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Author Topic: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)  (Read 1566 times)

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Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:06:45 PM »
Hi everyone,

Thanks for showing interest! This thread is dedicated to modern settings with a fantasy/supernatural type twist. I value character development and story to make the smut shine. For any of these, I am flexible on who would GM (if a GM-type story) and can mix things up in an m/f or f/f format. I enjoy both.

My posting rate can range from every couple to every few days, although from time to time I can get busier. I like to give consideration to what I write. My posts are at least three paragraphs long and often more, although I don't like to inundate with information. I do like to write detail and enjoy coming up with new places and people to write about. I care very much about a character's interior thoughts and motivations, so how he/she is reacting to what is happening in any given moment. This doesn't necessarily mean extensive backstory, but how he/she is thinking.

I respond to the same. If you are interested, please PM me, but also show me your thoughts and ideas, and I'll check on any posts you'd like to see your writing style. I don't like to reply to requests with just one liners or vagueness, please do the same: give me your ideas to get the dialogue going.

Please check out my O/Os if you're interested.


NOTE: Normally I enjoy GMing games but my creative resources especially for open-ended games where I run things are fairly dry. For any game with a GM element, I would be looking for someone else to take the reins.

EXTRA NOTE: I am in the process of slowly remodeling my various pages and am placing some material right here for now. I AM NOT REALLY LOOKING FOR GAMES RIGHT NOW. But... if something really catches your eye, no sense in not saying hi!
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2018, 03:07:04 PM »
Name: One Crazy Halloween (Taken)

Setting: Suburbs of a mid-size American city.

Scenario: A woman dressed up as a black cat for Halloween finds herself deeply in heat and having to get home.

Story: Whether leaving a Halloween party or heading home on foot from a PTA meeting, a woman in cat costume finds herself overcome by lust. Little did she know, but the makeup and costume she's wearing has infected her with enough of a cat-nature to place her deeply into heat. She's not going to make it home in time! She's getting overwhelmed!

Notes: Was she sold a magical suit by the nefarious owner of a magic shop? Realizing this, she needs to slake her lust before he finds her and will she make it safely to home? Or is it just a single encounter we want to do, her finally having to knock on a strange door hoping to find a man to fuck her raw? Maybe that goofy divorcee around the corner, or the ex-military guy with the harridan for a wife. Or... is the whole neighborhood infected by a strange, luminescent magic, the tail of a comet or something, where all the costumed adults take on qualities of their costumes? Will she need to slink across rooftops and fences, hiding from the demons and werewolves and devils, finding herself going from house to house finding allies amid the chaos of a changed world, everyone a bit loopy, and she's still extremely randy...

Requirements: I'd like to play the costumed woman. Gender of the other player doesn't matter to me. Looking for strong, detailed posts for a faster-paced narrative, naughtiness, creativity, fun.
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2018, 10:14:50 AM »
Scenario: Quantum Leap!

Description: Following the old classic tv show, with a kinky twist. If you're not familiar, Dr. Sam Beckett was stuck in time, plunging from one person to the next, occupying their body in order to resolve some personal or social conflict. To make things right. He'd then plunge forward into the next story, endlessly, for no known reason. Same thing in our story, but some act of sexual congress has to be consummated for him to move on.

Ideas: We could play this as 'having to bring forlorn lovers back together' or 'getting the nerdy girl together with the jock', but those sound pretty bland. I'm thinking more like the bride at a destination wedding in Mexico needs to lay her father-in-law, or the businessman needs to fuck the pretty barista sort of ideas. High school football coach and college cheerleader. Celebrity and a fan. Those sorts of trysts. They may be cataclysmic for those involved, but he's gone before the fallout. In the series, Beckett had a ghostly advisor help him figure out what the 'rules' and setup of each new story. It'd be fun to inhabit each new character, see all the players, and then dive into the ending.

