating, of mentally checking out. Richard didn't have the proof - yet - but he was pretty sure his wife was banging not only her boss but one of her 'close' coworkers too. Not that he blamed them - she was beautiful and could really turn on the charm and seduction when she wanted to! But when she didn't, she could be an ice cold bitch too! Richard felt like he was getting the cold shoulder more often then not and had even started masturbating for the first time in years because of the lack of action he was getting - proof he wasn't cheating!

Richard flopped onto the couch - his bed for the night - wearing his bathrobe and boxer briefs. He had grabbed a 6 pack of beers from the kitchen and cracked the first one open. The lights were off but the TV was on. He flipped to HBO and found some Game of Thrones reruns. At least they would be entertaining and keep his mind off things until he passed out later! It let him drown out his suspicions and the anger he felt towards his wife.

A few hours later, Richard heard the front door open and a light flicked on. It made his eye s burn and head hurt as he adjusted to the brightness of it. When his eyes had adjusted, they found themselves focused on his daughter who was frozen in spot, like a deer caught in headlights. She was the spitting image of her mother, only a younger version. A firm, fit body, with curves in all the right places. If she was anything like her mother, she was getting some from various places. Especially dressed the way she was - a microskirt that barely covered her assets, a sheer crop top that barely covered her breasts, revealing the cute bra underneath, and knee high socks to complete the ensemble. If she hadn't just been fucked she was certainly dressed to do so - or be the queen tease at whatever party she had been at.

Richard felt the anger boiling in his blood once more. Like mother like daughter! What was wrong with this family? He wasn't going to let his daughter become anymore like her mother though. No, he needed to start laying down a firm hand on her. He needed to discipline her and now didn't seem like a bad time to start. He slowly rose from his seat, face creased with anger. But if she was also going to dress like a slut, he was going to treat her like a slut too. He cracked his knuckles and moved towards her.

"And where have you come from, young lady?!"

THEMES: Daddy/Daughter Incest, Domination/Submission, Rough Play, Spanking, Slutty Clothing, Collars, BDSM, Age Gaps, Adultery/Cheating, Discipline, MORE

Idea 2

Andrew paused in her doorway, ears straining for even the faintest of sounds. Once he was satisfied that their parents were asleep, he stepped into her room and shut the door. He felt his heart hammering in his chest and arousal stirring his loins already. For the past month he had been coming to his sisters bed in the middle of the night, but tonight was going to be a special night. It was the night his sister was going to learn that he was the only boy she needed in her life.

For the past month, he had been getting into her bed. They had started by making out at first before he started to explore her body. For the last week or so, things had fallen into a steady but pleasureable routine. He could get in her bed, cuddle her, then they'd start making out. He'd feel her up at that point and she would jerk him off until he came. Once he calmed down after that, he would slip back to his room and pretend nothing had ever happened. But that was going to change tonight.

Over dinner, she had mentioned a boy in her class had asked her out. She hadn't responded yet but it made Andrews blood boil. Why did she need to see other people when she had him all to herself? He wasn't one for sharing - at least not yet. Not with her. So tonight he was going to fuck her, to dominate her, to claim her as his always, even if she did start seeing other people.

THEMES: Dub-Con (Maybe she wants him to take that next step, Incest, Virginity, Discreet Sex, Public Sex, Exhibitionism, Sleep-Sex, Clothed Sex, MORE

Idea 3

The new teacher in school was hot. Everyone agreed on this. Andrew had never really paid attention to such rumors or who each teacher was. As long as he got passing grades and was not called on in class, he was happy. Andrew entered his 3rd period class and did a double take. Apparently he had the new hot teacher for one of his classes. And he had to agree, she was a good looking woman. But there was something about that seemed so familiar. He couldn't place it and it bugged him all class long. He even doodled a picture of her, to keep her image fresh in his mind, but still couldn't figure it out.

The rest of the day went as well as it could for a boy like him. Quiet and reserved, a bit of a geek and a gamer, he had few friends. But that was how he liked things. Nice and quiet. Drama free. He walked home as he always did, still mulling over why she was so familiar. His parents were not home like always when he got there, always working late, so he turned his computer on and went to a few of his favorite porn sites. And there she was - his 3rd Period teacher staring right back at him as she guzzled on some guys cock. Andrew was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. Other then watch a bunch of her videos and jerk off.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. "I've seen you naked." "I've seen you fucking." "I've seen everything about you." The thoughts crept across his brain every time he saw her. Over the weekend, he decided to throw together a compilation of some her best scenes. It was then that he decided what he was going to do with this information - live out every schoolboys dream!

THEMES: Dubcon, Older Woman (20 - 40)/ Younger Male, Forced Sex, Recorded Sex, School Sex, Pornstar/Fan, Kinky Sex, MORE