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Author Topic: Caravanserai [Staff Directory]  (Read 4043 times)

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Caravanserai [Staff Directory]
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:56:18 PM »
Staff Directory

Writer    Character    Position
Flower    Coral Sharp    Finance Queen
    Jade Vaughn    Public Relations
    Ruby Dunn    Event Coordinator
    Theodore Leavenworth    Gym Attendant
    Reese Leavenworth    Yoga Instructor
Dragongoddess    Shailene Redbird    Doctor
Gannameade    William Bernard Fine    Abalos Spa Masseur/Nurse Practitioner
Elizabeth Ecsed    Adela    Front Desk Staff
RedPhoenix    Siddhi Sachdev    Veternarian

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[b]Body Build:[/b]
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[b]Face Claim:[/b]
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Re: Caravanserai [Character Sheets]
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 11:44:29 PM »

Coral Sharp
Owner | Finance Queen
Coral is the more distant of the trio. She's most comfortable with crunching numbers and being around those closest to her. She'd rather shoo someone off (politely) than participate in lengthy conversations. Dressing up is her only state of being. 

Jade Vaughn
Owner | Public Relations
Jade is the intermediary of the trio. Their friendship would have likely crumbled without her cool head to keep Coral and Ruby from tearing each other apart. She doesn't mind crowds but she can function quite happily on her own. She favors more relaxed clothing but will dress up when the occasion calls for it. 

Ruby Dunn
Owner | Event Coordinator
Ruby is the wild child of the trio. It was her idea to purchase and reinvent the Caravansari. She's the most talkative and friendly of the bunch. She favors more relaxed clothes.

Front Desk Worker

Mirage Worker

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Re: Caravanserai [Character Sheets]
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2018, 11:44:45 PM »
Name: Theodore Leavenworth
Age: 31
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Always the first to seek out a thrill, Theo will usually dart towards danger with a lopsided grin, always ready to conquer the impossible. It is hard to say how many times he has actually succeeded or failed. That does not really matter much to him because at least he does not need to live with that nagging question of ‘what if’. After his failed marriage, the idea of monogamy left a sour taste in his mouth, not that he had much belief in it to begin with. Despite his family being disgusted with how often he goes through women, it has not stopped him from indulging himself.

Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'2
Body Build: Muscular
Additional Physical Notes: Theo stands just over six feet. He faithful routine of working out has kept him in shape, not to neglect that his job keeps him on his feet. His eyes are deep blue while he has a dimple in his cheek when he smiles. His hair is normally kept messy and he has a tendency of letting it grow until he needs a haircut.

History: Theodore was born into a rather unconventional family, filled with secrets. One more child was already too much so two children were completely out of the question. Gifted with only a name, he was given away to a distant friend of the family, who promised never to reveal the child’s true parents. Not only did they make that vow but they also moved out of the country. The States called their name and they remade their lives in rural Texas. Nature anchored their lives as his parents devoted their lives to ensuring the protection of a nearby national park. Needless to say, Theo grew up wild.
His life was pretty much every kid’s dream until reality ruined everything. His parents divorced one another. He went from living with two loving parents to constantly bickering ones. After a nasty divorce, it was determined that Theo would spend most of the year with his mother and his summer vacations with his father. He left with an one way plane ticket the first opportunity he got. It was in his travels that he met Reese. Their friendship grew into a relationship. He made the mistake of allowing it to become something more. Well, ideas seem great when drunk but one quickly realizes their mistake when sober. They did their best to make it work but marriage just wasn't for him. One mistake lead to another and eventually Reese divorced him. He doesn't blame her but that doesn't mean he doesn't also regret what happened between them. He learned of the hotel hiring through an online job board. For whatever reason, they've determined he's worth hiring.

Face Claim: Christopher Mason Brown

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Re: Caravanserai, A Mentor Project [Out of Character]
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2018, 06:17:48 PM »
Name: Reese Leavenworth
Age: 29
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Reese can sometimes be the person who you really want to punch in the face. How does she have that much energy in the morning sans coffee? It's a mystery no one has figured out. Her demeanor has always been pleasant and outgoing which is part of the reason why she had so many friends growing up. A stranger is not even safe from her chatty nature. She is also pretty physical. Hugs are preferred to the formality of handshakes. Those close to her are also greeted with a quick kiss on the cheek.

Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Body Build: Slim but muscular
Additional Physical Notes: Has a tattoo at the inside of her wrist of a crow

History: Reese has always been a bit of a black sheep within her large family. She comes from a household of nine people. Mom, Dad, four sisters, two brothers, and then there’s her, the youngest of the bunch. Her mother has often called her the unexpected burden, making it clear she thought herself done with having children before Reese’s arrival. Her mom never talked about the years before her marriage. The two always bumped heads until finally Reese moved out before graduating from high school.