Notes: I often prefer to play female characters, so having him/her inhabit distaff members of the species would be on order, but we can mix it up. I am very interested in swapping out, if you'd like. That is, I'd run the Leaper and then in the next scenario you do. The possibilities are fairly infinite. I'd be up for kinks I wouldn't ordinarily want to do long term. Try things out.
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2018, 10:02:00 AM »
Lost in the City

Scenario: A fairy is lost in the big city, be it New York, be it London, and needs to cross dangerous territories to get home. There are everyday dangers - smoke-spurting cars, telephone wires, birds, cats, but also redcaps and goblins, many of the nastier fey, who would love to get their hands on her. She may have allies along the way.

Content/Tone: This will have more non-con than I usually like, but to her this will be the name of the game. Capture by a baddie means she's a sexual plaything for a while. I am open to m/f and f/f and m/m/m/etc/f and even more. I'd like to have some action scenes, fights with needles as swords, that sort of thing.

Setting: A modern city, above the rooftops, inside apartments, underground. The journey from, like, Central Park out to the furthest reaches of Brooklyn will take days and they know she is coming...

Notes: There is a lot open about this. We can play Tinkerbell needing to get back to the Darlings. We can play another fairy needing to get to her handler, or her friends, or whatever, in Gotham. Her fairy status brings out all the creepy-crawlies most normies never see. It could be fun to have a human woman transformed into a fairy and having to deal with this journey. There could be quest elements - this fairy needs to retrieve items from certain places to rebuild a portal or vanquish all the beasties. I am up to GMing or being the fairy.

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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2018, 09:22:14 AM »
Accidental Binding

Scenario: He dithered around with pages from a discovered grimoire, idle and bored. There was no way this was going to work. A sex demon? Ha ha. Yet, when he finished the casting, his mind suddenly slipped to think about his... aunt? His gorgeous, hard-working... aunt?

Basic set-up is that a mismatched couple is joined together by a binding ritual. The male has discovered pages from a scroll that he has used to cast a spell, intending to help himself out of jam. Or purely for sexual favors. Or a number of things. In any case, the spell has brought a succubus-type force into the world and has thrust it into the body of someone near him and has bound the two of them together. The woman isn't terribly happy about her new sub-demonic nature, but now has outrageous sexual needs only he can expunge on a semi-daily basis. Whoops! Now what?

I'm attracted to the idea of the mismatch, this situation forcing a crossing of natural boundaries in ways that are embarrassing and lead to potential shenanigans. I'd like there to be a level of authority between them that creates problems to overcome. That is, a father-daughter set-up is less attractive to me because they have 'access' to each other at all times, whereas a man accidentally binding his business partner's daughter to him creates a perfect foil.

Tone of Game: Realistic, sexy hijinks! The human-succubus needs to feed sexually or will go out of control. How do they negotiate this? Her embarrassment about being so hot to trot and needing him. His embarrassment for having bound her. And then she discovers the powers their couplings are bringing out of her. Maybe he has her sleep with his teachers, or partners, or whatever, expanding his power in the world.

Posting Quality and Stuff: I'm really attracted to character psychology. Really want to give them fleshed-out lives and play around with how they deal with the fall-out of their trysts. Why is auntie spending so much time with Chad all of a sudden? That sort of thing. Sex is so much more fun when it means something to the characters (good, bad, serious, funny). I'm looking for at least 3-5 paragraphs a pop, please.

Notes: I am up for either character. Any gender partner. I'm not really into other incestuous pairings for this one, e.g. mother-son.

Possible Pairings: aunt-nephew, uncle-niece, male teacher-female student, business man-barista, business man-partner's daughter

Pictures under spoiler are of milfy aunt-types.


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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2018, 09:22:46 AM »
The Ink-Stained Portals (Taken)

Scenario: By compulsion or because they have simply scrawled themselves upon her body, a young woman has a series of glorious tattoos over her body that she comes to realize constitute a riddle she must solve, of people and places she must find, of a destiny to unlock. Her body is an instrument, the ink are instructions. Maybe the last tattoo she got suddenly fulfilled a pattern she never realized she was making. Modern day scenario, f/m, f/f, f/m/m, latitude toward kinks, etc.

