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September 16, 2021, 10:23:08 am

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Author Topic: Inheriting A Ranch  (Read 309 times)

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Inheriting A Ranch
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:22:46 am »
I started this with a partner, but it never started off more than two or three posts and I really would love to get it going again. This was my first post, if your interested PM me.

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Nina Monroe

Planes weren't the worse thing in the world, but pretty darn close. Nina hated flying. If it had been up to her she'd have driven, but of course the Executor of The Estate had insisted that she fly despite her fits and protests. The man had quite literally put her on a plane. A small tiny six passenger plane, which somehow was way worse than a big commercial plane. Those felt safer, somehow. But no Nina was stuck flying on this tiny metal flying death trap for the next eight hours. However, she had convinced herself that after this eight hour hell ride she would be walking into a new life, her new beginning, a place she could start over. Not that she felt that she deserved the miraculous gift she'd been given, but she was grateful for this man she never knew. John Foxwood was Nina's Great Uncle on her mothers side. All she heard about him growing up was that he and her grandfather were estranged. But as it turned out, he had no children and his wife had died young with everyone else besides Nina gone now too.

Apparently, her uncle had been a guardian angle of sorts through out her entire life. Being his only living relative he kept a close eye on her as she grew up. When he passed six months ago and the executors of his estate began to go through his will they found he had left everything to his great niece. He owned the largest horse ranch in Montana one pf the top five largest in the country. All Staff, but the bare minimum needed to survive were fired, temporarily laid off with severance is what they were told. Two maids remained to keep the large estate, guest house, and workers lodges clean and dust free. The main ranch hand who over saw every for the last ten or more years, Trey was kept on and he was allowed to keep on a team of guys. Other than that everyone was relieved of their duties until the executors and the men lawyers that helped her father run the business side of the ranch got a chance to sit down and talk with Nina. Their goal had been to get her to sell, but she'd asked for a year to make a decision, but for now the ranch would keep running. This place from what she'd learned in the last two weeks, since finding out about all of this, was her Uncles Legacy he'd built this place, shed never seen, with his bare hands. She wasn't sure the right thing to do was sell it.

The flight was long and walking down the ramp at the small air port Nina nearly stumbled, her legs buzzing from the change in pressure. The air out here compared to New York was cleaner smelling, fresh like grass. Not the polluted city air she was used to. From what she had been told by the executor was that the property was over two thousand acres. There was the main estate. A smaller guest house. A large home near the stables that had been set up as apartments for workers that lived on the property. There were stables and barns. Pins and Stalls. Some of the land was used to grow on, just basic thinks like hay and corn. Besides horses the Ranch housed a few hundred cows, chickens, a few sheep and goats. It was a lot for Nina who had never rented more than a one bedroom apartment in New York, but she'd been wishing for something new, something to take her away and then this had been handed to her.

The drive from the small air port was a hour long. A man in his late twenties picked her up from the air port just as William Dorcy he executor had told her. The drive was all country, but beautiful. Nina watched the road the whole time. As they turned down a dirt road the man slowed the car and Nina looked up to see a large hand carved wooden sign that read Foxwood Ranch. The drive up the gravel road was only another ten minutes before he pulled in front of the massive estate. She was told the house was huge, but it was a mansion.

With a smile the gentleman, Rick, lifted her one large red hard shell suitcase out of his trunk, "Do you need any help carrying this in, Ma'm." He watched as Nina stared wide eyed at the house shaking her head, her jaw dropped slightly. "I live just in town, Mr. Dorcy wrote my number down for you inside, if you need anything,"
With a tip of his hat he got in the car and drove off. Nina could only stand there staring up at her new home, wondering what the hell she'd just gotten into. Maybe she should sell, this place was massive and she knew nothing about running a ranch. Hell, she only ever been around animals at petting zoos. She'd never owned a dog, not that she didn't like them, it just had never worked out.

Nina ran her fingers through her honey brown hair as she turned her back to the estate and looked around the property. William would be here tomorrow to show her around. He'd told her there was a man Trey Coeburn who ran the ranch that also lived on the property, that could help her until then. With a sigh she turned back around and lifted her heavy bag up the steps, the keys she pulled out of her jeans unlocked the front door. Which was a huge relief, she'd had the slightest idea that this was prank. Stepping inside made it all the more real.

The entire home was brick and wood, but utterly elegant and polished. Nina smiled, her sage eyes dancing as she left her bag in the entry way and began exploring. The kitchen was something out of a magazine. She found a library and an office, more bedrooms and bathrooms than she would ever need, the house never seemed to end. She was in love.

Picking a bedroom. Nina lugged her suitcase inside and there it onto the bed. Quickly she pulled off the jeans and the black top she'd been wearing, leaving her in white lace panties and bra. Unzipping the suitcase she flopped it open and slid on jean shorts and a thin yellow blouse she buttoned up, the white of her bosom slightly visible through the thin material. And black combat boots were tugged onto her mismatch socked feet. She threw her dirt clothes back into the suitcase and closed it before she stuffed the key into her pocket and walked out of the estate. It was still early in the day, only three or four, so she wanted to explore a little before it got dark. After all there was thousands of average to adventure. Walking towards a large field that was gated she climbed the gate and walked along the field. Horses, all different colors ran off in the distance.