Life was a constant party when she stepped into adulthood. Without her parents to harness her wilder side, Reese fell into the wrong crowds and dropped out of college. She experimented quite a lot and was always surrounded by friends. Travelling became her passion. It was through traveling the world that she met, fell in love with, and married Reed. He helped her find a place to channel her anger about what happened with her family into something more useful. Nothing ever works out though. For reasons she does not discuss, or even contemplate, their marriage ended in a divorce. It was by chance that she found out about Caravansarie's opening. It's there she's hoping for a fresh start.

Face Claim: Julianne Hough

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Re: Caravanserai [Character Sheets]
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2019, 11:52:39 PM »
Name: William Bernard Fine
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Position: Nurse Practitioner/Masseur
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Determined, Focus, Tenacious.  Willing to do practically anything for a friend.  Generally searching for the good in people…if there is none more than willing to write you off.  Not as outgoing as he would like to be, he almost has too much of a filter.

Eyes: Deep Brown
Height: 6’1
Body Build: Muscular Athletic
Additional Physical Notes:   Various tattoos over his body, wings on back, frat on left bicep.  Mother, Father and Grandmother Birth/Death dates

William grew up a military brat, traveling the world with his parents.  He learned a couple of languages while there.  He loved living in Germany where he was converted to his love of chocolate, he was going to become a chef - mostly cakes or desserts, when his mother was sent back to the states for her last duty assignment before she retired.  His mother contracted a rare disease, they tried what they could but weren’t able to find anything.  He was going through Massage Therapy school as his mother pushed him to always be a free thinker, his father didn’t challenge it. 

When his mother died, his love for MT school went with her, he felt empty and a nurse Anita helped him to find his new passion…he would be as helpful to others as she had been to him and his mother.  He went back to nursing school, he found that he could still pursue his passion of being an MT as he still needed to pay for Nursing School, he bounced between that and being a waiter at a restaurant in which his new best friend met Nicolás.  Despite their different backgrounds they were great friends and despite what most people think they made great wingmen to one another too.  When his father died a couple of years later Nicolás was there.  He did what he could to help him through it.

 He found a connection that leads him to this desert paradise.  With an evil grin, he brought his crazy brother with him.  He was the only one that he was sure would let him come into his kitchen, to make his chocolate treats.  He was also the only man he knew he could trust to allow him to ply his trade as a masseuse without making it awkward.  He was his brother after all.

Face Claim: Christian Keyes

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Re: Caravanserai [Staff Directory]
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2019, 02:09:28 PM »
Name: Siddhi Sachdev
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Position: Veterinarian
Sexuality: Demisexual Lesbian

Siddhi is quiet, but neither shy nor demure, she simply doesn't care much for speaking or hearing her own voice. She prefers to be with animals or the wilderness, and seems to 'get' wildlife more than she does people, and vice versa. She can strike people as rude or unhelpful, but will often do what people ask of her quickly and effectively, as most staff of Caravanserai know. She just won't make small talk as she does it.

Siddhi makes friends very slowly, but cherishes the friendships she has - she just isn't very good at showing it. While she is content with her animals, she often wishes she could enjoy people the way most people seem to. Siddhi hates talking about herself, her feelings, or really anything to do with Siddhi. She tends to withdraw quickly from conversations on this subject.

She is able to express herself quite eloquently in the written word, and is surprisingly skilled at navigating bureaucracies, though she has only shown it in dealing with getting funds or treatment for her animals from the Global Wildlife Fund. She also keeps in contact with wildlife shelters in the nearest large cities both north and south of the Sahara, speaking almost purely in text.

Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Body Build: Athletic

Additional Physical Notes:
Siddhi has a very ripped body. She eats only natural foods and does a lot of very hard physical work for her job. Her hair is almost always in tight braids. She wears fairly lackluster clothing, functional and practical, most of it is stained or patched from her work.

Born in rural Pakistan, Siddhi's family emigrated to the United Kingdom when she was six. Previously living a very simple life as pastoral herders, when a disease killed the family's flock Siddhi's father decided it was a sign from Allah, and moved his family to the United Kingdom, where a cousin of his had emigrated in previous years and was doing quite well. Siddhi's family did not take the culture shock as well. Her father reverted to an abusive deadbeat, her mother to an equally abusive enabler. Siddhi and her brothers (she has no sisters) ran away quite a lot and ended up in state care.

Siddhi kept her head down and didn't make trouble, and ended up with a scholarship to a trade school to learn to be a vet. She took to it naturally, having always had an affinity with animals and spending most of her after school hours volunteering at shelters.

Her current job with the GWF was mostly by chance. They needed a vet who spoke Punjabi and English fluently for a job in a remote area of India, and she was quickly accepted after she applied. She did an exceptional job and never complained once despite the grueling conditions. They offered her a new placement in Tunisia, which she also accepted. While there she learned of the Caravanserai and its advanced facilities. There was an opening for an on-staff vet, and she put in for a grant for the GWF to made the staff vet job a funded position in exchange for the hotel letting its animal shelters being converted into a rescue facility. Siddhi has been very happy there ever since, taking care of the hotel's camels, guests's pets that go ill, and the occasional animal that is brought to them for rescue.