More: Admittedly this idea is still coming together. I don't know how the tattoos have etched themselves on her skin; I don't know what or who has done it; I don't know what the 'solution' is or how exactly each tattoo leads her to the next part of the riddle. Is each tattoo burning in some eldritch way, needing to be extinguished? Is she secretly persuaded to pursue them, gaining powers each step of the way? The tattoos will be linked to sexual congress with strangers in strange situations, establishing a pattern upon the world hitherto unknown... Contrast with 'normal life' always fun.

Looking For: A creative writing partner who may feel up to playing multiple characters and brainstorming situations and ideas. As always, I revel in looking into psychology and personality as much as smut; the smut improves that way. As I don't fully know what this game is about, ideas are welcome! Semi-regular posting, four to five paragraphs a near-must.

Character Possibility (NSFW)
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #6 on: September 01, 2018, 09:23:14 AM »
Training for the Ritual

Scarlett (name to be determined) is a member of a hideous cult preparing for bringing the Most Exalted Entity into this world, which requires her being fucked ritually by five (or eight, or whatever) of the high priests of her sect. She will have three handmaids at her side, who will be in charge of fluffing the men and attending to her needs, both during the ritual and previous to it (and who may be slaves). During the blackened ritual, in the carefully prepared chambers, while the men are active in pumping into her their human seed, the dark, squamous and/or tenebrous advance scouts of the Dark Mass will enter; Scarlett, in order to keep her wits, will need to know who is human and who is not, before the Dark Prince-Thing comes.

Scarlett, who has already achieved a level of power in the cult, needs to assume the abilities commensurate with her use as a vessel. She will need to study her spells, but also learn the bodies of the men so intimately that she can identify their cocks and bodies by touch and smell. She will also need to train her body for the abuse: anally, orally, vaginally. Endurance and expansion are key.

I want this to be semi-serious and realistic. The cult should be Lovecraftian/Cthulhian rather than Satanic. (This is very widely based on a CoC module in an old copy of The Unspeakable Oath.) I really want to concentrate efforts on getting to know Scarlett, who should be a grown woman with a life and job, and how she hides her double life, the contrast between getting groceries and dealing with employees and that business, with organizing the end of humanity, or whatever the ultimate goal is. The game can be semi-episodic, even humorous at times, as she gets to know the men individually, in pairs, trebles, and so on, but I want her to be evil. She is secretly a nasty piece of work, if sweet in exterior, and is not above using ichorous spells to transform the current world.

Looking For
Someone who is fun but devious, long-termer, who is interested in playing either Scarlett or the rest of the world. Looking for multiple paragraphs, details, contrast between real world and the longer-term preparations for the wretched ritual. Wanting mundanity vs. fun awfulness. Regular posting hoped for.

Dark Inspirations:

Gang-Bang Inspirations:

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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2018, 09:24:25 AM »
Two 'Witches'

Scenario: Two women are acolytes in an order of witches. They have been freshly 'assigned' to each other, their gathering intimacy with each other's body key to their roles in the larger scheme of things. Their advancing sexual exploits (cunnilingus, tribbing, analingus, toys) generate for them increased power and perhaps knowledge over their world and situation. The women have never met before and may be from very different walks of life, i.e. different races and backgrounds. They may have no experience with women or have hitherto believed they were straight. I prefer no strict d/s arrangement and prefer switching.

Setting: Modern day. Few people know about magic; in fact, perhaps only they do. I'd like the women to be equivalent in age, but am open to good ideas. They could be students at the same college or young professionals in a large city. I am open to cheating narratives, for example, one has a fiancé.

Notes: I am NOT looking for 'one's ghetto, the other's from Beverly Hills!' dynamics, or class resentment, or whatever. I'm looking for two beautiful girls having to accept each other far more deeply than expected. Contrasts are fun. I'd be up to a young married mother vs. a young professional, those sorts of dynamics. Interracial isn't necessary, but always fun.

Wrinkles and Variations: The girls may not actually know what the witches' coven is actually about. They may have independently discovered pages from an ancient text that leads them down a path of small sorcery: If they do certain tasks, they will be rewarded (can afford the car note that month, finish their project quickly), and this ramps up to them meeting up, having become believers. OR, the coven can be known, but secretive, and they have to go through this long initiation before they can progress. Sex as spells is something I'd be into exploring.

Tone: Realistic. I'd like to get into their everyday lives and how this is changing who they normally would be. Are they having to sneak behind roommates' backs? How are they navigating their own expectations? Do they not really like or trust each other at first, but with rewarded sex, they increasingly grow dependent on each other. I am looking for a larger narrative, that they're being put through this for a reason, which we can discuss.

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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #8 on: September 01, 2018, 09:26:25 AM »
Species: Alien on the Prowl (Taken)

An alien has touched down in an American city, needing to breed. She has taken the form of a luscious, nubile young female in order to seduce and lay a range of men. Still uncertain about her surroundings, she has some initial struggles with figuring out clothing and basic interactions.

Wrinkles and Variations: She may be doing this for benign reasons, showing gratitude after fucking. Or, she may not understand the purpose and longevity of the human male and destroy them each time, praying mantis-style, causing law enforcement to start on her trail. And, istead of needing to breed once, she may need to lay a range of human males (ethnicity, age, body type) and store the genetic material in her extraterrestrial womb, which would require her to trace and find various types. This would be my preference. Age play, public nudity, interracial, all there.

Tone of Game: Varies, but based on her newness in the world, so some potential humor. Can go dark.

Inspiration: The pseudo-smutty movie Species, with Natasha Henstridge. Basically an opportunity to get a beautiful blonde naked as much as possible, it still had some good actors in it like Ben Kingsley and Forrest Whitaker. But did you know there were three more movies in the series, each progressively worse? In these movies, the alien is always violent, turning into her reptilian, spiky form after every fuck or when she is threatened. I'm up for discussion, but I'd like to capture at least part of this equation, the dynamism of her transformations and needing to flee. 

NSFW (Nudity)
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #9 on: October 11, 2018, 01:02:31 PM »
Beneath the Waves

Scenario: A nereid or selkie or [fill-in-the-blank] has taken a shine to a sturdy, older man on land and seeks to lure him in. A married man, well-to-do, he finds her incredibly tempting. How to keep her secret from his family, his superiors at his job, society in general?

Tone: Darkly romantic. Let The Right One In can be an inspiration: the man is dissatisfied with modern life and the selkie's presence engages something deeper inside him. The selkie may be curious about life above or want him to join her down below.

Setting: Thinking Scotland or more like Scandanavia, maybe Nova Scotia, those lands of cable knit sweaters and romantic heather-rustling winds. Genteel society and sturdy furniture vs. the lure of open spaces.

Notes: I want her world and her brain to lie outside human understanding, capricious and daring. As for him, I'm thinking a Christopher Eccleston type, someone impassioned but weird. I am up for playing either character. I hope to do some interactions for the man outside of scenes with the sea-creature. With his family, for example. Perhaps his architecture firm (or whatever) is having a retreat up the coast and she follows him... Perhaps he's a pastor whose faith is shaken... A lighthouse keeper...

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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #10 on: October 24, 2018, 08:33:48 PM »
Name: In His Majesty's Secret Service

Scenario: Who could see the value of a burned-out truck stop hooker who is still alive out of sheer spleen and tenacity? A demon lord, that's who. Needing a soldier on earth, he transforms her into a succubus, although she needs to 'graduate' through a series of encounters before she can do his utmost bidding. Starting with her usual clientele, each conquest transforms her bit by bit into a less drug-ravaged, less blown-out avatar of humanity until she becomes 'normal' and then beyond, into the spectacular. Eventually she is meant to take down mayors or governors and CEOs.

Inspiration: Think the famous 'Wendy' montage/scenes from Breaking Bad.

Tone: Rakish, dark, evil, fun. Her anger and resentment are fuel.

Setting: Modern day. Like BB, I'd like it to be in the southwest, like NM or AZ, moving toward California. Game would be a slow graduation of her beauty and power as she sinks her claws into higher rungs of the socioeconomic ladder. The demon lord would be in close contact throughout, given her assignments of various kind.