Face Claim: Shweta Rathore
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Re: Caravanserai [Staff Directory]
« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2019, 01:10:33 PM »
Name: Shailene Redbird
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Position: Doctor
Sexuality: Heterosexual--Questioning
Personality: Shailene is a strong, independent woman.  Shai tries to remain connected to her heritage.  Although she sometimes remains quiet, even contemplative, she is usually talkative and friendly.  She is used to making the calls but knows how to listen to others.  Shailene is a kind-hearted, loyal, fiery woman but can sometimes be too trusting.

Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Body Build: Toned
Additional Physical Notes: You'll have to discover for yourself.   ;)
History: Shailene Redbird grew up the daughter of a single mother who rejected their family heritage.  Shailene, however, embraced it choosing to learn all she could from her Elisi (grandmother).  In fact, Shailene even claims that it was because of her grandmother that she chose to become a doctor.  Grandma Redbird, however, never takes credit for this instead choosing to say that her granddaughter was always meant to become a doctor.  Shailene's grandma even told her of times when the girl was very young when she would show what she was meant to become.  For example, when Shailene was five and had prepared a concert for her family, they were kept waiting until they realized she was not coming.  Instead, they found her tending to a bird with a broken wing.

Later when her younger brother got into a serious bike accident, Shailene was the one to comfort him and care for him until her mother could get him to the hospital.  Then at about ten, she jumped at the chance to help Elisi with her herbal remedies and treating those who come to her home with injuries and ailments.  After that, Elisi worked hard to convince Shailene's mother to put her in a fast track program to become a doctor and after Elisi agreed to pay half, that's exactly what happened.

At first, Shailene struggled adjusting to the extra work both in classes and outside of classes but eventually, Shailene caught on finding a strong ability to learn quickly.  That skill allowed her to graduate as Valedictorian and find the group that she would love as her best friends forever.  Unfortunately, the group would find that after residency and becoming doctors at young ages, they would be separated and have such busy lives they would barely get even talk to each other.  A few months later, Shailene found herself fed up with the lack of time with her friends and started applying to positions she had to laugh at the idea of ever actually being offered.  And when she received the call that would make her move what seemed like a lifetime away, she couldn't stop her fits of laughter until she reached the magnificent grounds in the middle of nowhere that blew her away.

Face Claim: Ashley Callingbull

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Re: Caravanserai [Staff Directory]
« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2019, 02:48:30 PM »
Name: Adela
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Position: Front desk staff
Sexuality: Married
Personality: Kind, but professional. She's not only read the rule book, but can quote it. Keeping this job is extremely important to her.

Height: 5'6, 167 cm
Body Build: slender but starting to gain weight at the Caravanserai
Additional Physical Notes: She chooses to wear a headscarf daily.

History: Her marriage was an arranged one, but it works out well for her. Unfortunately, due to circumstances she was forced to take a job in another country. Caravanserai pays for a lot of her family's needs, but it is really hard to be away from them.

Face Claim: unknown

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Maylin Alvarez, Assistant Manager
« Reply #8 on: February 21, 2020, 05:50:12 PM »
Name: Maylin Alvarez
Gender: Cisfemale
Age: 31
Position: Assistant Manager
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Personality: Very helpful, humble, friendly, and really interested in making sure your stay here is exceptional!

Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Body Build: Very Curvy, and every day is leg day.
Additional Physical Notes: Maylin is typically wearing 3-4 inch heels so usually effectively stands around 5'8"

History: Maylin has always worked in the hospitality industry, and she's always worked hard, and she's always worked with a smile. It's helped her out a lot when opportunities come up. It started as a part time job cleaning rooms in high school to help pay her family's rent. Then she got offered a job managing the night shift at a local fleabag motel. Then she got offered to take over the day shift. Then she got a job at a better hotel. And so on. When the owners of Caravanserai went looking for the best in the world to run their exotic resort, she was the one making things happen at a downtown Hilton in Miami, which had the best ratings of any hotel with that name.

On what can best be described as a whim, Maylin applied when she heard Caravanserai had an opening. She figured her lack of formal education and relatively humble upbringing would disqualify her from a job meant to cater to jet-setters, but was shocked when the interviews went well. Touring the facility and hearing how much freedom she would have to do things her way, she was stunned and accepted practically on the spot once she saw Caravanserai in person.

That was two years ago. Since then she's been helping make sure things go smoothly at what she believes is rightfully considered the best hotel in the world.

Honestly, she considers her job fairly easy, all of her staff are exceptional and don't need to be micromanaged. She helps out best by going where she's needed, and she's respected and liked by both those under and over her for the fact that she doesn't consider any work beneath her. She'll man the front desk, serve drinks, even carry your bags, show you the way in the elevator and mop the floor. There's nothing she won't do to make sure a guest's stay is unforgettable. The fact that she isn't chained to one position is something she takes advantage of to ensure she can attend to guests who she thinks could use the extra service. 

Face Claim: Dolly Castro
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