Notes: How does she dispatch of each person she fucks? Does she swallow them whole, turn them into lustful zombies, turn them into desert rats, or puffs of smoke? While normally I'd be happy to GM this, my reservoirs are low and so I'm looking to play 'Wendy' right now.
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2018, 02:07:53 PM »
Name: My Life as a Nymph/The Spirit of the Grove

Scenario: Whether to save her life, or to use her lifeforce, woman is infected by a woodlands spirit to become its guardian. She is compelled to spend time in the wilderness to protect it. This can involve seducing hunters and hikers to bind them to her service, attend to various animals and their injuries, magic up ponds and springs, or fend off the encroachments of home developers.

Tone: Realistic, grubby/woodsy, some violence.

Setting: A rural setting with a mix of civilization and forests, hills, water. Can be exurban to a city.

Notes: I'd love to explore the dynamics between her old, 'normal' life and her new duties, hiding them from loved ones, returning to work and heading out to stake out her territories. I'm up for the more savage parts of nature -- killing developers as well as ensnaring them sexually. She can be more druidical, too, shapeshifting and so on.

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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #12 on: October 25, 2018, 02:08:04 PM »
Name: The Strange Part of the Spell

Scenario: A young witch, or normal person, must go through a day (or more) completely naked. The catch? The saving grace? Everyone will think she is completely clothed. The spell she is casting -- or the curse she is undergoing -- shields her nudity from being recognized. Does she have the guts to go through with this? What if she finds out her archrival, or some other force, will be the one who recognizes her for what she is?

Tone: Playful, embarrassing, brave, skin-prickling but secretly arousing.

Setting: Modern day, a big city, restaurants, subways, at work.

Notes: This is a stub as much as anything. Open to many ideas. Mainly concerned with her trying to overcome her inherent modesty for the purpose of... what could be a spell, or the requirement of a wish, or a curse placed on her by a fey, etc. Open to rivals or a higher order of witches, for example an initiation ceremony.
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #13 on: October 25, 2018, 02:14:31 PM »
Name: The Alien Zoo

Scenario: Two women have been abducted to be displayed in an alien zoo on a world in a distant galaxy. Also, to be bred and propagate their species. Little do the aliens realize two women are not biologically suited to impregnate each other!

Further: The aliens are able to create as wholesome and suitable a life for their captives as possible, building their 'dream house' and replicating items to suit their desires. Not a bad life, really. Not bad at all! What happens when the women realize by putting up appearances they can have a pretty cush life? Can they stall the alien civilization(s) from realizing they aren't biologically compatible? What happens when the aliens take them back to Earth to abduct one or two earthling men for their studies? Will they... select their husbands/boyfriends or... some studly celebrity?

Setting: The zoo enclosure. The aliens. The women. Maybe pumping in pheromones or jiggling the situation in hands-on ways.

Tone: Playful and sort of cartoonish, but actually realistic.

Notes: The woman should not know each other at first. How do they negotiate this bizarre new life? Despair to kind of fascination? Can they bend the situation to their will? What is it like to simulate sex for xenobiologists who don't understand what they're looking for?
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #14 on: March 23, 2019, 02:13:01 PM »
These are sci-fi and fantasy. Will need to move to another thread.

Name: The Great Orbital Time Waste

Content: Light consensual, f/f preferred, but can be m/f

Scenario: A small freighter is grounded outside the normal flight paths of cargo and commerce. MC is part of the crew and is joined by YC. The rest of the ship is empty, everyone on furlough or petitioning the local systems. They are out of fuel, or waiting for commissions, or for permission to continue on their way. Our characters decide to pass the time messing around with each other.

Setting: In the far reaches of space, near a planetary system or docking station.

Requirements: I am looking for someone who can build the scenario with me. I'm looking for a sense of ennui and malaise as it seems the universe is going on without them. I have an image that a distant battle may even be raging, and they can watch the silent explosions against a far nebula as they canoodle. MC is as depicted, young and feeling too stuck for her passions. YC can be a broad swath of things -- an older woman from med bay, or someone closer to MC's age, even the ship captain. They may have fucked before, or this may be brand new.

The older woman could be the ship captain:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I am looking for a good 3-5 paragraphs per entry, possibly once a day. Player gender does not matter to me.

Other info: I want a full-feel story, but as much slice-of-life as anything. Interiority is as important as the smut. These images have been bouncing around a bit, so apologies if I don't credit the original discovery; I'm not sure where it is. Another image, and another.


Name: Training the New Harem Girl

Content: f/f anal training, possibly m/f

Setting: A closely guarded harem of women, whether slaves or kept wives. This can be in a historical setting (e.g. Ottoman Empire), somewhat fantasy based (although I would like to keep them human), modern day (trafficked slaves), or post-apocalyptic. Everything takes place within the harem chambers, between two of the girls. If we wish, a second event occurs between the main girl and the master.

Scenario: Good news! The master/sultan is infatuated with the new girl, so much so that once he returns from his latest trip, he wishes to treat himself by plundering her in the holiest of places. He is a loving master and has done well (or well-ish) with her so far, but she must be prepared. One of the older girls has several days to get her ready. We mustn't disappoint him!

The older woman might be very affectionate toward the new girl, or dislike her. The master may be loving, or rather brutal. Everything leads up to his special evening of enjoying her anally. The older woman may use cunnilingus, fingering, kissing, massage, toys, plugs, and so on, in order to get her ready. If we wish, the encounter with the master may also be played out.

Requirement: Kinky fun; I'd like to get into their characters a bit, explore how the women feel about each other, explore where they are from and this world of theirs. No matter what setting we chose, I'd like the new girl to also be ethnically and/or culturally distinct from most of her sisters.

Notes: Post every two to three days, posts of at least 3-5 paragraphs. A partner who likes to communicate and is into character. I can play either side.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Scenario: On the Borderlands

Synopsis: A knight/paladin escorts a woman through troubled lands, a liminal space that is only ostensibly part of her own kingdom, to the seat of her nation's throne. Their backgrounds and cultures are remarkably different, so much so that their peoples have had little productive contact, even fear. But this voyage is vital. The woman contains in her mind, or self, or possession something key to the future of the region.

Looking for: Collaboration on the story. Very open at this point, I am looking for action as well as burgeoning desire (seeing a theme here?). The threats abound from superstitious peasants to goblin tribes and worse. Distrust to admiration, that sort of thing. Again, this one is very open. The newcomer could be a sorcerer or have other capabilities. There seems to be an age difference. Much to explore in discussions. I'm feeling the paladin a little bit on this one, but am open to either.

Name: Unexpected D&D Love

Scenario: They've saved each other's asses so many times, survived the tombs of lizard kings, gone deep into temples of elemental evil, discovered lost cities in deep jungles; why wouldn't they fall in love? They come from different races, yes, and their relationship might be regarded as strange to some, and their affair might upend the dynamics of the adventuring party, which is why they must hide it. A stalwart human female paladin and a gruff, hardass... dwarf?

Content: m/f

Setting: A D&D/AD&D world. Two members of a long-standing adventuring party have started sneaking off to spend time with one another. In taverns, when they rest in the wilderness. Canoodling in this way is hard.

Tone: Actually, kind of romantic, but semi-farcical and humorous. Aware of how rumors will spread, they still want to act out their appreciation for each other.

Notes: There's no reason Lawful Good has to mean prissy. The dwarf can be replaced by other unusual races, even usually evil humanoids. A sexual attraction borne of long-serving friendship and the appreciation of having battled together side by side for so long. We can play up the other PC's in the adventuring party as we go.
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Re: Kitt's Modern Fantasy Requests (m/f, mm/f, f/f, etc.)
« Reply #15 on: March 23, 2019, 02:14:38 PM »
As mentioned in the first post in this request thread, I'm shifting things around in a long process of trying to revise my crap. Right now, I've moved all the one-shot requests I've made from my O/Os here. (More or less.) I'll probably pare some of them down.